Pickle Business: 6 About Us Page Samples

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page for your Pickle business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Pickle business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Pickle business provides.

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What should you include in the About Us page of your pickle business?

  • Your motivation and journey behind the establishment of your business and running it with success over the years are to be included on the page.
  • The different varieties of pickles that your company prepares for its customers are to be elaborated precisely on the page.
  • The address and contact numbers of the different stores of pickles will have to be included on the page.
  • The opening and closing time of stores will have to be mentioned alongside mentioning the contact hours of your office.
  • The experience of some of the previous clients who are happy with the products is to be mentioned in the page so that new customers find you to be trustworthy.

Here are Readymade About us Page Samples for Pickle Business.

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‘Organization Name’

My name is Allen and I have a gourmet Pickle Store on the Lower East Side. As far back as 1910 there have dependably been various pickle stores on focal Street. Today we are the main pickle store that exists on focal Street.

We make  pickles from an old Eastern European formula “Simply the manner in which our mothers used to make them”. This is a barrel restored pickle. The pickles are made by giving them a chance to sit in salt brackish water with garlic, flavors, and no additives. Putting away them in barrels, from multi day up to a half year, the pickles fix as they sit.

Alongside pickles, we brought back old customary things, for example, Pickled Watermelon and Russell Borscht. Throughout the years we likewise included new things including Pickled Turnips and Pickled Pineapples. Two weeks previously Passover we bring our activity outside and pound Horseradish from newly stripped roots.

The pickling business has changed from sellers with push trucks to shippers in little stores and, at long last, production lines that make pickles. The manner in which we make these items here is much the same as the days of yore. We run a spotless activity that is client cordial and welcome you to come on down and investigate and see with your own eyes.

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‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ is a family run business situated in Teaneck, New Jersey. Known for our special carrot pickle, which is “New York Style” Pickles, Pickled Condiments, Olives, Relishes and Tapenades.

‘Organization Name’ was begun in 1983 by Robyn Sam “the pickle woman”. Who made her first strides towards owning her very own business by opening up a stall at a neighborhood insect advertise. In Robyn’s own words “..as a Jewish child from Jersey, I was practically raised on pickles and bagels. I felt sure pickles would be a runaway merchant.”

Presently a privately-run company with spouse, Ray and my two girls Alex and Taylor. “My two little girls grew up swinging from the shelters and now help maintain the business.”

Alex with her experience in retail, occasions, and online networking. The two have chosen discount is a piece of their families business they might want to see develop. With another logo/marking effort set-up there no chance we can’t get our family top choices onto retires across the nation. There’s no ceasing these sisters now!

Today you can discover ‘Organization Name’ at more than 40 agriculturists showcases seven days. In NJ, NY, CT, and PA alongside road fairs and celebrations. We are known for putting out a prevalent item, an extraordinary set up however more so a warm, benevolent and proficient staff.

Other than our involvement with ranchers markets we have our very own stand-out retail location, site where we dispatch across the nation and discount to little forte shops and eateries.

‘Organization Name’ has an excited retail following, including the Orthodox people group of Teaneck and encompassing towns. Clients from the more than 40 Farmers Markets run to the retail location amid non-advertise season to fulfill their pickle longings.

Other than represent considerable authority in pickles and olives , we convey things, for example, Robert Rothschild items, nuts, salsas, chips, and plunges. Our old design sweet determination brings you back in time (malt balls, halavah, non-pareils, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg).

Pickle platters, olive platters and blessing wrapped artisan containers have become an enormous hit for exceptional events or whenever with family and companions.

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‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ is a specialist co-agent attempting to change the sustenance framework by making pickles! Everything began when Dan Ross started making conventional pickles in 1999 in the wake of going to a workshop at a Northeast Organic Farming Association meeting. Amped up for the advantages of privately developed nourishment, he began pickling cabbage, turnips, greens, and different vegetables as an approach to eat locally all through the winter.

Dan likewise got propelled by crafted by Dr. Weston A. Value, an analyst who ventured to the far corners of the planet during the 30s concentrate the weight control plans of indigenous people groups and who found that those eating conventional eating regimens appreciated an abnormal state of well being totally obscure in industrialized social orders.

Dan rapidly wound up gave to the specialty of conventional pickling and, after two years, chose to start a new business. The thought was to make a little organization concentrated on building a superior sustenance framework.

As one of a little bunch of organizations delivering crude, aged vegetables, ‘Organization Name’ would offer a vital and feeding sustenance that was to a great extent missing from the nourishment framework.

This new business would likewise be focused on neighborhood/territorial sustenance and natural horticulture. ‘Organization Name’ would purchase its vegetables just from Northeast natural homesteads and move its items just inside the Northeast.

Today we are famous for our unique yet best-tasting pickles in the market of Seattle. We have a whole process that takes overall 5 months for a pickle to get ready and we aim to expand across country in the coming years.

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‘Organization Name’ propelled in 2002, buying 2,000 pounds of guaranteed natural pickling cucumbers from Chamutka Farm, and effectively moving its debut clusters of Organic Dill Pickles to a few dozen nearby stores.

The accompanying season, ‘Organization Name’ started working out of the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center in Greenfield, a business hatchery kitchen made to support the neighborhood rural economy by giving a scene to making esteem included nourishments with nearby homestead fixings.

At the Food Processing Center, Dan – before long joined by Stephen wilson Holland – could consistently develop the business, including items like Organic Sauerkraut and Organic Ginger Carrots, and extending deals to stores in the Boston zone and afterward somewhere else around the district.

By 2010, ‘Organization Name’ had outgrown the hatchery kitchen, and we were prepared to make the jump to our very own home. We bought extremely old modern working in Greenfield, MA and changed it into a sun oriented fueled, vitality productive, natural pickling office.

The move enabled us to extend altogether, tripling our buys from neighborhood cultivates in the years following. We anticipate remaining here for a long time to come.

In the interim, we’ve exhibited that there is a genuine and developing interest for crude, aged vegetables and that a business as profoundly dedicated to social obligation as our own can work! In 2014, we swung to saving our social mission as long as possible and – following a fruitful network venture crusade – made the energizing stride of changing ‘Organization Name’ to a specialist co-agent.

We are glad to join the positions of other co-agents that are supporting nearby possession, working environment majority rules system, and adding to the co-agent economy!

We are family-owned business and our motive is to provide our customers the home made taste.

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