A Speech on “Plastic Straws Are Harmful to The Environment.”

Plastic in any form is harmful for the environment. It is a major matter of concern these days. It not only is affecting human beings but also is putting a threat to the lives of the animals. 

Plastic can be extremely dangerous if we fail to reuse, recycle and dispose of it properly. Most plastics are not biodegradable in nature and cannot be composted or broken down naturally by bacteria or other living things. As a result all the plastic ends up in wildlife habitats where it poses a threat to the lives of the plants and animals. 

Plastic pollution has become a menace and is a result of the accumulation of plastic over decades. All the accumulated plastic gets into our rivers and oceans and keeps floating on its surface forever. The plastic floating around the rivers and oceans put a threat on the lives of the aquatic creatures. Some wildlife such as sea turtles, sea birds and marine animals gets trapped in plastic waste; some even eat the plastic and die.

Millions of turtles and other wildlife die each year from plastic consumption. 

Plastic straws are one of the deadliest culprits of unnecessary plastic pollution. Five hundred million straws are used each day by people in the United States alone. Plastic straws are something that is most widely used. There are various types of straws that cannot be reused or recycled due to the chemicals that are present in them. 

Straws end up in our waterways, and ultimately the oceans, due to littering in the beach by tourists, wind also transports the lightweight objects from trash cans. 

Plastic straws are deadly as they can get inside the nose, eyes and ears of the aquatic animals and may cause them to die out of suffocation. Thus plastic straws must be used in a restricted manner and also there must be proper ways to dispose them.

 There are many alternatives to plastic straws. There are many non-plastic straw options that one can use to consume beverages. Simply replacing cheap and disposable plastic straws with reusable stainless steel, glass or biodegradable paper alternatives can be a better option to cut down the use of plastic straws and also to reduce the plastic pollution.

Many organizations have already taken steps to ban plastic straws in order to protect the environment. Plastic straws are banned in several cities and countries, including New York City, Seattle, Miami Beach, Vancouver, Hawaii, California, Great Britain, Scotland, and Taiwan. 

Plastic Straws are mostly collected from the sea beaches. It is considered as the 7th most collected item from the beaches.

Plastic straws are generally made up of polypropylene which takes a lot of time to degrade. They can even take up 200 years to breakdown. Hence it is next to impossible to eliminate plastic straws from the environment. On the other hand micro plastics are so small that they are impossible to clean up. 

Plastic waste is poisoning the water as well as the marine life in it.  Thus saying no to plastic straws is the only option left on our hands if we want to save our ecosystem and our wildlife.

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