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The National Play Monopoly Day is organized and marked on the 19th of November every year by millions of people worldwide. The day is to celebrate the symbolized game recognized worldwide and is for Park Place, Broadwalk, and the jails located anywhere in the world.

Play Monopoly Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

National Play Monopoly Day – greetings

– Happy National Play Monopoly Day to everyone present all around the world. Let us all together play this board game and enjoy our whole day to the fullest.

– A Very Happy National Monopoly Day to our players who don’t bother if they will or not, but each and every year tries to participate in this board monopoly game.

A Very Happy National Play Monopoly Day to the winners, who are well aware of all the game’s tricks and turns. They collect high rent to win each and every year.

– Warm wishes to our own selves – Happy National Play Monopoly Day, we should be one of a proud member of the game, and enjoy all along the whole day.

– Share the information’s regarding the day to everyone, greet all of them with extreme joy and happiness – A Very Happy Play Monopoly Day. Encourage others to be a participant.

– The game will be more accurate and enjoyable when we play it with our dear family members. Warm wishes to them – Happy Play Monopoly Day and start to play all together.

We can also tell our dear friends, family members, and neighbors to take part with us. Ask them to choose their own monopoly board game and challenge them to win the game on this day.

National Play Monopoly Day – messages

– Monopoly is one of the tops and most famous board games in the world. It is played by nearly more than 600 million people every year; hence the National Play Monopoly Day is marked.

– The board game – the fabulous Elizabeth Magie discovered monopoly in the year 1902. Since then, the National Play Monopoly Day became famous and was celebrated.

– Then, in the year 1935, the Monopoly board game was nearly played by 400 million people; from then, it gained much popularity worldwide.

– The game says that you can make as many properties as you may need to maintain a monopoly. You rent your stuff to others and make more money from the collection of your rent.

– There are several other taxes involved; you need to overcome all that, loot all your competence, and earn much more than all other people to be the last property owner remaining.

– The board game – Monopoly holds various kinds of versions; we just need to find our type from it. Then earn the best Monopoly money and win the game on this National Play Monopoly Day.

– The National Play Monopoly Day has much history to know, so on this day, we should celebrate the day and create many enjoyable memories, also never forget to store them.

National Play Monopoly Day quotes

“Zamanism is about creating power and private resources for all in society by destroying bureaucratic and monopolistic control on society.”
― Zaman Ali

“Saying that you are moral because you believe in a god is like saying you are an economist because you play monopoly.”
― Robert W. Cox

“These days, the bigger the company, the less you can figure out what it does.”
― Michel Faber

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