100+ Political Quotes And Status That Are Refreshingly Real

There is no deceptively simple answer to what politics really is. History has offered many contradictory definitions of politics, but in order to know what’s going on around you, you need to have political awareness. Below are some Politics WhatsApp statuses and messages.

Meaningful Political Quotes And WhatsApp status

  • Politics is everywhere; you have to have the eyes to see it.

  • Ordinary lives are tossed around in the politics of politician

  • If you play by the rules, you can’t be a proper politician.

  • Politics can inflict injury upon you without firing any bullets.

  • You can use politics to win either by hook or crook.

  • There lies poetry in playing the games of politics

  • Feeding the poor when a particular time comes is also part of the politics

  • Any great influence can rewrite the rules in politics.

picture of politics

  • How long can one hide and stay apolitical?

  • If you don’t know how politics works, then the undeserved ones will govern you.

  • Righteousness and Politics can’t ever be used together in a sentence.

  • Being political is not wrong but supporting the wrong kind of politics is.

  • It is important and necessary to take an interest in our nation’s politics.

  • Politics shouldn’t be just limited to right or left wings.

  • When you remove politics from the equation, the game becomes boring.

  • Playing politics can earn accolades, but it comes at some cost.

  • Taking an interest in government affairs doesn’t mean I have a political leaning.

  • The art of acquiring votes by any means is called politics.

  • You can’t erase politics from the earth, but you can overthrow a wrong politician.

  • Politics is when your government sends you to war without telling you who the enemy is

  • Believing the words of politicians is like believing the earth is flat.

  • Even the ignorance of one voter can hinder the political game.

  • Politicians don’t refrain from playing politics with our basic needs.

  • If you get tired, just see the old politicians who love to play politics even on their death beds.

  • Give an individual power, and he will use politics to increase that power.

  • Any good or innovative change in politics has been brought by youth.

  • When any individual joins politics, their blood starts flowing differently.

Inspirational Politics WhatsApp status

  • One political leader’s decision can influence the growth of a nation.

  • The vote is the most important weapon against a bad political regime.

  • Politicians should guarantee that Everyone’s votes matter.

  • There is a war on drugs, there’s a war on terror, but where’s the war on corrupt politicians?

  • The government doesn’t want well-informed citizens, and that is governmental politics.

  • Patriotism means standing by the country and its people but not by its politics.

democracy pic

  • Politics has become a powerful means to rise up in the world.

  • Mankind had to endure the worst evils inflicted by bad politics

  • Politics require youth support because both youth and politics are wild.

  • Most of the solutions offered by a political party are as terrible as the problem.

  • If you want to bring great things from politics then let more youth join.

  • The politics related to the voting banks are putting our youth’s future on hold.

  • Instead of right and left leanings, politics should be about right or wrong.

  • If you do not vote to elect and then suffer the wrath of bad politicians

  • It’s the politicians that gave politics a bad reputation.

  • Poverty and misery arise when the decisions of a government are influenced by political gain.

  • Politics is neither about predictions nor about observations.

  • Being aware of the political environment around you is important

  • Instead of thinking of the next election, politicians should think of the next generation

  • More than a game, politics should be about what can be created with it.

  • I only support politics when it has something to do with serving people around us

  • We have to remind the politicians that they are here for, not against, the people.

  • You can play politics with law and court, but you can’t fool yourself.

Catchy and Witty WhatsApp messages on Politics

  • Some politicians can even make Hell a playground for their game of politics

  • I don’t always get involved in office politics, but when I do, I can’t get out.

  • Sometimes, playing politics in office seems like a last resort for cowards.

  • Some bring joy to the office, and some bring politics

  • Office politics requires knowing the rules and then a plan of attack.

image of democracy

  • Politicians need more politics than oxygen to survive in the race

  • Give yourself a treat when you survive a day full of office politics

  • Keeping office politics aside, any employee can become anyone’s best friend.

  • We only need to make sure that the people sitting in political office are public servants

  • My mysterious past will not allow me to enter politics.

  • I am apolitical, but ‘a’ goes away when I want it to

  • My situations influence my political leanings.

  • I manifest peace in my life, not politics

  • Politicians bad-mouthing each other is the type of politics I love to see

  • Not all politicians are crooked, just like not all men are dogs.

  • The moment I talk about politics, people say I have anger issues.

  • Why can’t one get ahead or promoted without playing office politics

  • A politician can predict as well as provide explanations about their wrong predictions.

  • So much politics is involved in only presenting a candidate in front of the public.

  • What’s more vicious than a snake? It’s the politics in academics

  • Politics is present even in the discussions of global warming.

  • If you want things done in politics, you need a woman’s help.

  • In politics, the bigger your nose, the more you can smell what others are cooking.

  • Politicians are often reminded of their promises because they forget what they say.

  • My parents don’t want me to be involved in politics. For them, it is a bad drug.

  • If you think you’re too smart for politics, then get ready to be ruled by dumb ones.

  • The boss plays politics when he rewards me for work with more work.

  • An honest man will shine in politics until he is pulled down by dishonest beings.

  • Practicality in politics is applied by ignoring the facts.

  • Absurdity is the most spoken language in politics.

  • Vote from the poor and money from the rich is an essential norm of politics.

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