A Speech on “It Is Possible to Ace Your Way Through High School”

Acquiring good grades in high school can help us get into colleges of our choice or even get scholarships into best colleges. To ace our way through high school can also set us up with great success in our future life. To score A’s on all the subjects is not a small goal to achieve, it  could be done with some hard work, clearing out doubts and getting some help through learning  in our studies.

Yes, it is possible to ace our way through High school. All we need is some dedication and strict rules to follow without harming our physical, mental and social behaviours. Let me guide you through some tips;

Prepare yourself to succeed in the classroom. We should keep a healthy bond with our teachers and other students to maintain a positive atmosphere. Take down simple notes and discuss your queries with your teacher from time to time. Write  down these notes in forms of points, phrases or definitions. Make sure we participate in all the classes, and feel free to discuss your points with everyone else too. Discuss further if you are more confused with your teacher.

Work well on your homeworks. Always have a note about your homework that you can carry around in your bag. It helps you keep track on how far you have completed and what is left to complete. Procrastination is a thief of time; make sure we complete our homeworks everyday as soon as we come from school. Every homeworks won’t be easier to complete on our own; do not hesitate to ask for help. It will only increase the chance of gaining more knowledge. Always be prepared for further new assignments, having more ideas could make it easier to finish our projects soon and take a break or study something new.

Study your lessons more productively. For effective learning find a comfortable and calm space. Regularly keep track of your studies; do not try to fill up in the last minute. Last minute learning would never help to Ace all subjects. There are various kinds of studying styles- visual, auditory, linguistic, and sensory ways. Each way helps learning more interesting and easier to understand. Find the best way of style and make your study sessions more effective. Take regular study breaks, it will help to recharge our brain and prevent it from burning out.

Take good care of yourself. For a healthy mind our body should stay healthy. A good sleep for 8 to 10 hours, healthy and balanced diet, weekly regular exercises could keep our mind and body balanced. Set some time aside to make sure we follow some self relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. Learning throughout to achieve straight A’s can be too stressful, these relaxation methods can help to de-stress our mind. 

Focus and hard work could accomplish flying colors. It is all about bringing a balance between school and self care.

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