A Speech on “The Most Powerful Women of Politics”

In the world of politics, men still lead the ways, but some very powerful women do know how to make waves and bring changes in the world of politics.

Many powerful women in the world of politics are changing our views in many ways than one. Now are not the days when only men were in charge. Women are finally taking the power and have already reached where no man has been able to go before. They are building empires, regulate economies and, also enhance the future of their areas and the entire world. Though the road for women of the political world is often thorny and also treacherous, their great achievements appear even more surprising. This is the proven fact that these powerful women are fighting to make their existence known in the world of politics.

If you want to know exactly how powerful a politician Theresa May is, you need only to remember about how many times you’ve heard the word “Brexit” in the past few months. She is Britain’s second-ever female Prime Minister who is in charge currently. Before her appointment in the year of 2016 to this office, May spent her career working in many different fields of the United Kingdom’s government including parliament and also played the role of Home secretary.

On the other hand, May is very active in speaking out against some dominant injustices like wage inequality and was one of the first in her party to offer her support for same-sex marriage; this Prime Minister is an example of a very powerful woman.

Before working as a well-known politician, Angela Merkel was a research scientist. She became one of the very famous powerful women in the world of politics after the fall of the Berlin wall in the year of 1989. At that time, she joined the Christian Democratic Party and became a minister for women and youth. After that, she became a minister for environment and nuclear protection.

In 2005 Angela Merkel defeated Chancellor Gerhard Schroder by only three seats and nominated as the first female chancellor in the history of Germany. She was elected again in 2009 and also in 2013. Merkel is one of the most powerful and well-known leaders in the history of Europe. She was successful to keep her country in a good condition during the global economic crisis.

Hillary first showed her remarkable political skills when she was of a very young age. As her father was a well-known republican, Hillary was an active member of the Young Republicans group. She also was very active while campaigning for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the election of the year 1964. Hillary attended the Yale Law School, where she first interacted with Bill Clinton. She started to pursue a legal career and surprisingly excelled at it; Hillary twice came in the list of “The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America.”

After the time her husband became nominated as the president, Hillary took an active role in a political position. Her politically notable works during her husband’s presidency were many in number, some of them are the achievements to as New York Senator and Secretary of State.

There are many more female politicians who deserved to get our surprise and immense respect for their various achievements.

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