A Speech on “Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Vote?”

As of now, apart from very few states in the U.S, most of the other states prohibit felons from the right to vote, even if it is a crime convicted for the state; but for the above mentioned few other states they allow the inmates, probationers and parolees to vote at times.

In my opinion, even though there are criminals and felons, they should be provided with equal rights as a citizen to vote for whom to be the next to govern them and their state. Generally, cutting off the right to vote for the prisoners is a form of punishment, basically they are taken off from all the citizen rights when they are in a prison but that is given back in some cases after their prison time depending upon their clearing records.  

If ex-felons are given the right to vote, so should the prisoners too. This idea could sound risky and unnecessary to many people; but this is never a bad choice. It has it’s own good reasons to hold on to. As a form of respecting and cherishing the ideas created by our founder fathers, giving the prisoners also the right to vote is to follow the concept of self-government in our constitution.

Within the past 20 years, the population inside a prison has increased so much with various criminals and felonies. It is a positive move in terms of politics and for the government to grant permission for felons to vote as well. 

In the United States, the conversations conducted regarding the prison voting right are utmost equal to zero existence. As mentioned earlier, not letting them vote is part of a temporary civic death for the prisoners; but they are not stripped off the citizenship of the nation as a punishment. Though the legal law states that these prisoners when they come out of the prison they must be given back the right to vote, but that often goes upside down with the paper works and is skipped.

These prisoners are already stripped off from most of the civics statuses in the society during the period of their sentence, so it is merely a small and basic right that they can be offered the right to cast a ballot. By not letting them follow this right and with the increasing number of prisoners, it creates a new class of people within the prison who does not have a voice of their own or about the one who should be governing them.

The prisoners though they are inside the prison are calculated among the total population of the nation, and so they are calculated as a factor in the state’s number of representatives and presidential electoral votes. As a final opinion, the felons no matter what the crime is, even after they have been punished for life or lesser, everyone should be provided with the simple right to vote as it is a decision for the nation’s development in which they are also a part who is living.

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