A Speech on “Private Colleges Are Better than State Colleges.”

Every student finds himself in a dilemma of choosing a private college or a state college just after getting out of the school. Even the same problem is faced by parents as well. 

Thus to solve this confusion and come out with a satisfactory answer one must have a clear picture of a private college and a state college and their pros and cons as well. Once the idea is clear, it will be easier for a student to choose which college he or she should get in. 

State colleges or government colleges are institutions funded by state governments. Whereas private colleges are institutions funded by private donors and its maximum funding comes from the tuition fees of the students.

To make a wise decision one must take into consideration various aspects and factors.

1. Tuition fee – We pay taxes and that help fund our state’s public colleges. This is why tuition fee is cheaper for in-state residents than for out-state residents. Private colleges do not receive any funds from the government. Thus they totally depend on the tuition fee of the students for their operating costs. Hence tuition fee at private colleges is much more expensive than state colleges which everybody cannot afford.

2. Size of the class – State colleges has a large number of students than private colleges. Thus the size of the class is such that can fit almost 200 students. But private colleges have comparatively smaller classrooms which allow more interaction and closer relationship between a student and a teacher.

3. Opportunities – As state colleges deal with a large number of students, they offer any and every degree. But private colleges have fewer students, thus fewer choices to offer. However, many private colleges offer the opportunity to customize your study program. Private colleges may give you the chance to work on research with a professor in the field. Whereas, state colleges offer great resources due to government funding.

4. Practical experience – Rather than just reading or learning private colleges provides opportunities to participate in workshops and get hands-on experience.

5. Stress on industry experience – Private colleges emphasizes on practical skills rather than just gaining a theoretical knowledge. These industry experience before your graduation helps you to stay a step ahead of all other students when you look for job placement.

6. Great faculty – Though state colleges appoint scholars and gems as professors, private colleges believe more on mentoring rather than just being a professor. Hence the teachers in private colleges are like mentors and less like old professors standing behind a podium and explaining a topic for hours. The mentors in private colleges have worked or are still working in the industry and are experts in their own field. This makes the classes much more engaging when they share their experiences they have had in the field.

7. Flexible fee payment options – In a private college one can study now and pay the fees latter when one gets a job or placement. Educational loan facility in enabling students from any corner of the world to do any course without having to worry about the fees.

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