A Speech on “Psychological tactics in marketing”

Haven’t we all fallen for the way people market an ordinary product in a way that makes you think that this product can change your life? These are called psychological tactics and they are used in marketing to attract customers and sell their products. Today I shall uncover some of the psychological tactics that business people use for marketing.

What most people do for marketing a product is that they convince people that they need this particular product, and then they take advantage of the opportunity. Sometimes we see offers that are available only for a certain period. This is a psychological tactic that they use and people fall for it easily thinking of it as a great opportunity to get a product at a low price. Because of the limited period, they will not even get a chance to verify it or have second thoughts.

Marketers also employ various propagandas like bandwagon where they tell people that the product is used by a large percentage of people and if they don’t want to be left out, they should buy and use this product. Another propaganda that they use is testimonial propaganda where they make famous people testify for their product and to be like them people should use their product etc. They also utilize the door-to-door technique and provide free samples to attract customers.

Another psychological tactic they utilize is sensory stimulation. They use dynamic and powerful imagery. They also manipulate their prospective customers by using words that bring in them a sense of trust and comfort with the enterprise. They use words like ‘warranty’, ‘guarantee’, ‘authentic’, ‘original’, ‘genuine’, ‘safe’, ‘true’, ‘real’ etc. while marketing. The human mind processes visuals faster than the written form, so marketers make use of this by providing visually engaging marketing material. The human mind also responds to different colors in different manners, which is why marketers use colors to their advantage and allure them towards their product. 

Marketers wield the strongest point of the human mind which is emotions to their benefit. Some marketers try to exploit the emotions of the people to sell their products. In advertisements, we can use how they aim at the emotions of the people. They normally use sadness, happiness, horror, comedy, sympathy, guilt, excitement, etc. to entice people and to have it in their mind for a long period. If I ask you to recollect an old advertisement that you cannot forget, without hesitation, you will be able to mention at least a few of them because of the lasting impression the advertisement gave you.

Today, marketers use the latest technologies like Augmented Reality which creates quite an impression in their customers as they can have interactions with the customers, thereby breaking the barrier between marketer and customer. They use tactics that are relatable and identifiable for the customers. Through this, the physical world and the virtual world are connected. This is how psychological tactics are used for effective marketing.

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