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National Pupusa day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. The celebration is mainly because of the popular Salvadoran food. Pupusa is a popular food among Salvador, and because of its vast popularity, the government on 2005 declared pupusa as a national dish. 

National Pupusa Day:- Greetings

– My body needs a gym, but my stomach needs pupusa—happy National pupusa day.

– We don’t need a special day to eat pupusa. We can eat it every day. Have a great National pupusa day.

-My blessings to those people who first made this tasty dish; you were the best. 

– Pupusa isn’t just a food; it’s a feeling among our country people who binds us together and have been tying us for a long time. Long live El Salvador.

-To all those mothers who always make fantastic pupusa, a happy pupusa day, especially you all. 

-To the father who is away from home because of work, wishing you a happy pupusa day. This pupusa is not the same as others. We miss you.

-Pupusa has everything I love, Cheese, meat, beans, beef, kimchi; no wonder why it tastes so good. 

-Wishing you and your family a Happy National pupusa day. By the way, my sister loves your mother’s hand pupusa.

-Celebration like pupusa day is the best day for spending some quality of time with family and friends; let’s meet on this pupusa day, my dear friend. 

-There are little things which binds us together on this planet, and pupusa is one of them

National Pupusa Day :- Messages

-National pupusa day is celebrated by enjoying eating tasty-tasty pupusa in el Salvador; we should keep in mind that many poor people live around the globe.

-Let’s pledge this pupusa day to feed the helpless, especially when they need any kind of favour.

-Try to go near small vendors instead of rushing towards some fancy restaurant on this pupusa day. Help those who need help.

– Too much loud music may disturb your neighborhood and also causes noise pollution,a dn we don’t want that.

-Go out with your family or friends. You will see some tremendous traditional performance and folks dance to refresh your day.

-This pupusa day, you can encourage your children and family members by telling them the importance of food and by asking them not to waste food on this pupusa day or any other day.

-Teach your children or brother, sister, and cousins about the great history of pupusa. 

– You can tell your close friends how it is essential for us to remember our traditions and ethics.

-Young generation always gets excited while celebrating any day, remember not to play music loud.

-Don’t throw the remaining food from parties and dinner. Try to feed on the stray animals and others who deserve it.

-We have a family to celebrate an occasion like this, but there are people in our surroundings who live far away from their family and misses them. 

-If anyone living in your neighborhood alone, ask them, or invite them over dinner.

National Pupusa Day quotes

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia Woolf

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
― Orson Welles

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