A Speech on “What Qualities Do You Want to See in A Leader?”

Being a good leader is not a matter of joke. One has to possess effective leadership qualities that help to achieve higher goals and objectives. 

There are some qualities that a leader must possess. 

1. Integrity

Integrity is such a quality that every leader must possess. It is the foundation of a great leader. In difficult times a good leader inspires with his principles without compromising and they do not make false promises. 

2. Honesty

A good leader has to be honest. Honesty is expected from leaders to get trust and respect from people. Thus a leader must possess honesty if he wants people to trust and respect him.

3. Good listener

When it comes to leadership you must have a good listening habit. Good leaders are those who listen to people with great attention and sincerity. This helps them understand people and their perspectives. Good leaders listen to all with rapt attention and they don’t interrupt and acknowledge what is being said. 

4. Self-Confidence

True leaders have great sense of self-confidence. They know about their competencies and leadership qualities. They are sure about their competencies and leadership skills. Self-confidence gives freedom to take risks and accomplish goals. 

5. Empathy

Empathy is a deep leadership trait that helps you nurture your team. Empathy is in understanding others’ needs and requirements. We live in a world where people are less empathetic towards each other. Here people communicate to express but not to understand others’ perspectives. Empathetic leaders are aware of other’s feelings and thinking. Being empathetic does not mean to agree on other’s views, but to appreciate those views.

6. Fair Attitude

The leader who can think and act beyond personal biases makes them stand out from the crowd. This is one of the factors why most leaders fail to achieve greater heights. Good leaders understand that nothing significant has ever been achieved with an attitude that is unfair and biased.

7. Caring Nature

The best leaders do care about their people. They understand that there must be a balance between work and life. They know that his people’s health and wellness plays an important role in attaining success and higher goals.

8. Discipline

Good leadership is in developing discipline in your own self as well as others. Good leaders are self-disciplined and have good time management skills. They encourage a culture where people stay disciplined. When you are self-disciplined, you motivate others to be the same.

9. Empowerment 

Great leaders empower their team members to achieve maximum productivity and success. Empowerment gives the team equal decision-making powers as well as power of judgment to develop solutions. This builds a sense of satisfaction, bonding, love and trust towards their organization. You may have skillful team members, but lack of motivation fails to bring their best towards the organization they are working for. The best leaders understand that empowerment is the only factor that can help.

10. Problem-Solving Skills

Leadership qualities are not just limited to management. For the proper functioning of any team, leaders must have problem-solving skills and strong ability to analyze the situation to make better decisions. Good leaders have this power to respond to problems. 

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