98+ Famous Astronaut Quotes From Neil Armstrong

An astronaut is a person who is trained in Human Spaceflight Programme to operate a spacecraft. Because of their adventurous journeys into space, they have plenty of stories to tell and inspire the common people.

They not only share technical details about their field of work but also teach us many things about life in general. They are often quoted on many different occasions and serve as interesting quotes.

Famous Astronaut Quotes

-The first time I entered space, I kept on looking but could not see God. –Yuri Gagarin

-I can see the Earth. It is very beautiful. –Yuri Gagarin

-I realized how beautiful the Earth is while orbiting it in a spaceship. –Yuri Gagarin

-People of the earth, let us make our world more beautiful and preserve it instead of destroying it.  –Yuri Gagarin

-A person becomes more educated, more literate, and more intelligent the more he reads good books. –Yuri Gagarin

-Here we go! –Yuri Gagarin

-I am a friendly person! Friendly! -Yuri Gagarin

Astronaut Quotes From Neil Armstrong

-My first flight into space will be devoted to the people of communism. The Soviet people are entering the communist society, and I am certain that the entire world will enter it one day. -Yuri Gagarin

-I will have to let them down. I am a simple man from the Soviet Union. -Yuri Gagarin

-The force of the soul is the central power of man. -Yuri Gagarin

-I am proud that the first country in the world to make this flight into space was my Motherland. The steps towards mastering the secrets of nature lie in the development of the first airplane, the first satellite (Sputnik), and the first cosmic spaceship by my country. -Yuri Gagarin

-I found the vibrantly colored spectrum of the earth to be very enjoyable. Initially, it is bounded by a light blue halo. It gradually darkens in color and becomes turquoise, then dark blue, then violet, and at last, pitch black. -Yuri Gagarin

-Seeing me in my space suit and my parachute dragging behind me, they were backing away in fear. I assured them that they had nothing to fear as I was also a Soviet, just like them. -Yuri Gagarin

-In our times, grade schools did not have any organized sports. During recess, we used just to go out and run around the schoolyard. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Even though I like to say that I finished six grades in five years because I was smart, I think it was so because my teacher wanted to get rid of me. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Even though it was a very long distance to cover, we are still here. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Realising that our safety factor was determined by means of choosing the lowest bidder in the auction while being up in space is really a sobering feeling. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-I cannot deny the fact that, perhaps, I am a part of history. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-In the space business, the entire research and development are spent in training for planning and designing the situation if the plans go wrong. Hardly anything is planned for the situation in case the plan is successful. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Being a test pilot is not always the best profession in the world. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-I realized perhaps I was a little better than the others when I was first selected as one of the youngest candidates for or the school of test pilots just after my first tour of squadron duty. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-, In my opinion, I was a pretty good student even though I liked studying physics and maths more than the subjects which were more on the artistic side. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

Astronaut Quotes From Neil Armstrong

-We always believed in the statistics which claimed a 96% chance of survival and a 88% chance of the mission being a successful one. This pushed us to take the risk. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-What really helped me in what I chose to do later on in life was the sense of family and the discipline I learned from the one-room school I went to. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-When I was in my early teens, I rode my bike to the nearest airport every Saturday morning which was ten miles away, to push airplanes in and out of the hangers and clean them up. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Being a naval Aviator, I was challenged by landing on aircraft carriers and other things. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Everything was alright, and we were provided with the opportunity to visit Washington and were briefed on the Man In Space project. We were given a chance to choose if we were interested in participating or not. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-After the flight was over, even though I was delighted, I had to worry about other things like the hatch, cleaning the cabin, how to get in the sling, et cetera. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-The excitement started to kick in only after the trailer pulled up to the launchpad, which was carrying me in a spacesuit. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-The first airplane I rode was a homemade glider made by my friend and me. However, we did not get above 4 feet of the earth because it crashed. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-It is said that if you can walk away from a landing, it is a good one. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-There was always the challenge to keep getting better and to fly the best test flight ever flown by anybody. This led to my recognition as an experienced test pilot, which led to me being an astronaut. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-The rocket was working perfectly, all right. I just had to survive the forces of the reentry. It happens all the time in such a flight within a short time, just 16 minutes, in fact. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-We partnered with engineers for the construction, testing, and design phases and got back to each other at the end of the week to discuss our progress. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-All of us wanted a great physique to be able to cope with zero gravity and to cope with acceleration and deceleration. That is why everyone trained very hard to maintain the best physique of their lives. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-I knew it would be difficult for me to go to college because of the financial condition of my family. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-If you do not have any extra talent, you should pay more attention to whatever it is that you are doing. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-You do not really get excited during the actual flight because you have experienced it so many times during the simulation. There is a sense of excitement initially but after the takeoff, you get busy doing what you have to do. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

Astronaut Quotes From Neil Armstrong

–Irrespective of your profession, you must do what you do because you are good at it and can contribute and not because it brings fame, money, or any other form of remuneration that you receive. -Alan B Shepherd Jr.

-Women of Russia can also fly into space if they can be railroad workers. -Valentina Tereshkova

-Just like a bird cannot fly with only one wing, the human flight of space cannot advance without the active participation of women. -Valentina Tereshkova

-We should take the same kind of risks in space that both men and women are taking on earth. -Valentina Tereshkova

-My childhood dream came true when I went to space. He who has gone into space once will be in love with it for their entire life. -Valentina Tereshkova

-I am certain that the main discovery in the coming century in the development of manned orbital stations will be the modulus structure of the Mir. -Valentina Tereshkova

-You understand how small and fragile the earth is once you have experienced space. -Valentina Tereshkova

-After about a day, I was feeling fine and asked the Commission of the State to increase my stay to 3 days and completed my entire itinerary. I don’t think I would have done that had I been half-dead. -Valentina Tereshkova

-Russia still leads the world in terms of space exploration. But this position of leader comes with a huge responsibility. We cannot lag behind and must constantly keep moving forward. -Valentina Tereshkova

-The party ideals were close to my heart, and I have tried to abide by them throughout my life. For me, it was similar to the Ten Commandments of the Bible. I will never shift from my position of conviction. -Valentina Tereshkova

-In spite of my arguments and protest, I was forbidden from flying. I was very keen to get back to space after being there once, but it did not happen. -Valentina Tereshkova

Astronaut Quotes From Neil Armstrong

-The great role played by women in the world community cannot be denied by anyone. My flight into space was the continuation of the female contribution. -Valentina Tereshkova

-It was very hard for me to tell her about my joining the parachute club. I was not very sure of my success in this new field, and also I did not want her to get troubled. -Valentina Tereshkova

-It was always a dream for me to go to Mars. I wanted to find out if there was life. If there was indeed life on Mars, then why did it die out, and what catastrophe occurred there? -Valentina Tereshkova

-Astronauts are true to their words like men and women-, especially women. -Valentina Tereshkova

-You turn the spaceship into your home and do not care about the dangers anymore. -Valentina Tereshkova

-Since it is the inherent nature of human beings to take up challenges, we are making this trip to the moon. Just like a salmon swims upstream, we humans do these things by our nature. -Neil Armstrong

-Our planet earth was blotted out when I put out just my thumb. -Neil Armstrong

-I suddenly realized that the tiny pea-like object was our earth. It looked pretty and blue. When I shut my eyes and put up my thumb, it was blotted out. However, instead of feeling like a giant, I felt really tiny. -Neil Armstrong

-Sail planes and gliders are great flying machines because they bring you so close to being a bird. -Neil Armstrong

-Since I was born and brought up in Ohio as a boy, the legend of the Wright Brothers has been etched in my memory forever. -Neil Armstrong

-According to geologists, rocks have a fantastic memory. -Neil Armstrong

-I expected that we would achieve a lot more than we actually did by the end of this century. -Neil Armstrong

-I believe that the number of heartbeats of each human being is finite. I do not wish to waste even one of my heartbeats working out or exercising. -Neil Armstrong

-Common birthday still does not have any cure.-John Glenn Jr

-One thing that kept crossing my mind while I was moving through space was the fact that the lowest bidder.-John Glenn Jr supplied each part of the spaceship

-Very often, I am asked about my feelings while sitting in the capsule during the countdown.-John Glenn Jr

-I felt exactly how one would feel while getting ready to launch, knowing he was sitting on top of more than a million parts, all of which were built by the lowest bidder on a contract with the government.-John Glenn Jr

-Over the years, I have understood that people who devote themselves to a bigger purpose out of their self-interest always achieve something bigger in life and remain happy and contented in life. -John Glenn

Astronaut Quotes From Neil Armstrong

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