150+ Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes

Athletes are people who have proficiency in sports or other types of physical activity. There are some prosperous athletes and sportsmen who are also good at motivating their teams to do their best.

If you are looking for a collection of the best quotes of Athletes, then given below is a list of some inspirational and Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes and sports coaches.

Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes

-You can’t set a boundary on anything. The more you will imagine, the farther there will be a chance to get. –Micheal Phelps

-If I don’t give my hundred percent effort, it upsets and irritates me all the time. No matter if I am at Academy, at dinner, or if I am with my companions. –Micheal Phelps

-It is my desire to be only Kobe Bryant, not second Michael Jordan. –Kobe Bryant

-No matter what it takes, I can do anything to gain a victory in the games. It doesn’t matter if I have to sit on a bench and wave an absorbent cloth or handle a glass of water to a fellow member of my team or hit a shot that is winning. –Kobe Bryant

Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes

-Trying and motivating others is the most necessary things to do to help them be extraordinary in whatever they wish to do. –Kobe Bryant

-You don’t get your payoff if you don’t do your job. There is no short route in our life.  -Micheal Jordan

-You won’t be able to handle what other sportsmen can handle. You can only control your competition and the way you perform your race or task. -Micheal Jordan

-Someone who is not brave enough to take chances will never be able to achieve anything in life. -Muhammad Ali

-I loathed every minute of practice, but I said, do not give up. If I struggle now, I could be able to live the rest of my life as a winner. -Muhammad Ali

-Every day of my existence, I am trying to learn a way to improve. -Ray Lewis

– The quality of being great is a lot of small aspects done satisfactorily. -Ray Lewis

-There is not enough confidence in people, making them fearful of meeting challenges, and I have self-belief. -Muhammad Ali

-It doesn’t matter what situations you are possibly experiencing; just deal with it. -Ray Lewis

-I want to have the capability to separate the medians from the superior and from the extraordinary. It is my wish to separate the standard from the high standards. -Floyd Mayweather

-It is all about having a different individuality. It is not about being a terrible man; it is about giving others pleasure. -Floyd Mayweather

-The payoff of accomplishment depends on how much effort and commitment you can give to the job and the purposefulness of whether you succeed or fail. The best of yourself applied by you to the duty at hand. -Vince Lombardi

-Flawlessness is not achievable. But if we follow flawlessness, we can reach superiority. -Vince Lombardi

-Dictionary is the only place where achievement comes before hard work. -Vince Lombardi

-Those who always win never give up, and those who always give up never win. -Vince Lombardi

-What separates a victorious individual from others is not a lack of courage or wisdom but rather the lack of eagerness.  -Vince Lombardi

-I have learned over these years that if you begin to think about competition, it makes you nervous and worried a little bit. So what I do is relieve tension and think about video sports and what is my next thing to do after the race. So I am just going to relax before the race. -Usain Bolt

Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes

-Never worry about the beginning of the race, worried about the ending. -Usain Bolt

-The best compliment you can ever give me by saying that I give a lot of effort every day and that I never fail to exert effort. -Wayne Gretzky

-100 percent chances missed by you that you don’t accept. -Wayne Gretzky

-Perseverance can change disappointment into a remarkable compliment. -Matt Biondi

-Never let what you are unable to do interfere with what you can do. -John Wooden

-Never let your head down in embarrassment or shame. Never lose hope and be seated and sorrowful. Discover another path. -Satchel Paige

-There are only two choices about dedication. You must choose between In or out. No middle way is probably. -Pat Riley

-Some individuals say I have truculent behavior, which is probably true. But I guess you must have it. You must have faith in yourself when no one does, and that self-belief makes you a champion right there. -Venus Williams

-Maximum individuals quit when they are about to attain accomplishment, give up on the one-yard line, and lose hope at the last moment of the game, just one foot from a victorious point. -Ross Perot

-I always felt that my biggest support was not the ability to do something physically act. It was the power to retain knowledge. -Bruce Jenner

-My purpose was always to stay excited and active, no matter if I reached a new low, felt terrible, or had difficulty off the field; keeping myself excited and active is the only thing to do. -Hank Aaron

-Fear can be your motivation, and reward can be your motivation too. But none of these methods are not permanent.  Self-courage is the only thing that lasts forever. -Homer Rice

-If you lack self-belief, you will always find a way to lose. -Mario Andretti

– suffering doesn’t last forever. It probably lasts for a day or a year, but ultimately, it will moderate, and another thing will take its position. If I give up, however, it is permanent. -Lance Armstrong

-The truth is striving against yourself. It is about improving yourself, about being superior to you previously. -Steve Young

-You are never a defeated person until you stop trying. -Mike Ditka

-If you are able to deal with everything successfully, then you are going slow. -Mario Andretti

-It is always better to fail to try big than to be prosperous to try low. -Bill Nicholson.

-The moment you see a reasonable move, search for a better one. -Emanuel Lasker

-Set your purposes high, and don’t quit until you reach there. -Bo Jackson

-Never stop going; it is not impossible for others if they continue it. -Ted Williams

-The only individual who can be able to do the impossible is the one who has the ability to see the impossible. -Frank L. Gaines

-A person without imagination doesn’t have any wings. -Muhammad Ali

-At this moment, there is 100 percent of your existence is left in you. -Tom Landry

-Dust carried by a trophy, but remembrances stay forever. -Mary Lou Retton

-The duration of a person’s existence is not a boundary. It is the boundary we put on our minds. -Jackie Joyner-kersey

-Losing a game is the only way to prove that you are a good athlete. -Ernie Banks

-It is possible that there are some people who are more qualified than you, but there can be no defense for anyone to make effort than you do. -Derek Jeter

-Someone who is practicing generous and fair behavior while participating in an athletic event is far more reasonable than a group of people who gives a religious lecture. -Knute Rockne

-Winners never stop playing until they do it right. -Billie Jean King

-A person’s height never matters but the size of his soul matters. -Evander Holyfield

-Never stop working hard, even when the probability is your opposition. -Arnold Parmer

-The more it is hard to win, the greater the enjoyment in victory. -Pele

-You won’t be able to improve until it challenges you. -Fred Devito

-You won’t get a victory until you give your best; you will win only when you make your 100 percent effort. -Billy Bowerman

-It is not possible for a sportsman to run with pocketful money; he must start his run with confidence in his heart and ambitions in his mind. -Emil Zatopek

-You must have expectations from yourself before you can be able to do them. -Micheal Jordan

-You came to this world to be a sportsman; you were born to be here, and this time is yours. -Herb Brooks

-Today, things will be done by me that would not be done by others. Tomorrow I will have the ability to achieve the things that others can not achieve. -Jerry Rice

-Probably you don’t have the ability to outdo in thinking, outspend or out-market your opponent, but you can be able to outwork them. -Lou Holtz

-You must do something ethical and boundless in your life if you want to exist in tranquility with yourself. -Larry Brown

-If you are afraid to fail, you don’t deserve to get the achievement. -Charles Barkley

-What is your first step after you make a mistake: identify it, acknowledge it, gain knowledge from it, and don’t remember it. -Dean Smith

-The secret to my success is the failures of my life. -Micheal Jordan

-It is almost impossible to get things done in your life if your workdays depend on your good mood. -Jerry West

-It is not easy to compete with someone who never loses hope. People never forget heroes but legends always exist in them. -Babe Ruth

-The moment you learn to give up, it becomes your characteristic gesture. -Vince Lombardi

-Talent is a gift from God. Be respectful. Popularity is man-given. Be thankful. Narcissism is self-given. Be cautious. -John Wooden

-Gold medals are made of eagerness, sweet, and guts which are not easy to find. -Dan Gable

-Misfortune is the reason for some men to break and other people to perform better than anyone. -William A. Ward

-If you believe it is not easy to interact with new people, try to choose the wrong golf ball. -Jack Lemmon

-It is hard to find good players, and it is harder to get them to play as a team. -Casey Stengel

-Nothing is more important than the race that you ride. -Bill Shoemaker

-I wonder if you know my favorite part of the game. It is the chance to play. -Mike Singletary

-Victory is not everything; the potentiality to gain a victory is everything. -Vince Lombardi

-What separates the impossible and the possible is the determination of a man. -Tommy Lasorda

-There are some specific basic characteristics and qualities necessary to have: first you must have the willingness to gain a victory. -Bob Richards

-Show me some courteous defeated people, and I will show you a disappointment. -Knute Rockne

-Everything is colorful except for victory and loss, and probably that is the reason why everyone is attracted to that so much. -Steve Nash

-I tell children that somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. Just never fight with each other about it. And make an effort to get better. -Yogi Berra

-Never measure yourself by your achievement, but by what is necessary to achieve with your capability. – John Wooden

-You can never be able to gain a victory until you know how to make mistakes. -Kareem Abdul Jabbar

-It is not an important thing to win at younghood. The important thing is to grow talented and creative players with good self-belief. -Arsene Wenger

-Talents beat by hard work when skills don’t put effort. -Tim Notke

Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes

-There is no need to wait for anyone. I will only move as per my choice. -Floyd Mayweather

-Maximum skillful player does not always get the accomplishment, some of them do not even able to make a team. There is more than what it looks. -Brett Favre 

-Show me a man who has fear about his appearance, I will show you a man you can win against every time. -Lou Brock

-If your training is tough, you will not only be tough but also difficult to win against. -Herschel Walker

-If you have faith in it, there is nothing that can stop your mind to fulfill it. -Ronnie Lott

-If you have no self-belief, you will always be able to find a way to lose. -Carl Lewis

-It is impossible to get achievement without self-regulation. -Lou Holtz

-The willingness to gain victory is important, but the willingness to prepare is necessary. -Joe Paterno

-The only way to improve your skills is to practice for hours and hours. -Usain Bolt

-I think the only difference between good and great is the eagerness to compromise. -Kareem Abdul Jabbar

-Your background is not important; your purposes and ambitions are important. -Serena Williams

-Learn to value yourself. And have the ability to express your importance and what influence you can make. Never hide your knowledge which can help an organization. -Katie Smith

-It was never my desire to lead a team. My obsession is only doing those things that I think are meaningful. -Ginny Gilder

-Courageousness doesn’t erase your fearfulness; Courageousness means not letting your anxiety stop you. – Bethany Hamilton

-Pushing the boundary is not always the path to get accomplishment. -Jimmie Johnson

-I just come to do my work and play my sport, and others’ perception of my performance is just worthless to me. -David Ortiz

-The most important sportsman is the one that makes the most sportsmen important. -Peyton Manning

-Be someone who makes so much effort. That is how you will be able to separate yourself from your opponents. -Stephen Curry

-Championships and winnings are unforgettable, but they come from the courage of relationships. -Jim Calhoun

Motivational Quotes from Famous Athletes

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