70+ Best Quotes by World Famous Aviators

Aviators are basically pilots. When you are in aviation you experience something really beautiful in your life. Aviator always feels free , like bird and not only this , also free from all the unwanted restrictions of this planet earth , but at the same time they have heavy responsibilities on their heads , and on their shoulders ,

they have the lives of those who are traveling with them on the airplane, these responsibilities make them even more courageous and brave to handle and to face every tough and difficult situation that they may face in their lives .

Mentioned below are some sayings and quotes of the world famous aviators, some about them, some about their experiences as well. 

Quotes by World Famous Aviators

  • If you want that what you said should be done , you should not interrupt the other person and also do not disturb that person else you work can not be done , always keep that in mind . – said by Amelia Earhart
  • Being scared is never a solution, one should always know this , one should have courage , because when you have courage then only you can actually face the situations and the things , which frighten you , or of what you are afraid of . Remember that you can never have both fear and courage existing simultaneously , at the same time , this is something of great importance that you should definitely keep inside your brains . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker
  • Always keep in your mind that in case you are standing there and ready to enter in to any fight , then in such a situation you should always be prepared for every thing , because ideally you should prepare yourself before you enter in to any fight or war , so that you may have a neck up , rather than having or keeping your neck down . – said by Jimmy Doolittle
  • If you have such kind of the state of mind , which is full of amusement , adventure , high spirits then you will always feel and you will always find that adventure in everything you may do , then no matter you are flying , for business , world travel , leisure . It is only the adventure that matters in the end and this adventure is originally the particular state of your mind . – said by Jacqueline Cochran
  • The one who had never flew an aeroplane in their life they can never know the experience that how it feels , because when you invent an aeroplane it is nothing , but when you build it  , it becomes something . But originally flying the aeroplane is everything . – said by Otto Lilienthal
  • Always dream big , in order to be the one yourself . Dream big of flying high , dream of getting to the moon and of going to the Mars . – said by David Mackay

_ Every individual has that spark in them , that is still incomparable to the team work , because this individual work of yours will still keep shining , no matter how your team is still working , this when you will be the inspiration for others , other members of the team . Be the one . – said by Igor Sikorsky

_ Women are never the inferior ones , they are equally capable of doing all things like men do , so neither women nor the men should ever feel that they can never do something impossible , rather all women should always try to something impossible just like men keep doing . And also they should keep in their minds that even their failures will be like a challenge to other men , who feel that women are not equal to them . – said by Amelia Earhart

_ Always keep that in mind that the rules are always meant and framed only for those who are not willing or wishing to frame and draw up their own rules for their lives , and just satisfied following the rules of others . – said by Chuck Yeager

_ One should always prioritize the things in their lives , because there are some who just happy with the million dollars and just wish for the same , but there are also some who value million friends over million dollars . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker

_ Remember in your life , that opportunities are never less for those who actually have that capacity in them . But these capacities and these abilities of many individuals remains unexplored as well as undiscovered , because they are originally owned by those who are always too anxious to use it or rather they may also remain unaware about it . – said by Jacqueline Cochran

_ Be the one who even honours his enemy , like I do . I am the one who even honours the enemy , by placing the stone and a garland over the enemy’s grave too . – said by Manfred von Richthofen

_ If you are the one in the air , so you need to keep it in your mind that you can never loose such a war , because if you ever lose the command over the air then , it will definitely lead you to the defeat in that war . 

_ Always keep in your minds that when you dream small then you will never find that spark nor that magic in that dream of yours , but when you start dreaming big or of something big then you see that there is always a unique spark in to it . So always dream big , large or huge , and never small , only this is not enough and it is not the end either , until you don’t fulfil your dreams . – said by Donald Wills Douglas

_ When you wish to or want to do something in your life , so it does not depend all on what you can do , but what actually matters here is what you can originally dream of . Because if you dream big , then no matter what , then you always find ways to achieve it in your life . – said by Mike Melville

_ If you ever feel that flying solo would be a boredom , then believe me it would never bore you , rather you will find it the perfect option for yourself , just like I do . – said by Steve Fossett

_ Once you taste that free air , then only you realize it yourself that the place with the maximum freedom is none other than the open sky and air , which knows no biases  , no prejudices , but it is all free for every one , and once you experience it only then you can truly understand that feeling . – said by Bessie Coleman

_ Always keep your focus on the results and the by products that you may receive from doing something . One should never focus on the risks , because when the individual only concentrates over the risks and no the results , then it actually restricts and prevents that individual from carrying out or performing that particular task . In the end what you need to learn is to face your fears to overcome from them , because the work that has to be done , will be done , by someone or the other , but you will be left behind from all . – said by Chuck Yeager

_ If an individual has faith in what ever he does , then always remember that no fear could stand in front of you for long when you face it , because it all begins with your faith , that has the immense power in it  , to make every difficulty easy for you . – said by Jacqueline Cochran

_ The one who has never flown in his life , his life is actually the incomplete one without this , which is the perfect experience that one can ever have in his life . – said by Bessie Coleman

_ Always remember in your life , don’t wait for the trouble to come to you , so rather take the preventive measures so that this may never happens in your life . – said by Chuck Yeager

_ Aviation is the live example , and the proof that there is nothing that is impossible in your life for you to accomplish , for if you have the will and courage you can achieve any thing in your life . It’s all up to you that how you take the first step . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker

_ You all may see that there are the number of politicians who always keep emphasising that all the people must vote , but there are hardly the ones who actually mean what they say , and you can never trust them either with what ever they may tell you . – said by Tom Golisano

_ Being in aviation is always too busy , you may have books with you every time you are travelling , but you hardly find time or get time , to even take those books out of your bags , but at the same time being in aviation is completely a different experience in life . Being in the aviation is a unique experience that can never be experienced by all in the world . So feel lucky if you are the one to get this opportunity in your life . Aviation is the priceless experience . – said by Steve Fossett

_ You should stop dreaming in the dreams of yesterday . Because if you keep living with those dreams of yesterday , so you will land up in nothing more than seeing yourself always dreaming of something that is impossible for you to conquests , in future . So now just reset your minds and brains , and dream of something today , that you can achieve and think of how you can defeat the impossible and make it the possible one . – said by Charles Lindbergh

_ Be the one who never gives up in his life , the one who keeps going in life , like the one who takes all the risks in his life , the one who may even face failures , but never stops . Be the one like who even if face the failures will move on the next task , but will never stop in their lives . Because life has its true meaning when you just keep going on , it keeps it adventurous and full of  excitement . – said by Chuck Yeager

_ If you are living your lives without taking any risks , then it is just like a tantamount to death , always keep this in your mind and then act accordingly . – said by Jacqueline Cochran

quotes by world famous aviators

_ Whenever you talk of the fighting pilot , then you will see that a fighting pilot never , takes unnecessary or the unimportant risks . Because his duty and his business is actually to shoot down the enemy planes , rather than being shoot down itself , by their enemies . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker

_ When we worship science , even I did the same earlier , and also as the aviators the aircrafts that we may love , have also destroyed and had too taken away too many lives , has also been responsible for mass scale destruction . So no matter you might have thought them to serve the people , but they are too the reasons for the destruction and loss of life and property , always keep this keep in your mind . – said by Charles Lindbergh

_ Though people may keep saying , but there is nothing or there was even nothing like the naturally born pilot , it is here after birth you become , what you desire for . – said by Chuck Yeager

_ Keep looking for ideas , in your life , no matter you are still or not , because you never know which idea may turn out to be the perfect one for your life . – said by Tom Golisano

_ There is a perfect formula for those who want to be a successful person their lives , “ Think through things , follow it thoroughly “ . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker

_ When you are flying solo , or you are flying all alone , then is an appropriate amount of workload . But when you are travelling with other responsibilities like those of navigation , like those of communications , like those of repairing the balloons , and also like those of being a care taker to the equipment .  With all these bunch of tasks and jobs to do , your flying becomes the one loaded with the responsibilities . – said by Steve Fossett

_ If you have to burn incense , then there is no need for you to go far , but for the purpose you can also do it some where near your home . – said by Amelia Earhart

_ Always remember that one can never have a substitute or any alternative for an experience that one gets being in to the aviation . Aviation always gives you a priceless experience , that is always incomparable to any other experience in this world . – said by Chesley Sullenberger

_ The ones who feel that fighting in the air is the kind of sport , then in this case he is absolutely wrong , for it is not a sport but actually a scientific murder . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker

_ When something tends to fear you , then instead of running or escaping from that thing you should rather try it yourself and then you should instead figure things out , because being afraid is never an option or a solution either . Have courage to face it . – said by Chuck Yeager

_ If you want your life to grant you with peace then in such a case , courage is the price that you have to actually pay for it . – said by Amelia Earhart

_ Every generation of pilots , come with a hope that they might leave their profession better off than they had actually find it . – said by Chesley Sullenberger

_ Every one should always teach their children , about how they should never stop and just go on keep learning  , and also that they should never stop growing . – said by Chesley Sullenberger

_ Always know that , you can never ask any pilot for going out for any such mission on which you could never go yourself . – said by Eddie Rickenbacker

_ Its always better to have birds with you rather than having airplanes in your life ,  always keep that in mind . – said by Charles Lindbergh

_ The number of airplanes that are increasing around the globe , has both pros and cons , where you will have more planes to shoot down your enemy planes as a pros , but at the same time , the enemy planes will also increase in their numbers , which is in turn a threat to us , and also it is a cons . – said by Manfred Von Richthofen

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