85+ Best Quotes By World Famous Clergymen

The formal leaders of a particular location are known as clergymen. They are responsible of taking care of certain important duties and roles religiously. Mentioned below are some famous quotes and sayings from the world famous clergymen. 

Quotes By World Famous Clergymen

  • You should always be aware before you go on the mission that these missions are never about the sending of the missionaries nor they are about the doing of the missions but they are mainly meant for communicating the truth to all the men around the world. – said by Paul Washer
  • Keep in mind that the war is nothing but one of those scourges that had pleased god to acutely afflict the men of the world. – said by Cardinal Richelieu
  • When you talk of the strength of your character then always know that is actually refers to the ability of a person to overcome his resentment against other people, also for hiding his hurt feelings and also forgiving others easily and quickly. – said by Lawrence G. Lovasik
  • Always remember that if the freedom or the liberties of the American population or the American people would ever be destroyed, then it would definitely fall in to the hands of the clergy men . – said by Marquis de Lafayette 
  • The people who always belong to God every time want and wish for pastors and not like those clergy men who act like the bureaucrats or like those of the government officials and officers . – said by Pope Francis

_ Always know that an ounce of mother is equivalent to a pound of clergy man . – said by Rudyard Kipling 

_ Since my childhood, I have always been aspiring to be a clergy myself, and this very prospect always hung like a very dark cloud in my mind . – said by Nikola Tesla 

_ Always keep in your mind that, a celibate clergy is always a better and a good idea, as it always tends to suppress and rather dominate any other hereditary propensity that may lead towards fanaticism . – said by Carl Sagan 

_ One should always remember that when he prays to god, he always build that special connection to the god, because the prayers are always the two way communication in between the God and him . – said by Billy Graham

_ Always remember that every person’s life is always made up of , different and various components , like learning, growing, waiting, hard working , practicing to be patient, and also being persistent in life, but also don’t forget the mistakes that again be one of the most important component of your life . – said by Billy Graham

_ I am the kind of person who bears true faith in God and always wishes to lobby for God .  – said by Billy Graham

_ Its not always that you are just born here , you suffer here and you die here on this earth , but you always have a loop hole every time . You just need to have a better under of that loop hole . – said by Billy Graham

_Always remember that , the courage is also the contagious one , because when one brave man take stand for some thing , then this also stiffens the spines of others very often . – said by Billy Graham 

_ Remember that adversity had always enriched the world , more than any thing else in this world , not even more than the comfort and the prosperity. – said by Billy Graham

_ If you are a Christian then you can never ever fail to sense or feel that angelic glory , which always eclipses the world for ever with the demonic powers ,then the sun sheds it’s personal candle light . – said by Billy Graham

_ Always remember that the true Christian is always the one , who can every time give away his pet parrot against or to the town gossips . – said by Billy Graham 

_ The ones who always like spoon feeding , or we can say the ones who always want that every thing should be done for them , they are always found to be the most boring ones . – said by Billy Graham

_ One should always remember that , God has given us two hands , each with a specific function , where one he gave us for receiving and the other one he gave us for , giving away to those who are in need of it . – said by Billy Graham

_ If you have ever gone through the last page of the Bible , then you would definitely know that in the end , everything be all right . – said by Billy Graham

_ The child who could ever be disrespectful to his parents , could never respect any other person in his life . – said by Billy Graham 

_ Always keep it in your mind that , it is never wrong till the time the men are possessing the riches , but the wrong comes in to the picture , just when the riches starts possessing the men . – said by Billy Graham

_ Remember your purpose in life , always keep in your mind that , you are not the cisterns that are originally meant for hoarding , but you are those channels that are actually meant for sharing . – said by Billy Graham 

_ The best prayer you could ever make to god is the prayer that you do with your hands , the hands which always heal and bless too . – said by Billy Graham 

 _ I know my home , I know my place , My home and my place is only heaven , and I am here only because I am passing and travelling through this world . – said by Billy Graham 

_ One should always keep the right attitude in his life , one should always be clean at heart , because it is not that your body posture or your body position , matter while you are offering prayers to god but it is always your right attitude that matters , while you are offering prayers to God . – said by Billy Graham 

_ Keep in your mind , that it is only the real love that always brings the sense of security , when you are there at your home . – said by Billy Graham

_ A man always has only two most important needs in his life , where one is forgiveness , and the other one being the Goodness . – said by Billy Graham

_ Remember that you can be deceived any time , if you trust any one too much , but at the same time , you also live in the torment if you are not trusting any one too much either . – said by Frank Crane 

_ If you do not know what friend actually means , then I will let you know that ! Friend is some one in front of whom you can actually be your true self and you would never feel to fake your self in front of them . – said by Frank Crane

_ Always remember that , the true leader is the one who always knows all the ways , the one who always goes through the ways and the one who also shows the ways every time . – said by John C. Maxwell

_ Do you know , or did you ever thought that what actually shapes you , it is always our thoughts that , always makes us , so we need to always take care of what ever we think . Remember that your words are always secondary . But on the other hand , your thoughts live long and travel far with you . – said by Swami Vivekananda

_ You should always be confident in your life and never be negative in your thinking , because no matter what ever may happen in your life , no matter what tough times you may go through , but nothing actually happens to you , rather it is all happening for you , that is making you even more strong in your life , So always see the positive side and get rid off the negative aspects of the events that may take place in your life . – said by Joel Osteen 

_ If you are the one who wishes to make his home in god , then prayer is the best and the most concrete way or method of doing so . – said by Henri Nouwen

_ In order to have the fruit , you definitely have to climb the tree , to get that fruit . – said by Thomas Fuller 

_ Be the real man in your life , because a real man is the one who never ever find or look for any excuses for himself , though he may give excuses to others . – said by Henry Ward Beecher 

_ It all depends on the perspective of a particular person , because the one who wills to enjoy,  would even enjoy no matter he may have a bad day , or a disappointing week, or even an annoying year . Always keep this in mind , it is all your perspective that actually matters in the end . – said by Russell M. Nelson

_ Always keep all your spirits high , because if you fail for once , it does not mean that you have failed for ever , but it actually means that you have just not succeeded yet . Because failure is never an opposite to the success . – said by Robert H. Schuller

_ There are many among us , who every time look for doing some thing good for the lord , but very few of us , actually think of doings certain small or little things , that may have an equal importance . – said by Dwight L. Moody

_ Always remember that to live is always directly proportional to the change , but in order to be the perfect one , we need to change ourselves often or rather frequently . – said by John Henry Newman

_ Keep in mind , never always count only on what big deeds you might have done in your life , but you should give equal importance to the small deed that you may do . Because some times , knowingly or unknowingly , the smaller deeds that are done by us , are actually better than those big deeds that may be the planned ones . – said by Peter Marshall 

_ Always know and realise, that the life you have is the gift of god to you , so you should always take care of this life , and rest leave on God . As god is there to take care of you after your death . – said by George Whitefield

_ The true essence of your faith is always satisfied , by God as all the satisfaction truly lies in to Jesus . – said by John Piper

_ One should always remember that , what ever may diminish in life , makes it evil , whereas what ever enhances in life , makes it good and better for you . – said by John Shelby Spong

_ Always know that, your happiness is actually the natural flower of duty. – said by Philips Brook

_ We should always remember that all of us may be experts at the practicing of virtue at a particular distance. – said by Theodore Hesburgh

_ One should never just go and just simply retire from what they are doing or from anything like that only. But one should always have something to retire from. – said by Harry Emerson Fosdick 

_ Always keep in your mind that your happiness, your true happiness actually is one of your inner qualities. It is originally the state of your mind. You will always find a difference in you that whenever your mind is in peace then you will always feel a sense of happiness. Here there is one more difference between the two situations that if you own nothing else other than just peace of your mind you will always find yourself the happy one. But at the same time if your have every other thing like all the power, all the possessions, all the pleasure, and so on other than the peace of your mind then you will definitely feel the other side of it where you will not find yourself to be happy in this case. – said by Dada Vaswani 

_ One should always know that when ever the grace happens on him, he may not receive any compliment from the god every time but he would always receive a beautiful and a new heart from him. One should always give his heart to the Christ and you will see that he will always return the favor back to you. – said by Max Lucado

_ Always keep in your mind that if there will be no change taking place then you will never find innovation or any creativity or any improvement. But in case you really take a first step and you initiate then you will always have a better and more golden opportunities in order to manage the changes that are originally inevitable. – said by William Pollard

quotes by world famous clergymen

_ It is really wonderful to learn and to know that you can always govern the man kind even with the little wisdom, but the actual condition required for this is that the wisdom should always be your own. – said by William Inge 

_ You should never consult your fears but you should always consult your hopes and your dreams. You should never think about the frustration that you may have in your life. You should also learn to concern yourself not with those things in which you might have failed but you should rather concern yourself with in which you still have some hope and possibility of being successful. – said by Pope John XXIII

_ Always remember that when ever you are ready to seek your revenge from some one then you should always dig two graves, out of these should be for you and the other one for your enemy. – said by Douglas Horton

_ Always know that the revolutions are always the interesting one every time because they always avoid the plague that it actually promises to heal. – said by Daniel Berringhan

_ No one should ever be so hard that he could be easily broken and no one should ever be so soft either that you can be easily and effortlessly squeezed by any one. – said by Ali ibn Abi Talib

_ Always know that the spirituality is never different from the one which we have already been doing from the last two thousand years such as that of going church regularly, also like receiving stuffs like sacraments, also being baptised, and then also reading scriptures. If you really see then it is all just an ordinary stuff being done by humans from last so many years. – said by Eugene H. Peterson

_ If you only have a vision then it is all worthless and rather useless for you because if you have a vision then you definitely must also begin with your venture as it is never enough to just keep staring at the stairs rather we should lift our legs and step up on those stairs. – said by Vance Havner

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