151+ Great Quotes by Environmentalists

A person who strives for the protection of the environment is called an environmentalist. An environmentalist is a part of the ‘Environmental Movement’ and a supporter of its goals.

They try to stop harmful human activities from protecting the quality of the environment and bringing about improvements.

People from all fields have come up to support the environmental movement and have emerged as major environmentalists.

Quotes by Environmentalists

  • The only time I feel angry is when I see things that could be used being thrown away by people. –Mother Teresa.

  • The only thing that we all have in common is the Earth. –Wendell berry

  • It is impossible to bring about progress without bringing in change and nothing can be changed by people who are unable to change their minds. –George Bernard Shaw

  • Going away from city life and human beings, in the wild jungles, my soul will find solace and will be able to sing out loud. –Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • Someone who plants a tree loves others as much as he loves himself. -Dr. Thomas fuller

  • The fact that a small group of aware and dedicated citizens will be able to change the entire world should never be doubted. in fact, it is the only thing that has brought any kind of change in the world. -Margaret Mead

  • The conservation of the connection between nature and human beings is one of the primary conditions of happiness. -Leo Tolstoy

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  • Nature is a place where all of us meet where all of us have a shared interest; it is a thing that each and every human being has in common. -Lady Bird Johnson

  • The earth will not go on providing us with resources if we do not look after it faithfully. It will not help if we just say we love nature and then continue destroying it and making it unavailable for future generations to use. -John Paul II

  • Pictures of immense beauty are being painted by nature for us each and every day. -John Ruskin

  • The love for nature acts as a common language which transcends social and political boundaries just like art and music. -Jimmy Carter

  • The beauty of the woods just before the sun rises is incomparable to anything else. -George Washington Carver

    The beauty of the woods just before the sun rises is incomparable to anything else. -George Washington Carver

  • Not a single day goes by without you impacting your surroundings. Your actions make a difference and it is you who has to decide what kind of difference you want to make through your actions. -Jane Goodall

  • Sacrificing something today so that the future generations can use it, without being thanked by them for the sacrifice, is the ultimate test of the conscience of a man. -Gaylord Nelson

  • It is no use having a beautiful house if the earth is not healthy enough to put it on. -Henry David Thoreau

  • We are lucky that human beings cannot fly. Otherwise, they would have laid waste the sky along with the earth. -Henry David Thoreau

  • Eco-friendly cars will soon no longer be an option; they will be an absolute necessity. -Fujio Cho

  • According to me, a lush green carpet of spongy grass or pine needles is way more fascinating than the most expensive Persian rug. -Helen Keller

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  • A country that harms its soil harms itself. The forests are the earth’s lungs. They purify the air and give renewed strength to the people. -Franklin D Roosevelt

  • The earth is a beautiful place and it is worthy of humans fighting for it.  -Ernest Hemingway

  • The correct use of science is not to conquer nature with it but to live peacefully in it. -Barry Commoner

  • We have forgotten how to be a good guest. How to walk lightly on the surface of the earth like other creatures is an act forgotten by us. -Barbara Ward

  • Saving the earth, poverty alleviation, and economic growth are part of the same fight. We must correlate water shortages, energy shortages, climate change, food security, health, and women empowerment. Finding the solution to one of these problems should solve the others as well. -Ban Ki-Moon

  • Environmental pollution is a disease that cannot be cured but only prevented. -Barry Commoner

  • Mother Nature provides enough to satisfy the needs of human beings but not their greed. -Mahatma Gandhi

  • A policy that is good for the environment is also good for the economy. -Bernie Sanders

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  • As an environmentalist, one thing that I am against is the obscene ways in which the manifestation of power shows up to satisfy human greed. -John Denver

  • Stay close to the heart of nature and go to the mountains or spend a few days in the forest once in a while to purify your spirit. -John Muir

  • Being an environmentalist means caring about the environment and taking care of all life on the planet. -Sharon Gannon

  • Understanding our responsibility to save Mother Nature is the solution to all environmental problems. Convincing the hunters to lay down their guns is a difficult job. -Jacques Yves

  • A person who understands that the Earth is not given to him by his forefathers but is borrowed from his children is a true conservationist. -John James

  • The problem with most environmental issues is that corrective action without proper knowledge ends up doing more harm than good. -Hugh Ross

  • The conservation of energy is the primary requisite of energy independence. -Tom Allen

  • Efforts to protect air, water, plants, and wildlife are actually efforts to protect mankind.  -Stewart Udal

  • It is time that we stop calling it the ‘environmentalist view’ as if it was something outside mainstream human activities and call it the ‘real-world view’.  -Edward O Wilson

  • Love the earth as much as you love yourself. -Lao Tze

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  • The environmental crisis is as real as the rain and I do not want to degrade the future of my children by leaving them in a polluted Earth. -Al Gore

  • The very few people who react to the grave conditions of the environment- journalists, scientists and environmentalists are generally not powerful. -BF Skinner

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