101+ Famous Quotes From America’s First Ladies On Success

Today’s world is full of strong, intellectual women who have come forward with incredible minds, done a great job, and, most importantly, have inspired us to a great extent.

To celebrate the minds and contributions of these women, we have put together some of the best sayings of world-famous women.

Their words will surely encourage us in our life. So, here you will find a collection of wise and inspirational sayings of some of the world-famous women.

Famous Quotes From America’s First Ladies On Success

-Restoring connection does not work only for devices; it works in the case of people too. If we cannot disconnect, we won’t be able to lead. – Arianna Huffington

-I decided I could not pay anyone to rewind my time. So it would be better for me to get over it. – Serena Williams

-If you can create a legacy through your actions, which can inspire others to learn more, dream more, do more, and become more, you will surely become an excellent leader. – Dolly Parton

-Today is a new day; with it begins new things to claim and create all that is good. –Louise Hay

-Finally, I could see that if I could make a contribution that I wanted to make, I perhaps must do it despite what others say. I am fine the way I am, and it is sometimes good to be a strong person. – Wangari Maathai

Famous Quotes From America's First Ladies On Success

-Leadership is more like a sequence of several behaviors than roles for the heroes. –Margaret Wheatley

-I always want women to feel in control. It is because we are capable of doing that. –Nicki Minaj

-One of the best ways of succeeding in life is to have the willpower to help somebody else to succeed first. –Iyanla Vanzant

-The champions always keep playing to get everything right in the end. – Billie Jean King

-Some of my best success stories came from fixing the failure. – Barbara Corcoran

-Dreams and reality are completely opposite to each other. What synthesizes them in action? – Assata Shakur

-We should always believe that we all are gifted with something. And this thing, at any cost, must be attained by all. –Marie Curie

-It is important that we learn to reconstruct our way of seeing ourselves. The very first lead has to be definitely taken by ladies. –Beyoncé

-A leader will always take his people wherever they want to go. But a great leader will always take his people where they are unwilling to go but have to go. –Rosalynn Carter

-Life always tends to shrink or expand in proportion depending on one’s courage. – Anais Nin

-A woman is sometimes similar to tea bags. You won’t be able to know her strength until she gets inside the hot water. –Eleanor Roosevelt

-The best way to turn all the wrong things into right is to show the bright side of truth on them. –Ida B. Wells

-Since I am a woman, I should make unusual efforts to succeed. But if I fail, no one will say, “She does not have what it takes to achieve success.” Instead, they will say that “Women don’t have the thing that it takes to achieve success.” – Clare Boothe Luce

-The question is not about who is going to let me. In fact, it is about who will be able to stop me. –Ayn Rand

-At the end of the day, people think the simple answer to fulfillment is a man. But I think a job is better for me actually. – Diana, Princess of Wales

-You must never be defeated even if you encounter many defeats. In fact, you should try to encounter defeat to know yourself better. You will be able to know where you can rise from and how you can come out of it. – Maya Angelou

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-When you hold your life in your own hands, what is supposed to happen? Maybe a terrible thing that you cannot blame anyone. –Erica Jong

-It is better that you stop wearing the wishbone where your backbone is supposed to be. – Elizabeth Gilbert

-Courage starts when you start showing something and also when you let others see you. –Brene Brown

-Over these years, I have learned when one’s mind is made up. It helps to diminish our fears and know what should be done to lessen all our fears. –Rosa Parks

-Most people don’t like successful women. But I believe the biggest danger for a woman in science is her colleagues who are not as good as her. – Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

-If you ever see a successful woman, look out for those three men who always try to block her way. – Yulia Tymoshenko

-Courage is not about being afraid. It is just about being afraid and still continues doing it. –Gina Bianchini

-Success has changed me as a woman. This is what I feel in the first place. Whenever I feel like a successful woman as a rounded human, it will surely feed my work in a broader sense so that it becomes much more interesting. –Jacqueline Bisset

-You should never give up because it is just the time and place that the tide will take its turn. –Harriet Beecher Stowe

-I worked to achieve success; I never dreamed about it. –Estace Lauder

-A successful woman has an aura that says I belong in this seat. –Cathie Black

-Always remember that you are much more beautiful than you are and more powerful than you know. – Melissa Etheridge

-Don’t limit yourself ever.  You may come across many people who sometimes limit themselves to their capabilities. You should go as far as you want, as much as your mind lets you. If you believe in something, you will surely achieve it. –Mary Kay Ash

-I just love women who are bossy. And I can stay around them all through the day. According to me, bossy isn’t a judgmental word. It only means that somebody is passionate in their life and they are ambitious and engaged. They don’t mind leading. –Amy Poehler

-A successful man is always capable of making more money than his wife can actually spend. And a woman becomes successful when she can find a man like him. –Lana Turner

-You should always try to concentrate on how far you have reached instead of thinking about how far you have left with you to go. The only difference is how easy it will seem to you and it will amaze you. –Heidi Johnson

-I never believed in guilt. It is sometimes good to be able to live on impulse. But do not intend to hurt any other person intentionally, and also never judge anyone in your life. And I think you will be able to live completely free. –Angelina Jolie

-Everything in this world is about powerful and strong women. –Jesse Peyronel

-With a deeper instinct, I choose a man who can compel with my strength, who can make a huge demand on me, who will never doubt about my toughness or my courage, who will not believe me innocent or naïve and who will have the courage to treat me like a woman. –Anaas Nin

-Ability and success are the two things that are positively correlated for men, but for women, it is correlated negatively. When a man achieves success, men and women both like him. But when a woman is successful, people of both genders start liking her less. – Sheryl Sandberg

quotes by first ladies

-According to me, a woman who is successful in her life is critiqued much more harshly than a man is criticized. – Susan Stroman

– Courage will always allow even a successful woman to fail and learn powerful lessons from the failure. In the end, it would mean she did not fail. – Maya Angelou

-Life is often difficult for some of us. But it does not matter. We should always have perseverance and, most importantly, be confident enough about ourselves. We should always believe that we all are gifted and must ensure that we can attain it. – Marie Curie

– I never had to face anything which could possibly overwhelm the stubborn perseverance and native optimism that I was blessed with. –Sonia Sotomayor

– I always had something in me known as perseverance. And it acted like a tool that helped me as a ballerina. –Misty Copeland

-It is strongly believed that overcoming adversity to achieve success through perseverance and dedication is possible. –Ginni Rometty

– Perseverance is almost like failing nineteen times while succeeding in the twentieth. –Julie Andrews

-You will not be able to find the path from dreams to success because it does not exist. You must be able to see it, have the nerve to accept it, and last but not least, have the patience to follow the vision. –Kalpana Chawla

– I have always been the one to encourage perseverance. –Christina Aguilera

-Always remember that you can do anything if you have set your mind. It takes action, which is facing your tears and having perseverance. –Gillian Anderson

-Almost every day is like a new day. You will find happiness only if you move on. –Carrie Underwood

-It is always nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes. –L.M. Montgomery

-A new day comes with a new morning that is dawned with brightness and sweetness like ribbon candy. – Sarah Addison Allen

-All good things begin in the dark when the moon greets you at midnight to a new day. –Shannon L. Alder

quotes by first ladies

-Always celebrate the new day with shouts of love, praise, and grace. Do not forget to bring that beautiful smile to your face, though. –Caroline Naoroji

-Every new morning adds a new page to your life story. Make the most out of it today. –Doe Zantamata

-Just imagine if we could treat the new dawn of a new day with the same amount of joy and reverence as we do each New Year. –Angie Lynn

-Each and every day is a new day, and if you don’t move on, you will never be able to happiness. –Carrie Underwood

-A new day brings with it new opportunities. You just have to look for those opportunities. –Lailah Gifty Akita

-A fresh and mirthful day. So, forget about yesterday as it does not matter anymore. Concentrate on this new day and make the best out of it. –Mary Frances Winters

-I am really glad that tomorrow is a new day because I messed up this one. –Susan Gale

-It is a new day today. What you put into it, you will get that out of it. –Mary Pickford

-If you are able to achieve success in your life, it is possible because someone sometimes gave you an idea or life which helped you to start in the correct direction. You have to know that you owe a favor to your life until you can find someone you can help who is a less fortunate person, just the way you got helped. –Melinda Gates

-Success is not the only key to achieving happiness in your life. But happiness can definitely help you to achieve success. If you do something out of love, you will surely succeed. –Herman Cain

-I know that God will never give me anything which I cannot handle. I only wish that he didn’t trust me this much. –Mother Teresa

-You should try to define success the way you perceive it. Succeed with the help of your own rules and reshape your life just the way you want it to be. –Anne Sweeney

quotes by first ladies

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