250+ Best Quotes By World Famous Poets

People often say one needs to experience love to become a good poet. In reality, no one can become a poet if he/she doesn’t have a true sense of creativity and imagination. A good poet transports their readers to the world of fantasy with their words.

Poet’s words are so magical to bring tears in the reader’s eyes. Here are some famous sayings by great poets, which can surely draw out your inner emotions:

World Famous Quotes By Poets

  • Long delays are the result of shortcuts. –J. R. R. Tolkien
  • To lead in life, self -reverence, self-knowledge and self-control are needed. –Alferd Lord Tennyson
  • Men’s biggest joy comes when he becomes master in his passion, not in the absence.-Alferd Lord Tennyson
  • No one can compete with those who protect their nation. –Alferd Lord Tennyson
  • ‘History’ is cyclic poem, ‘Writer’ is time and ‘Man’ is subject. –Percy Shelley
  • Doing can be a soul’s ultimate joy. – Percy Shelley
  • Familiar acts filled with love are beautiful. –Percy Shelley

_Poetry is the collection of best and delightful moments of the joys and great minds. -Percy Shelley

_I believe to tell the truth, not to inform those who do not aware about it, but to defend someone who really deserves it. -William Blake

_When you get more than enough than you know the what is enough. -William Blake

_Forgiveness is the goriest thing about Christianity. -William Blake

_Every creation once was only imagination. -William Blake

_A fool’s vision is different from a wise man. -William Blake

_If someone passionate about their intuition, It can be called a faith. -William Wordsworth

_Revealing love and kindness to others can be the best part of man’s life. -William Wordsworth

_All hard work of years pays off with minute’s success. -Robert Browning.

_No poet is perfect, but the ‘God’ is. -Robert Browning

_Love is like a fuel to run a life. -Robert Brownning

_Who ignores, is not Innocent. Ignorance is a sin. -Robert Brownning

_Until it’s experienced, nothing becomes real. Choose and make it yours.-John Keats

_Travel can be the difficult subject for an artist, but easy for a journalist. -W.H. Auden

_We are living at a time of anxiety. -W.H. Auden

_No one is moral till death. -W.H. Auden

_A poet loves the words or languages. -W. H. Auden

_USA living God’s abundant blessings of becoming friendly, rich and large. -W.H. Auden

_My face is just similar to the wedding cake kept under the rain. -W. H. Auden

_You must learn from your dreams where you’re lacking. -W.H. Auden

_Our duty on Earth is to help each other, we all here for the same purpose, rest I don’t understand others. -W.H. Auden

_I’m not able to get work in the acting field due to my looks. -W.H. Auden

_The book that read reader’s life is the real one. W.H. Auden

_Good has visions about evil, but evil does not think beyond their cruelty. W.H. Auden

_It’s possible to live without love, but impossible to live without water. -W.H. Auden

_Don’t impose your desires on your child, remember, he is not born in your time. -Rabindranath Tagore

_ Your Idol is shattered not because God is not there, but he has some great idol which is better than yours. -Rabindranath Tagore

_There cen be many facts but the truth is one. -Rabindranath Tagore

_A one who spend most of their time in finding good never be good -Rabindranath Tagore

_By standing beside the sea and gazing at the water, that do not help you to cross the whole sea. – Rabindranath Tagore

_Real education doesn’t just provide information, but helps to make our life in harmony with all creatures. -Rabindranath Tagore

_When you decide to do something, the universe conspires to make it a reality. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

_When you become angry for a minute, you sacrifice your sixty seconds of peace. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

_If we give, we become rich, if we refuse, we become poor. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

_It’s not a great thing to die for one friend, but greatness found in those who die for the worthy man. -Homer

_Memory can be called the mother of wisdom. -Aeschylus

_The number of friends who rejoice at friend’s success are very less. -Aeschylus

_To be joyful every time, one needs a strong effort. -Aeschylus

_Time become a better teacher as it grows olds. -Aeschylus

_Who knows profitable things is wiser than those who knows many things. -Aeschylus

_A safe fairy land? You must dreaming about it. -J. R. R. Tolkien

_I’m always ready to speak with those who are knowledgeable and forget those who has a scarcity of knowledge. -Aeschylus

_True knowledge is not complicated, but it’s simple. -Aeschylus

_With time and age, there are so many things that learned. -Aeschylus

_Learning wisdom at the old age is good. -Aeschlus

_Because of culture, all men become gentle. -Menander

_Character of a man can be judged from his conversation. -Menander

_Company of bad people corrupt good character. -Menander

_Fortune is difficult to track. -Menander

_Old aged person is the child of the second phase. -Menander

_A good cheer can be the best healer. -Pinder

_Every present is great if it is given with love. No matter, whether it is small or big. -Pindar

_Every beautiful thing looks beautiful if there is a need. -Pindar

_You should learn yourself and then be such. -Pindar

_By adding little by little, you will see that little turn into much. -Hesiod

_Try to do things in a systematic way. Being human, the disorder is our biggest enemy. -Hesiod

_A foolish person knows after the suffering. -Hesiod

_Idleness is a big disgrace, not a work. -Hesiod

_Because of an evil, whole city has to be suffered. -Hesiod

_You can be pleasant while dealing with your brother, but never forget to get a witness. -Hesiod

_A day, which is our mother, sometimes our stepmother. -Hesiod

_Trusting women are like a trusting deceiver. -Hesiod

_A companion like a brother, is worst. -Hesiod

_Giving is a great thing, whereas taking is dangerous and brings death. -Hesiod

_Film spectators are silent vampires. -Jim Morrison

_A true friends are the one who helps others and give real freedom to each other. No matter what happens, they let others to feel free or do whatever they want to do. -Jim Morrison

_It’s strange thing that people afraid of death more than pain. Life is full of pain. When death comes, Pain disappears permanently. -Jim Morrison

_When violence come with infatuation, it’s called violence. -Jim Morrison

_If someone controls the media, it can control the mind too. -Jim Morrison

_Love is not able to do anything with your fate. It can’t protect you from your own destiny. -Jim Morrison

_Hate is underrate emotion. -Jim Morrison

_Every generation wants to get a break from their predecessors that they need new signs, new people and new names. -Jim Morrison

_I ask who is enjoying happiness today. -Ethel Merman

_Stage Freight? No, not at all. -Ethel Merman

_I wanted to be somebody from the age of 5. I was that much ambitious. -Ethel Merman

_Reading is not my type. I prefer gossip columns. If someone offers me a book, then it must have a lot of pictures. -Ethel Merman

_Whenever I need to take a breath, I take it. -Ethel Merman

_I believe, Never ever be afraid of audiences. You must understand if they could perform better than me, they would be at my place on stage and I would be in their seats. -Ethel Merman

_People want to take benefit from me just because of my identity, because I’m Ethel Merman. -Ethel Merman

_When I need a sleep, I prefer to read a book or switch on the television because it’s much better than sleeping pills. -Ethel Merman

_I do not cook, but just spend a little time in the kitchen, making a tea or some toast. -Ethel Merman

_When I go to the flea market, I always choose to go for the junk jewelry table first. -Ethel Merman

_Who die for, a great cause never fails. -Lord Byron

_I believed that life is all about fortune not on ourselves. -Lord Byron

_First path to truth is adversity. -Lord Byron

_Busy person are not free to make tears. -Lord Byron

_Laughing is the best and cheap medicine. Do as much as you can. -Lord Byron

_On the death of the person, chapter is not torn but it’s written in better langauge. -Lord Byron

_Without diversification, there is no pleasure. -Lord Byron

_Love emerge from the beauty and the truth is, it dies. -John Danne

_Beauty is not seasonal. It carries different grace that can be found in autumnal face. -John Danne

_It’s my heart that breaks not a day. -John Danne

_Soul’s left hand is reason and faith is right. -John Danne

_Wicked is not bad, but the indiscreet is. -John Danne

_Whatever you’re finding is already finding you. -Rumi

_Don’t be upset. If you lose something, It comes back to you in another form. -Rumi

_You have wings to fly. Why you choose to crawl through life? -Rumi

_Yesterday, I wanted to bring change in the world because I was clever, but today I am working upon my weaknesses because I am wise. -Rumi

_Don’t trust on just hearsay. Put yourself in the shoes of others and unfold the myth. -Rumi

_Through the wound, light enters within. -Rumi

_No matter whatever you do or which places you’re, always be in love. -Rumi

_Your suffering has some messages, listen carefully. – Rumi

_Lion looks smart when hunts for food. -Rumi

_If you want to praise the sun, praise your eyes. -Rumi

_When you walk on the road, way appear. -Rumi

_By closing your eyes, imagine, love and stay there. -Rumi

_A foolish person thinks that he is full of wisdom, but the wise man always treats himself as a fool. -William Shakespeare

_Love everyone, but trust only few and never do any wrongful act to anyone. -William Shakespeare

_There is no legacy which has richness like honesty. -William Shakespeare

_God has blessed with only a one face, but It’s you, who create the other one. -William Shakespeare

_Certainly, I’m no one but my heart is pure and having a true imagination. -John Keats

_It’s better to lose yourself in love than never to have loved at all. – Alfred Tennyson

_He’s more powerful than me. Our souls are made of the same thing. -Emily Bronte

_The cruellest thing about teachers is their experience, but by god sake, you need to learn. -C.S. Lewis

_Daring person takes risks and recognize how far they can go. -T.S. Eliot

_The initial point of romance is to love oneself. -Oscar Wilde

_It’s better to reach three hours before than a late for a minute. -William Shakespeare

_Wise father knows everything about their child. -William Shakespeare

_No gloominess, but ignorance is there. -William Shakespeare

_Knowledge is like the wing that takes us to the heaven, whereas ignorance is like the curse of God. -William Shakespeare

_You must understand that it’s the empty vessel which makes the loudest sound. -William Shakespeare

_ My content is my crown that seldom kings enjoy. -William Shakespeare

_Action and joy shortens the long hours. -William Shakespeare

_The question is, to be or not to be? -William Shakespeare

_From nothing, there couldn’t earn something. -William Shakespeare

_Dear boldness, let’s be friends. -William Shakespeare

_Although, words are not good deeds, but it’s a great way to say well. -William Shakespeare

_Death is scary. -William Shakespeare

_Don’t be afraid of greatness because some are great from the very first day of their birth, some attain greatness and greatness found in others. -William Shakespeare

_My dignity and fortune fell together. -William Shakespeare

_A person becomes heavenly when he/she recieve the love of heaven. -William Shakespeare

_You will not be disappointed when you keep no expectations from others. -Sylvia Plath

_If you want to check how valuable I’m then kiss me. -Sylvia Plath

_Silence makes me depressed. I’m not talking about the silence that usually people talk about it, but the silence of my soul and heart which makes me disturbs. -Sylvia Plath

_Allow me to live, love and define it in a good way. -Sylvia Plath

_Hopefully, we should meet in the next life where no one is there but only both of us. -Sylvia Plath

_Although, he has not written a single line throughout his life, but can draw noble delights from poetry’s sentiments. – George Sand

_Poet is not a profession but a condition. -Robert Graves

_Poetry is a feeling which is a natural phenomenon that can be put into measure. Apart from emotion, the measure is the artistic thing. -Thomas Hardy

_Poetry is the art of powerful feelings that originate from emotions recollected in peace. -William Wordsworth

_The poet must aware about the word ‘Therefore’. -Andre Gide

quotes by world famous poets

_Poetry is a way to showcase feelings that is personal which the reader can relate it to their own life. – Salvatore Quasimodo

_The poet can be called the priest of the invisible. -Wallace Stevens

_Except erratum, the poet can bear anything. -Oscar Wilde

_My life will not be in vain if I can save someone’s heart from breaking.-Emily Dickinson

_Sometimes silence says everything. -Emily Dickinson

_I’m no one. I do not recognize you. You must be nobody too. Isn’t it? -Emily Dickinson

_Dogs knows every little thing, but never share with others. That’s the reason they are better than human. -Emily Dickinson

_Its joyous thing to tell the truth that is so rare. -Emily Dickinson

_Heart doesn’t care about anything if it wants something. -Emily Dickinson

_We do not grow older, but become new with every day. -Emily Dickinson

_Hope is something when we are ready at every upcoming moment or not, become desperate if life do not turn as per our desire. -Emily Dickinson

_How spring play with the cherry trees, same I want to do with you. -Pablo Neruda

_Don’t rush, go smoothly. Those who try to run fast often stumble and fall. -William Shakespeare.

_Be miserable and push yourself. What ever is remaining, it’s always as per your desire. -Wayne Dyer

_Life is all about creating your own destiny. -George Bernard Shaw

_Don’t wait for the things to happen. Create your own life. Take efforts to bring a change in your future. Plan something, take action, encourage yourself and make a new hope so that you can make grace happen upon yourself.-Bradley Whitford

_You would be the owner of great work if you’re truly satisfied with it. It can be possible only if you do enjoy what you do. If you are not then don’t settle, find it, what you love to do. It’s all about heart’s thing and you know that you will find it, sooner or later. -Steve Jobs

_Keep your personal things to yourself. It helps to protect your purity and create your boundaries. If you know everything about someone like his favorite color or something else, then I’m sure, his character wouldn’t impress you much. -Dianna Agron

_With crack in every part, lights transfer in. -Leonard Cohen

_Poetry can be considered as the proof of life. Poetry is just like the ash produce when life burns. -Leonard Cohen

_I lit the cigarette. Am I waiting here alone for someone? I don’t remember at all. -Leonard Cohen

_Future can’t begin from a heart who carries the yesterday every time. -Leonard Cohen

_At the time to pee, never decide anything. -Leonard Cohen

_I’ll follow every step of yours. -Leonard Cohen

_Reality is a true situation which we can’t ignore. -Leonard Cohen

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