165+ Quotes On Royalty

The world has been ruled by many dynamic and charismatic rulers over the years.

Some of them left a positive mark in the pages of history while the others did not.

However, we can all agree that these monarchs left behind some very interesting lines.

Quotes On Royalty

  • The World is not the happiest of places. Our parents leave us, and hardly anyone is going to make great efforts for our protection unconditionally.-Queen Elizabeth II
  • None of us have a Monopoly over wisdom. Thus, we should stop taking ourselves too seriously.-Queen Elizabeth II
  • Good memories act as a second chance at happiness.-Queen Elizabeth II
  • A family does not always mean relationships of blood, but also the description of an organisation, community or a nation.-Queen Elizabeth II
  • The rent paid by us for the room we occupy on Earth is the work we do.-Queen Elizabeth II
  • Gentleness and care have been breathed by women into the evolution of mankind.-Queen Elizabeth II
Quotes On Royalty
  • The right balance between action and reflection has to be struck by us. It is easy to forget to pause and refill with so many distractions around us.-Queen Elizabeth II

  • The price paid by us for love is grief.-Queen Elizabeth II

  • I am forever obliged to my father for living but to my teacher for living well.-Alexander the Great

  • The things that we gain with the power of the sword is neither durable nor sure but the love gained by moderation and kindness is both certain and long-lasting.-Alexander the Great

  • He who tries will find nothing to be impossible.-Alexander the Great

  • Heaven cannot contain two Suns just like the earth cannot contain two masters.-Alexander the Great

  • He who once found the world to be insufficient is now sufficed by his tomb.-Alexander the Great

  • The fate of each person is dependent on his conduct.-Alexander the Great

  • I would rather possess the knowledge of what is excellent than extend the boundaries of my dominion and power.
  • -Alexander the Great

  • I am a miserable wretch for not having learned how to swim.-Alexander the Great.

  • I do not make off with victories that belong to someone else.-Alexander the Great.

  • You are bound to get anything you seek and work hard for, as nature does not place anything so high that it is out of reach of the abilities of human beings.-Alexander the Great.

  • Whoever leads a pure life and administers the commonwealth in a just manner, like my noble father who promoted all good deeds and refuted all ignorance, will certainly go to Heaven.-Henry VIII.

  • I earnestly request you from the bottom of my heart to let me know what exactly you have in mind about the love between us.-Henry VIII.

  • Hops are certainly very harmful and wicked plants.-Henry VIII

  • Everything is lost. Monks, monks, monks!-Henry VIII

  • I will not allow any harm to the Christian converts who offer loyalty to the throne and will fight for the orthodox faith until my last breath.-Ivan the terrible.

  • Russia is not ruled by me but by ten thousand clerks.-Nicholas II

  • Men have no justice among them.-Nicholas II
Quotes On Royalty

  • Someone who knows how to flatter also knows how to defame Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • When your enemy is making a mistake, never interrupt him. -Napoleon Bonaparte

  • The best way in which you can keep your word is never to give it. -Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Living a defeated and inglorious life is to die daily. -Napoleon Bonaparte

  • If I was forced to choose a religion, the Sun would be my God because it is the universal giver of life.-Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Someone who is afraid of being conquered will surely be defeated.-Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • People are not made dangerous by HIV. You can give them a hug and shake their hand. They really need it.-Princess Diana

  • It is very important that the monarchy is in touch with the common people. I try and do exactly that.-Princess Diana.

  • Forget about a phone box; I don’t even know how to use a parking meter.-Princess, Diana

Quotes On Royalty

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