Should the Religious Slaughter of Animals Be Banned?

Good (–) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and I am here today to give my opinion on whether the religious slaughter of animals should be banned or not. The religious slaughter of animals is one of the most major animal welfare issues today.

A significant number of people belonging to certain religious groups like the Muslims and the Jewish engage in practices where they demand meat products from animals that are killed using practices according to religious requirements. Although conventional slaughter remains on the table, religious slaughter is a more controversial practice that is currently receiving much attention. 

Recent concerns about religious slaughter majorly stress on preslaughter handling using few devices, pain, and distress which may be felt during and after cutting the neck, and also, as prolonged times to loss of brain function and death if stunning isn’t applied. The correct religious slaughter rules and practices that are universally applied are still under argument, and the certification and labeling of meat products are still an issue to be addressed. Thanks to the above, moves to reduce welfare problems are under thanks to improving slaughter practices by providing more training and new regulations.

Current slaughter methods may be defined as either conventional or per religious practices. Halal which is the Muslim method and Shechita which is the Jewish method are the major religious techniques subject to debate. It is very important to remove the most amount of blood possible to satisfy the requirements of Halal and Shechita slaughter. It had been often claimed that stunning would adversely affect exsanguination which neck cutting without stunning improves blood loss. 

In a lot of countries that need pre-slaughter stunning, there is a dispensation for religious slaughter methods. As an example, Shechita and Halal are also allowed, but stunning has got to be used for all other slaughter within abattoirs. The religious dispensation is allowed on the idea of human rights, which except for 1 or two countries in Europe, takes precedence over animal welfare. In other countries, cultural rights are embodied within the human rights legislation, and within the present context, this might complicate the interpretation of the scope of the dispensations.

I am completely against slaughtering animals whatever may be the reason. Slaughtering them in the name of religion is unacceptable. We do not have the right to hurt them in any manner. Animals are not used according to the pleasures of man. They are also living creatures and deserve to live peacefully on this earth without fear.

Animal slaughter, especially in the name of religion should be banned in all countries alike and people who conduct it must be heavily punished for violating their rights. I ask you to never support such cruelties. We must respect all religions. But religious practices should never aim at hurting other creatures and cousin their death. Let us bring awareness against such crimes and make this world a better place for all creatures alike. Do have compassion and mercy towards animals. Thank you

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