Should All Elementary Schools Teach a Foreign Language?

Learning a foreign language will increase logical ideology growth, improve social skills, and also increase the chance of getting hired in a job. By providing an opportunity to learn a new language during elementary schooling could increase the chances of these benefits for the students and prepare them for future needs.

Helping students learn a foreign language has many reasonable benefits, and one of those is the ability to multitask. Studies have proven that students with bilingual backgrounds have better concentration skills and are well organized. 

A child’s brain has more capacity and learning power thus making it more active and capable of absorbing new pieces of information. So, it is more effective and learned faster which is very hard to forget, especially for some new skills which are taught. These skills they learn at this age will continue to expand as they grow throughout their lives. This is the reason why we find parents playing music or speaking in foreign languages with the children right from infancy. They absorb the sounds and actions with a perfect understanding of meanings relatively quicker than adults.  

As a student, they always have to go through many tasks in various forms like sports, club activities, studies, and other works. As they grow older these tasks keep on increasing, and it will be harder to concentrate on one or more works together. They often find it hard to organize and prioritize their works and get things done quickly.

This could be sorted largely by teaching the children a second language from an earlier age so that they learn to focus on one or more works together and will gain good mental flexibility. It will also help students to earn better grades due to higher IQ.

Learning a new language could be beneficial for our social and communicative skills. This could even improve the child’s native language understanding and will be able to express their ideas more accurately. A new language could also work well with a child’s emotions. They could understand others better and be empathetic towards the new culture and history they learned through this new language. This lay down an opportunity to learn and create new ideas and viewpoints. 

One of the major benefits of learning a foreign language from an earlier age is that it could help the child in attaining his future goals much faster and easier. As they grow into an adult, this could be beneficial while applying for jobs. They are often most likely to be hired. The world is changing day by day, they are connecting very quickly. This opens up many job opportunities for those who know multi-languages to reach a bigger audience. 

An overall benefit of higher intelligence and creativity, better profits at workplaces both financially and personally, and the wide opportunity to respect and understand various cultures and beliefs learning a foreign language right from the elementary school age are always profitable that stays for a lifetime. 

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