124+ Powerful Respect Quotes By Famous People

Currently, respect is diminishing gradually daily. Individuals are becoming more egocentric and unfriendly to all those around them.

We’ve built a dynamic collection of respectful quotes to bring attention to these issues. It confirms the value of treating people with respect and compassion.

Respect Quotes By Famous People

-The planet should not be a place of terrible fear and hatred but should be a strong federal union of shared respect and trust. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

-No matter how big or small, an individual is a human. – Dr. Seuss

-Without modesty, there is no regard for others. – Henri Frederic Amiel

-Our morality is guided by respect for ourselves, while respect for others builds our mannerisms. – Laurence Sterne

-I strongly believe that it is much more essential to respect than to be popular. – Julius Erving

-A gentleman’s final test is his regard for those who cannot come of use to him anymore. – William Lyon Phelps

Respect Quotes

-We are deeply insulted when people don’t respect us, yet no one loves himself much in his personal life. – Mark Twain

-You can never gain back respect and appreciation once you relinquish the trust of your compatriots. – Abraham Lincoln

-Everybody should be valued as a human, but nobody should be idolized. – Albert Einstein

-Let each individual be respected and no person idolized. – Albert Einstein

-We intend to give respect to the living; however, the reality is only due to the dead. – Voltaire

-It’s not a big feat to be smart without respecting anything. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

-Men are ready to respect whatever bores them. – Marilyn Monroe

-Be cool, be courteous, comply with the law, and respect everybody, but send the person to the graveyard if he lays his hand on you. – Malcolm X

-Nothing is more scornful than fear-based admiration. – Albert Camus

-I don’t care about your affection or hatred for me. I’m just wondering if you respect me as a person. – Jackie Robinson

-Nobody will respect us when we are not open. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

-I have a sense of respect for the ways in which you deal with people. – Margaret Mead

-We don’t have to hold the same beliefs as others, but we must respect each other. – Taylor Swift

Respect Quotes

-The US wants the respect it deserves. – Tupac Shakur

-I’m not a cup of tea for everyone. Yet criticism can sometimes be devastating. Pay respect. – Elton John

-Show respect for everybody, but no grovel for anyone. – Tecumseh

-We all should regard one another as humans and respect one another. – Malala Yousafzai

-It’s a great thing to be one and to be together. Moreover, it is even better to respect the right to be unique. – Bono

-Amongst the most genuine ways of gratitude is to listen to what someone else has to say. – Bryant H. McGill

-If you’d have everyone respect you, respect yourself at first. – Baltasar Gracian

-Maybe a person who refuses to do anything that would harm his self-respect will be the most certain measure of his honesty. – Thomas S. Monson

-I think many people have lost regard for the individual who doesn’t conform. – Erykah Badu

-I don’t like to love people simply. I wish I might meet someone that I might respect. – J. D. Salinger

-Maybe the surest indicator of a person’s dignity is his unwillingness to do something or do anything that might hurt his self-respect. – Thomas S. Monson

-The Americans were encouraged to respect uniqueness regardless of its cost. – John Updike

-The Irish are not pessimistic. Rather, they have tremendous contempt for all and everything. – Brendan Behan

-There are only three dignified beings: the bishop, the warrior, and the author. Knowing, killing, constructing. – Charles Baudelaire

-I never make the error of arguing with people whose sentiments I don’t respect. – Edward Gibbon

-Paying heed to anything another person has to say is indeed one of the most genuine forms of respect. – Bryant H. McGill

Respect Quotes

-I always felt I should not have difficulty upholding my rights. – Eli Whitney

-There is an incredible power of self-respect that frees us from other people’s expectations. – Joan Didion

-I have immense respect for women being the parent of two daughters. And I do not have any intention of losing it.  – Vera Wang

-Don’t dress down for the needy. They will not pay any respect to you for that. They want that their First Lady should look gorgeous. – Imelda Marcos

-I always respect a woman. – Enrique Iglesias

-Everyone should be a role model in society, not only because of their own respect but also because of reverence from others. – Barry Bonds

-Respect is what we deserve; love is what we offer. – Philip James Bailey

-And this one was the biggest lesson my mother ever taught me. According to her, your life will have moments when you have to choose between being respected and loved. Now she said she would always want to be respected. – Chris Christie

-Although I do not have anything against respecting individuals that lived previously, we are not accountable to them. – Leon Kass

-Be humble, respect other men, and make an effort to understand. – Lakhdar Brahimi

-We must honor all other humans, as all individuals are, in my opinion, creations of God. – Stockwell Day

-It is essential to get and, at the same time, respect what you do. – Estelle Parsons

-People like to hear and respect all I have to say. – Jennifer Capriati

-Our ethical, spiritual, and political customs are united in respect for human dignity. – Robert Casey

-You lose all compliance with the law if you have 10000 regulations. – Winston Churchill

– Love, fellowship, and reverence don’t bring people together as much as mutual hatred does. – Anton Chekhov

– I always earn love from my wife. I prepared a toast to ‘the greatest lady a man ever had on her birthday. The waiter accompanied me. – Rodney Dangerfield

-We must respect and look after the oceans as if we relied on them for our lives. – Sylvia Earle

– If we want the rule to be upheld, we must respect the law first. – Louis D. Brandeis

– People stare at my tattoos, mainly religious symbols, and think, ‘Wow, he’s got to be quite religious. But I’m not a very spiritual person, although I respect other cultures. – David Beckham

Respect Quotes

-Put simply, I am motivated by respect and not success. – Hugh Jackman

-Being human, it is essential for us to show respect as well as support for the life choices of others. – Daniel Lubetzky

-It is quite tough to write for kids; books for kids are extremely complicated, like adult publications, and one must provide them with identical respect. – Mark Haddon

-If you are not willing to become an Australian and respect our tradition while abiding by our laws, then you should return to your original land. – Pauline Hanson

-Teaching is a tough thing. Great teachers ought to be respected by paying them more, and the seniors must not enjoy getting more rewards as compared to the more effective ones. – Betsy DeVos

-It is not possible to differentiate men from animals without showing any feeling of respect. – Confucius

-Property is meant to provide service to life, and it does not have any personal being irrespective of how much it is surrounded with respect and rights. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

-In this respect, the British nation is unique and will not mind if we tell them about the worst things. – Winston Churchill

-All we want from the nations is their respect. – Winston Churchill

-I greatly respect the semicolon; it happens to be a powerful and useful little thing. – Abraham Lincoln

-We will finally meet our death in case we do not love and respect one another. – Maya Angelou

-I want to be respected by everybody. And for this, I respect everyone as well. – Maya Angelou

-I respect my past tremendously. You will have no idea of where you are actually going in case you have no idea from where you have come. – Maya Angelou

-One must not develop respect for the regulations as we have for the right. – Henry David Thoreau

– Men have a high level of respect for education and knowledge, which differ greatly from their uses. – Henry David Thoreau

-The bad win recognition through emulation, the good loses in art in particular. – Friedrich Nietzsche

– Democracy stems from the fact that equals are equal in all aspects. – Aristotle

-I respect the Pope a lot. I like him very much. – Donald Trump

-I respect females a lot. One reason why “The Apprentice” was so successful was because of the fact that the women’s audience was wonderful. – Donald Trump

-Soccer is similar to life – it entails hard work, determination, and also respect for authority. – Vince Lombardi

-I have great respect for Soulja Boy. – Nipsey Hussle

Respect Quotes

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