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When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page for your Restaurant business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Restaurant business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Restaurant business provides.

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What should you include in the About Us page of your restaurant business? 

-Your experience of starting the journey and continuing it with excellence over the years will have to be included on the page.

-The different cuisines available in your restaurants must be clearly mentioned on the page so that customers can easily understand your specialization.

-The address and contact number or any other details about the contact must be included on the page.

-The opening and closing times of the restaurant must be clearly mentioned in as simple a way as possible so that customers can visit accordingly.

-The reviews of some of the previous customers happy with the food and your service at h restaurant must be mentioned so that new customers are attracted.

Restaurant Business About us Page

Template: 1

‘Organization Name’

Since our modest beginnings in 2005 with a little space in Toronto’s stylish Yorkville locale, ‘Organization Name’ ‘s development has been enlivened with the energy to cook and serve solid, Indian-roused takeout food.

In contrast to other Indian eateries, ‘Organization Name’ was made with the explicit expectation to appear as something else.

We realize numerous individuals love Indian sustenance, yet a large number of them loathe or are unconscious of the regularly unfortunate fixings that make run-of-the-mill Indian nourishment taste so great.

Our menu highlights things that utilize the sound and fragrant flavors, however, forget the stuffing ghee, spread, oil, and overwhelming cream.

‘Organization Name’ has developed to incorporate four superb takeout areas in Toronto, with additional to come sooner rather than later. Our group takes pride in the way that we can furnish our new and faithful clients with extraordinary tasting Indian-roused nourishment that is not normal for that some other Indian eateries you visit.

We perceive that a few people are as yet searching for run-of-the-mill Indian nourishment, and that is fine with us. Our disclaimer is that on the off chance that you’re anticipating overwhelming, slick, undesirable Indian nourishment, ‘Organization Name’ isn’t the place for you.

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Our expectation is that you’ll join the developing pattern that such a large number of others have officially found and you will attempt ‘Organization Name’ as a remarkable option to other Indian eateries as well as to all other solid sustenance alternatives out there!

Template: 2

Organization’s story

Organizer, Craig Stephen, opened the first ‘Organization Name’ Restaurant in Los Alamitos, California, on September 27, 1977. Today, there are 37 areas all through Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington.

‘Organization Name’ Restaurants are well known with a substantial gathering of people, including families, kids, seniors, and business experts. Our benevolent condition is perfect for praising unique events, facilitating a business lunch, or assembling for a flavorful dinner with loved ones.

Open day by day for lunch and dinner,’ Company Name’ offers a choice of naturally arranged things utilizing just the best fixings accessible. Top picks incorporate Certified Angus Beef®, crisp fish, rotisserie chicken, and infant back pork ribs.

New prepared pot pie, strength plates of mixed greens, wood-let go pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, and more.’Company Name’s heated merchandise and treats, including our Six-Layer Chocolate Motherlode Cake, Scratch Carrot Cake, and delectably rich cream cheddar pies are prevalent top choices with our visitors.

Template: 3

‘Organization Name’

At the point when ‘Organization Name’ organizer Tony ventured off the shorelines of Oahu following a multi-day of surfing with his Navy pals in the mid-60s, he did what worked out easily for him. He went hunting down a delicious burger, a hot container of fries, and a virus drink.

After twenty years, in 1982, it was that feeling of peace and fulfillment he was attempting to reproduce when he took a little piece of the ‘Organization Name’s and thudded it down right in the territory of Southern California.

Today, ‘Organization Name’s still is consistent with Tony’s unique experience and his unique vision. Also, however, our menu has developed to incorporate plates of mixed greens, soups, and delicate tacos.

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Despite everything, we hold fast to the fundamental rationality that new sustenance, well-disposed administration, and a laid-back air is the ideal end to a hard day of work or play. We trust you taste it in each chomp.

Furthermore, we trust that whether you’re a ravenous surfer or an occupied salesman, you stroll into ‘Organization Name’ s and state to yourself, as Tony did those numerous years back, “Ahh…this is the place I need to be.”

Template: 4

‘Organization Name’

We welcome you to sit back, unwind and appreciate the lovely sights and hints of the ocean while our best gourmet expert sets you up for a scrumptious dinner utilizing the best and freshest ingredients.’The company Name’s legacy comes from The parent  Restaurant, which was built in 1963.

Organization Name’ worked for people in general and has advanced into a combination of exquisite chic and contemporary fine charge.
Enjoy our dazzling dishes and make the most of your eating background with us!


In case you’re searching for top-notch food, ‘Organization Name’ is unquestionably one of the spots to go in Port Elizabeth. The adaptable menu flaunts some imaginative food, for example, salt and pepper squid on a delicate.

A Thai-roused plate of mixed greens; harissa angle soup (with the harissa glue served in a little glass); lemon simmered chicken on dark pepper gnocchi; and most heavenly cinnamon, fennel, and ‘Friends Name’ frozen yogurt. The eatery utilizes neighborhood creation for fish and venison dishes to flourish.


The honor-winning wine determination merits uncommon notice; both quaffer and specialist are all around provided food for. The determination has clearly been picked in light of the menu, and numerous a wine darling’s heart will be heartened to see the decisions accessible.


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The administration is right on the money, and what you would anticipate from a foundation of this bore: amazingly proficient and educated, inquiries concerning fixings are handed-off to the cook and replied to. The steady nearness of the director on the floor adds to the accomplishment of the eatery.


The glass divider confronting the sea, unbiased shades, finished dividers, and excellent fine art, just as lavish tablecloths and seats, all contribute toward an extravagant ordeal. The earthenware and cutlery are just delightful.

Template: 5

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name ‘ is additionally home to the amazing Table-Side Caesar Spun Signature Salad, specially made tableside from a rundown of 10 fixings, including blue cheddar, shrimp, olives, banana peppers, and anchovies.

And our homemade mystery Caesar dressing. Other housetop choices are our Grilled or Chilled Shrimp, new walleye conveyed every day from Red Lake Nation in Minnesota and house-ground steak burgers.

Our menu offers something for everybody, from the light passage of plates of mixed greens and little nibbles to the inconceivable  T Bone steak. Our steaks are sliced in-house to guarantee flawlessness and expertly barbecued at 2,000 degrees.

We will probably give excellent client benefit, the best quality fixings, and a noteworthy affair, whether it’s an uncommon occasion, an easygoing social event of companions, or a sentimental night out on the town.

Organization Name is situated in downtown Wayzata, straightforwardly opposite lofty Lake Minnetonka. Extraordinary administration and a fun vibe keep local people returning and guests raving.

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page for your Hotel business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Hotel business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Hotel business provides.

What should you write in about us page for Hotel Business

  • Mention the date and year of establishment.
  • Mention all the necessary licenses that you have.
  • Place the testimonials of your loyal clients in order to attract potential customers.
  • Mention about your years of service.
  • Do not forget to mention the reviews of your clients.

Hotel About us Page Samples

Template: 1

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ . It is for you.

Notable, sleek, and modern, ‘Organization Name’ makes excitingly singular hotels for individual personalities. We charm our movement shrewd, present-day visitors, with a veritable, welcoming mood. We make fervor with our shocking, driving edge structure. Also, we endeavor to connect every single visitor through our imaginative and extremely important scope of all encompassing offices and administrations, including quick, Free Internet. We’ve bundled everything flawlessly together, with our one of a kind Yes I Can! Benefit ethos and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

‘Organization Name’ highlights 380 one-of-a-kind hotels, open or coming soon, on the planet’s most alluring goals: dynamic significant urban areas, close-by airplane terminal entryways and in the most looked-for after recreation hotspots.

It’s an ideal condition that indicates a profoundly individual – and life-changing – 360° cordiality encounter, an unrivaled anyplace on the planet today.

Far beyond only a trademark, Yes, We can! is the brand ethos: a unique administration theory that separates us from the challenge. Being really certifiable hosts is tied in with giving visitors our full focus consistently. At ‘Organization Name’ , the hotel chef, the server, the assistant, the watchman, and each other individual colleague assume an indispensable job in conveying a noteworthy visitor encounter.

Yes, We can! is basically our organization’s lifestyle. Empowering and engaging, it guides us to address any difficulty and recognize each chance. From Glasgow or Cape Town, Beijing or Rome, our visitors are 100% guaranteed reliably superb administration.

Template: 2

‘Organization Name’ . Intended for you.

‘Organization Name’

In 1776 Captain ‘Organization Name’ Snow manufactured the stately block Federal-style house that stands gladly today at 90 Central Park Street. In the course of recent hundreds of years, the house has had different proprietors and utilization, Founder name dwelled here in the mid-1800s and began the establishment of what might later turn into a Co-operative Bank in the house.

In 1976 the house was re-established and opened as the Founder’s House, a house gallery that highlighted a broad accumulation of early American Folk Art. In 1985 the exhibition hall was changed over to a guesthouse and had been in a task in that capacity from that point forward.

2015 denoted another part for this noteworthy building, one of just three block homes left from the pioneer time around the local area. Reviving as ‘Organization Name’ House and having experienced broad rebuilding and modernization, the working (alongside two others that have progressed toward becoming a piece of the motel throughout the years) set out to reclassify informal lodging in town.

To pay praise to Captain ‘Organization Name’ and the wonderful home he offered to us, we have appointed neighborhood craftsman Michael Phillips to translate Captain and his family in extensive scale pictures painted in the style of eighteenth-century crude representation.

Every guestroom at ‘Organization Name’ House will include a larger than average picture of one of the relatives and our visitors will thoroughly enjoy the cutting edge curve every representation has been given.

Template: 3

‘Organization Name’

Established by ‘Founder’s Name’ in 1972, the Tata gather is a worldwide undertaking, involving more than 100 freely working organizations. The gathering works in excess of six landmasses with a mission to enhance the personal satisfaction of the networks it serves all around.

We believe in providing services where you don’t miss home. Our rooms are fully equipped with everything which a person requires . Our bathrooms are equipped with the best products. We believe that a good service gets more customer and help in customer retention too.

Through long-haul partner esteem creation dependent on ‘Initiative with Trust,’ the company’s mark remains an enduring guarantee behind its organizations, a considerable lot of which are industry pioneers. ‘Organization Name’ is regarded to be one of the first of those ageless and vigorous activities.

Our critical program, Vision 2020, depends on the three-pronged methodology of re-organizing, re-building and reconsidering the Company’s portfolio. The methodology is gone for edge upgrade and development to satisfy our desire to turn into the most notable and beneficial cordiality organization in the United States.

In this way, it will concentrate on investigating new markets, extending existing properties, monetizing non-center resources, advancing expenses, and disentangling the gathering structure to develop the primary concern. The five-year program will likewise incorporate utilizing the computerized channel to reinforce the brand and create more income.

Template: 4

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ falls under the aegis of ‘Organization Name’ . ‘Organization Name’ has nearness in six nations under the extravagance ‘Hotel 1’ and five-star ‘Hotel 2’ mark. Established in 1945, it works 30 hotels, a Nile Cruiser, and a Motor Vessel in the backwaters of the Countryside. The Group is additionally occupied with flight cooking, air terminal eateries, travel and visit administrations, vehicle rentals, venture the board, and corporate air sanctions.

‘Organization Name’ are five-star hotels that have built up a notoriety for perfection and are recognized for offering quality and esteem. These hotels consolidate perfect areas with cutting-edge offices and trustworthy administration in a minding situation, settling on them the perfect decision for business and relaxation voyagers. At present, there are ten ‘Organization Name’ in US.

These are situated in New York at Downtown and Central Park, Manhattan, San Andreas, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Washington. ‘Organization Name’ additionally works as ‘ Hotel Name’ in Saudi Arabia.

‘Organization Name’ and Resorts is synonymous the world over with giving the correct mix of service, extravagance and calm effectiveness. Universally acclaimed for all-around greatness and unparalleled dimensions of service, ‘Organization Name’ and resorts have gotten countless honors and awards.

The Group’s lavish hotels have set up a notoriety for rethinking the worldview of extravagance and perfection in administration among relaxation hotels around the globe.

The Group’s responsibility to brilliance, scrupulousness and customized benefit by exceptionally energetic and all-around prepared staff has guaranteed an unwavering rundown of visitors and awards in the overall cordiality industry.

Perceiving the significance of value preparing in neighborliness, the board, ‘Organization Name’, set up the ‘Organization Name’ Center of Learning and Development in Washington in 1976. Today, this organization is considered among the best in US with around 100 students graduating every year.

‘Organization Name’ is focused on utilizing the best natural and environmental practices in innovation, hardware and operational procedures. The Group additionally underpins generous exercises and is a sharp supporter of the preservation of nature and social legacy.

Restaurant About Us Pages

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