65+ Best Retirement Plaque Invitation Wording Ideas

Writing invitation wordings for retirement plaque is indeed a tough task as these cards are going to be engraved and shall be put to display in the homes of the retirees. Here are a few retirement plaque invitation wordings that you can use for conveying your love to the old colleagues.

here are Retirement Plaque Wording Ideas

-20 years of bad and good days, issues and accolades, lunch breaks and coffee breaks, the office friendship and pranks. 20 Years of full service. We acknowledge the dedication shown by [name] towards our company. We wish you all the luck in the years to come. 

-We are glad to acknowledge the hard work put in by [name] for the growth and development of our company for a span of 40 years. Congratulations on your retirement. 

-Recognizing [name] for her dedicated service towards the development of the institution. Hearty congratulations upon your retirement. 

-We congratulate [name] for the dedicated and heart felt services towards our organisation. We hope you enjoy the years to come. 

-Congratulations on the completion of 30 years of service. We hope that your coming years are full of joy and happiness. We shall miss you at the desk. 

-Presented to [name] Acknowledging the many years of his leadership and dedication to the company. 

-Our nation is proud to have a soldier like you. It is time for you to be at ease. We shall never forget your dedication and determination. 

-In honor of [name] For the amazing 20 years of tireless work to uplift the students. Congratulations, we are proud that you were once a part of this organisation. 

-Your work has inspired millions of students and shall continue to do the same. Hearty congratulations to [name] for 35 years of dedicated service towards the society. You are indeed a philanthrope. 

-The best is yet to come. May you enjoy your retirement days with the same zest and vigor. 

-Your presence made our days. Thank you for teaching us so much. We shall miss you. 

-The retirement is but a goodbye to the official work, you shall always be a part of the family. Your presence will be felt and missed. 

-You created a difference in our lives. More than a senior you were a mentor to all of us. Thank you for making us learn so much. 

-You have set an example through your hard work and dedication and this shall inspire many freshers to come.

-All the best as the new chapter of your story is about to begin. 

-May the new years of retirement bring in new joy and moments of happiness for you. 

-You are a great inspiration for all of us. 

-We wish you all the best upon your retirement. 

-We cannot wish you a more happy and Long retirement. we shall miss you. 

-The front desk won’t be the same as before. We shall miss the morning coffee and news reading of yours. May you have amazing retirement life ahead.

-Your 16 years of excellence shall be forever cherished. We shall miss you. 

-Your sincere gratitude and guidance were everything that we ever looked for in a senior. Thank you for being such an inspiration. 

-You were the most amazing team lead I ever worked under. Thank you for teaching us all the tips and tricks. We shall miss you. 

-A very Happy retirement to the most special friend and colleague. Though you were elder to me in age but you were no less than a best friend. Thank you. 

-The workplace shall not remain the same without you. I had the most amazing moments of my career with you. Happy retirement. 

-I have achieved some most extraordinary achievements of my life under your supervision. My heart really gets heavy as I bid you adieu. Happy retirement. 

-The warmth and love that you brought to us along with that cold coffee of yours, Thank you. Happy retirement. 

-Hearty Congratulations On your retirement. You can finally go for the vacation with your family that you were planning for so long. Happy Retirement. 

-Your excellent commitment to deliver the best work and best customer service taught me a lot. Thank you for being such a motivation. Happy retirement. 

-Our company wouldn’t have excelled as much as it has with your help and support. May you enjoy the coming days of retirement with joy and happiness. 

-We shall not find someone as experienced as you some time soon. However, we are happy to wish you good luck and best wishes for the days to come. Thank you for being a part of the family. 

-We are proud to announce the retirement of our sweetest and most experienced employee [name] of our company. We shall miss you. Happy retirement. 

-I am in awe for the great dedication that you have shown towards this institution in all these years. Thank you for all the love and great service. We wish you all the luck in the days to come. 

-It is great to be a coach and amazing to be a mentor. But it takes a lot to be a leader. You were phenomenal at your work. Happy retirement. 

-You are a man of principles and you have taught us a lot in all these years of services. We shall always be grateful to you. Thank you and best of luck for the happy days of retirement. 

-Our words cannot express how grateful we are for your dedicated service. Thank you for teaching us the true way of creating excellence. 

-You were the wisest person I had ever come across. Be it decisions related to work or life your advice really guided us a lot. May your days be full of happiness and joy. Happy retirement.

-I cannot hold my tears. The workplace won’t be the same without you. Thank you for being such a great mentor. Have a happy journey ahead. 

-You are about begin a new journey. May you achieve everything that you have achieved in this journey. Happy retirement. 

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