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Saxophone Day is celebrated every year on the 6th of November to commemorate the birth of the woodwind inventor named Adolphe Sax.

From Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States to professional musicians such as the Jazz legend Johnny Hodges, the Saxophones capture the heart and imagination of its listeners irrespective of race and class.

The history of the Saxophone dates back to 1846 when the instrument was first devolved by a second-generation Belgian designer named Adolphe Sax. Since then the diversity of the saxophone has found its way into every type of music one can imagine.

Below is a list of Greets and Quotes that one can use to celebrate this Saxophone Day with other Jazz or Saxophone players and lovers-

A special occasion to mark the celebration of one of the greatest tools of jazz music is today. Wishing all the music lovers a very happy Saxophone Day.

Rejoice the day and listen to some of the old classics that have been hugely contributed by the instrument saxophone. Have a great Saxophone Day.

The most special thing about saxophones is that if you play them at their best, then you will be able to resemble the sound to that of human voice. Have a splendid Saxophone Day.

There is a certain satisfaction in saying that I am a saxophone player. Cheers to all the great saxophone players, wish you guys an amazing Saxophone Day ahead.

There are lots of artists who have contributed in making the saxophones a primary and important musical instrument. Hope their contributions will never go in vain.

On the eve of Saxophone Day, Let us all remember the legendary saxophone players up there and celebrate this event with prosperity.

What life would that if there are no sounds of the saxophones being played to complement greatly the forgotten genre of jazz music? A boring one. Wishing and hoping that jazz and saxophones may never go out of style.

Warning: Touching the saxophone on a saxophone day will result in severe addiction to this particular instrument. Wishing you to proceed with caution.

Saxophone is the one of the rare musical instruments that can match up with any kind of music genres. Let us celebrate this fact on this auspicious occasion of Saxophone Day.

You can never unlock the true potentiality of a saxophone. It is because the potentialities are unlimited. Wishing the saxophone lovers a very happy Saxophone Day.

Saxophones have played a greater role in translating the wordless music of jazz to the millions of people around the globe. Cheers to the contribution.

On this saxophone day, let us all be thankful to the creator of saxophones. May he rejoices every year on this day and smiles at us from above.

Jazz can never be dead until and unless there is one single human being playing the saxophone. I hope these genres and instruments find a greater importance. Happy Saxophone Day.

The musical harmony that comes out the saxophone has the capability to coexist with other music genres such as hip-pop, rap, R&B , rock music. Another reason to celebrate Saxophone Day.

Playing the saxophone is all about being in the moment. On the eve of Saxophone Day, wishing all the saxophone players such bundle of countless moments in their life.

Your weapon is your saxophone and it is your music which can make the people laugh, cry and enjoy and sometimes all at the same time. Hope you spend a great Saxophone Day.

Saxophone is one of the most privileged musical instruments as there’s a place for the saxophone in all of the music styles. Celebrate the instrument’s uniqueness on Saxophone Day.

On the eve of Saxophone Day, introduce yourself to the beautiful jazz music and listen to the saxophones complementing the style of music.

Sometimes the saxophones can be as demanding as human. They will need you to take a deep breath all the way from the center of the earth and blow. Hence there is day dedicated for them.

Wishing a happy and prosperous Saxophone Day to all the players who uses this instrument to make a great escape transcends into the world of sounds.

On the eve of Saxophone Day, I wish you to keep calm and play the most amazing musical instrument of yours.

Listen to the sounds of Sidney Bechet and rejoice and celebrate this Saxophone Day with music and friends. Have a great Saxophone Day.

A saxophone has the tendency to be rowdy and edgy, just like a human is. Celebrate an instrument that comes closest to being human. Have an amazing Saxophone Day.

Let me tell you if you spend the Saxophone Day without listening to the greatest hits of Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker Junior then the crime you will commit is heinous.

The conversation which happens between the instruments during a jazz musical, amongst them the saxophone has a lot to say. On Saxophone Day, hope to see the saxophones talking endlessly.

For a non instrument player, the sound of the saxophones may come across as just a squeak but for the legitimate players that is the moment when the heartache stops.

Even if you love the clarinet you have to admit that there is something about the saxophone which has the power to grab your attention right away.

Cheers to more saxophones making its prey to fall in love with them on this amazing Saxophone Day.

Like people, my saxophone also bumps into people, talks too loud and utters wrong words at the wrong time. Here’s to the day of Saxophones being the replicas of human beings.

We humans love the sweet and deep sound that can make all the heartaches be forgiven. On the Saxophone Day, I hope you all can find your little sounds of serenity.

The sound which only comes from the saxophones has a special place in the hearts of saxophone lovers. Wishing all those beautiful people a very happy Saxophone Day.

Sometimes one cannot explain why they love saxophones. They just do and the world can only see them creating beautiful art. Wishing the young saxophone enthusiasts a great Saxophone Day.

On the eve of Saxophone Day, educate our juniors about the greatest saxophone playing legends such as Lester Young, Charlie “Bird” Parker, Jr, John Haley and Cannonball Adderley.

The challenge of playing a saxophone is to sing on an imperfect instrument that is outside of your body. It’s not for everybody so wishing the selected individuals a happy Saxophone Day.

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