101+ Best Scary Halloween Wishes Messages to Share

Halloween is mainly a Christian festival that is widely celebrated in the world, celebrated on October; 31st. Peoples throw parties at pub-houses or at their respective homes dressing in scary Halloween clothes.

It is celebrated on the day before all saints day. People greet each other with terrifying messages and have feasts.

It is also a popular trend on this day to decorate houses with pumpkins, shaping it as a devil face. Here are some of scary Halloween sayings as follows:

Scary Halloween Wishes Messages to Share

Hi! Accept my ghostly greeting dear!

Halloween greeting from a witch.

Have a nice Halloween and hope blood will gush out from your throat…greetings from evil.

Do you dare to wish a witch a happy bloody Halloween?

Happy Halloween! Have a terrifying evening!

Welcome to the party… as you enter you will be petrified by the surprise.

Halloween greetings from Frankenstein monster! Hope this year I can tear you into two pieces.

-Look! This evening is reddish… there would be bloodshed this year on the party floor.

-Hey dear! This year your pure blood will be my wine.

-Hope in this evening your blood will be in my goblet.

-Nothing is tastier than your blood! I love the taste as well as the amazing texture.

-I will take your heart out with love and gonna eat this raw.

halloween messages

-Beware innocent human… loch ness monster is behind you.

-Ha haha! I love to see innocent’s blood spilling.

-Monster would like your eyes with French salad and some mayonnaise.

-Devil will garnish his plate with your head… and some slurpy juice from your brain.

-I will like to eat your slim tongue.

-Blood patches are decorative to me.

-Here comes some fresh human flesh…

-Human brains are saucy.

-Here comes your death with my spell.

-Have a spooky night… and mind it there is a monster under your bed.

-Don’t believe in everything… your own shadow maybe  a ghost that is hiding.

-Come through the dark alleys… monster is waiting there for you..

-Hope this year the pumpkin devil is able to break your spine.

-Happy Halloween brother…may the ghost haunt you forever.

-I saw an evil is searching for you this night… so don’t dare to sleep tight.

-Come in this haunted house… and have the spookiest party in your life.

-Mind every time you move through the dark alleys the monsters are approaching for you…

-Witches are soaring in the sky…cauldron is on the high flame… black cats are crossing the roads before you… mind its Halloween night…

-Enjoy the potion made from fresh blood… enjoy Halloween night.

-Its Halloween…everyone’s gravestones are carving.

-The sun makes us sick… we get nice to sleep under the stone-cold gravestone… dare to meet us in this Halloween.

halloween wishes

-Hey buddy! This is a Halloween invitation… please visit our graves.

-Be aware… be afraid this evening, it’s Halloween.

-Pumpkin monster wants your head… happy Halloween petty human.

-I want to taste your blood and check whether you are sweet! Halloween greetings!

-Knock! knock! Devil is awaiting at your door… He is going to tear you… then will devour you.

-I want your body parts to be served at my plate… I will also love some sauce on it… greetings from monster!

-Be afraid this year… the devil is approaching.

-Something is hiding behind your door… don’t dare to see him… have a spooky Halloween

-Wish you a good night full of dreamy sounds.

-Eat sleep and haunt at night… Halloween greetings from a witch!

-Don’t dare to come… vampires are waiting to suck your blood.

-Listen to the frightening sounds under your bed… ha ha ha!

-Wish you a night of frights.

-Pumpkin devil wishes to see your skeleton… so be alert and wait for him.

-I want to savor your liver this evening.

-Skeletons are dancing in the graveyard… come here and have a nice party evening… fresh vampire-sucked blood will also be there as a drink.

-Have a blood-sucking holiday evening!

-Enjoy the fright night this year on Halloween.

-Skeletons are revealing themselves removing the gravestone on them… feed them with fresh blood and human flesh! Have a nice Halloween.

-Have the scariest Halloween this year… the party will be at my house… only dead walkers are welcome.

-Zombies are waiting at your door… enjoy this Halloween dancing with them.

-How about the feast we will have in the graveyard on Halloween.

-Bones will be crumbled… fleshes will be torn… hope you enjoy the scariest  Halloween this year.

-Night comes with dark powers. Be aware of the witches… who are hunting innocent humans.

-Owls are screeching… witches are out there at night…don’t dare to come out.

-Skeletons don’t have hearts… they will tear and destroy you.

-Devil’s cry will chill your bones…have guts to come at our party.

halloween wishes messages

-Witches are having a party at the back of your house watch out my friend!

-Have guts to come at our party… we are partying with freshly seasoned human flesh.

-Evils are going to poke your eyes this night… believe me they would love the juice inside the eyeballs.

-I’m waiting with your coffin… come and enjoy a nice eternal sleep.

-Don’t dare to sleep tonight… witches are on the watch.

-Black cats will be prowling tonight… skeletons will come on the road… they are thirsty for human blood… happy Halloween.

-Pumpkins are gleaming… enjoy this fright night.

-Hope you find some comfort this night at this shiny cozy grave…

-Spookiest parties are going to be thrown around the graveyard…come at our house and enjoy the scariest night.

-This Halloween night is going to  be so terrible that your heart will come out from through your mouth and devil will enjoy your saucy little heart.

-Scariest is the most beautiful… do come at our graves.

-Beware of the darkness… monster is waiting for your flesh.

-Pumpkin monster is eager to smash your head. Do come to our house this evening. Enjoy the spookiest party and devil’s special menu.

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