A Speech on “School Days Should Start Later”

When the kids struggles to wake up in the morning, it may not be because of the cause that they are lazy, there can be the possibly of tiredness. For teens, less than 8 hours of sleep per night could become harmful  to their health

Poor sleep or minimum sleep can trigger the increase reliance on some caffeine products. There is also a good connection  between our sleep deprivations and a poor  performance in the academics. 

Just delaying school time  by half an hour  may have a great impact for a child’s proper education.
Students are many times left alone  because of the  busy office and working schedules of most of  their parents. That time can bear the possibility of making some rare decisions that cannot be all-time healthy. Starting school some time later in the morning can offer a later release time in the afternoon and evening, which could reduce the amount of alone  time for those teens.
Little sleep can cause a large number of different problematic symptoms in the children. An amount of less sleep hampers the proper functioning of a child’s attention and mental properties. They can struggle on their own to focus on their surrounding environment, some sensory inputs, and also the classroom. A lack of sleep can increase of the tendency of a delayed reaction time, irritability, stressed and depressed mood, forgetfulness, clumsiness, and also create trouble while  learning.

In the morning the students take a cup of coffee to make themselves refreshed. But that cup contains more caffeine than some regular energy drinks offer. The side effects provided by the use of caffeine can give the kids’ severe dehydrations, chronic panic attacks, and high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, which can lead to various medical issues in the future. 

When there is no adequate amount of sleeping time are given to the children, then there is always a problem that associates the rise in their grades. A good sleep not only does improve the attentiveness of the child, it also gives them time to think about  the information before them in the classroom. 

According to some studies, the children, who have a later time to start their school day can get overall good test scores, grades, and consistency in many subject areas compared to those students who have to school on a traditional  morning schedule. Students also have been able to improve their attendance rates, reduced truancy, and  also the decreasing dropout rates.
Another very important thing that goes away when the students are in a hurry to reach the school within time is a healthy breakfast. By starting the time later in the day, they will have a better chance  to eat something healthier than a packed breakfast item, which also helps in  increasing the chances of a good and helpful learning experience.

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