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Every year, the month of September is commemorated as “Sexual Health (Awareness) Month.” Generally, taking care of our health includes eating properly and staying healthy; sexual health is not considered. So annually, each September is used to spread awareness among people regarding sexual health, helping them know more about it.

Sexual Health Month – Messages

– Every year, 4th September is celebrated as the Sexual Health Day. To show honor to this day, ASHA has marked the entire September month as the Sexual Health Month to spread awareness all where.

– The theme of Sexual Health Day 2020 was Sexual Pleasure in Times of COVID-19. 

– Amidst the challenges posed by the noble Corona Virus during this pandemic, WAS talks about how sexuality plays a role in spreading the virus.

– Studies suggest that the term “Sexual Health” is still a taboo for many individuals.

– It’s still essential to maintain our physical and mental health. So every year to spread this awareness, “Sexual Health Month” is celebrated in September. 

– The American Sexual health association (ASHA) defines Sexual Health as “the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives.” Let’s push a little forward to ensure our sexual health.

– Generally, people have a difference in their opinions regarding Sexual health; it’s different. But Sexual Health is much more than avoiding sexually-transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies.

– Being Sexually healthy is all about realizing that sexuality is natural. It’s also respecting and acknowledging the sexual rights of every individual. 

– Sexual Health, as they call it, involves many things more than one’s sexual behavior. It’s also about having access to information on it, educating oneself, and caring for one’s sexual health. 

– Being able to be Sexually intimate, satisfy one’s sexual pleasure are also signs of being sexually healthy. If there are any issues regarding Sexual Health, it should be communicated to our sex partners or any other. 

-According to ASHA, it’s also avoiding undesired pregnancies, preventing STDs, and willingly seeking treatment and care. 

– Sexual Health is much more than what the stereotypical people take it as. 

– There are more straightforward ways to start caring for our Sexual health like, just by periodically visiting our physician for check-ups is a great way to begin.

– The National Coalition for Sexual Health provides some of the facts. Sexual health is also related to one’s hygiene. It is all about maintaining it for the safety of ourselves and our partners too.

– One of the most important aspects of caring for our Sexual Health is ensuring it as a part of our regular Healthcare schedule. 

– We should be well versed with our providers, which makes otherwise tricky conversations easier. 

– Being Sexually healthy and fit help in approaching sexual relationships with much more positivity and respect. It prevents chances of discrimination and coercion and let you have a safe sexual experience. 

– I hope these points about Sexual Health Month are clear to all of us. It would be too go if this September we dedicate ourselves to knowing more about being Sexually healthy and caring for ourselves. 

Sexual Health Month quotes

“No amount of talking about sex is going to diminish the mystery of the experience of it. Sex is Sacred, Not Secret.”
― Christine Laplante

“Using lube has been known to make penetrative sex last longer, and even a drop in the well of a condom can make wearing one a lot more comfy.”
― Elle Chase

“Your vagina is a self-cleansing machine, meaning that there is no need to use soaps or detergents. Dr T at LadyBits March 2015.”
― Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng

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