A speech on Considerable Shortage of Women in Alaska

A very hearty welcome to each and everyone present. I feel it as a delight to partake in this gathering. On this occasion, I would like to share pointers about The considerable shortage of women in Alaska.

In this presentation, I would be sharing the reasons and the problems the ratio of women being less in Alaska creates. It is also a fact that not many around the world know that the number of men is greater than that of women in Alaska, where for every ten men there is only one woman available. Living in this kind of community will increase the crime rate against women and also will increase illegal activities like human trafficking and abduction increase.

Most of the natives in Alaska are Eskimos who by nature live in a remote village of their own far away from the city, They also entirely depend on hunting to live. When we look back at history, We can see that about two-thirds of the Alaskan population are the natives who lived in remote bushes. As discussed, the main occupation was hunting animals, for their meals and to trade their skin and earn money.

While men set out into the woods for hunting, women would stay back and take care of the family just like any other family in society. As hunting was dangerous it was found that most of the men had faced tragic deaths either due to accidents or killed by ferocious animals. As a result, there was a subsequent decrease in the male rate and women count began to grow.

The tables turned when the people began noticing a visible reduction in the male count and to pass down their genes to the next generations they preferred men over women. Adding to it, as said earlier it was the men in the family who would go out into the woods to earn a living for a family, This lead to female infanticide, this practice was carried down for many years, because of which we can see a rapid reduction in the count of women. Thus by looking into the history of the Alaskan culture we can see it as a major cause of the difference in the sex ratio.

To start with the downside of having more men over women will increase the crime rate highly. A recent study said that due to high competition among men, the cases of rape have increased by thirty-one percent and also says that rape prevention is three times nationwide.

It also sometimes leads to women forcefully marrying and bearing kids. The women also face sexual violence by their partners, women are also forced to comfort the needs of other men who visit bars and pubs, which also become a source of income to them. With this alarming rise in violence against women, The government is trying to take up measures to give them a safer place to live life on their own.

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