87+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Son Make His Day Sweeter

Birthdays are important days for children and for you to express your love and compassion for them. If it is your son’s birthday, wish him some warm, hearty messages to say Happy Birthday and share the words in WhatsApp status. Our collection is best for sharing your love for your son directly on WhatsApp. 

Happy Birthday My Son Status And Wishes

-I wish you all the happiness on your special celebration, Son. Remember, mum loves you!

-Your birthday refreshes our memory of the day I gave birth to you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

-Though it’s your 16th birthday, you are still cute and innocent like you were born. Happy Birthday!

-Our son, you deserve this grant party, feast on your birthday!

-May you hit 100 birthdays with the same joy and delight. Have a good one today!

-You made me as proud as no one could. Take my warm love and wishes on your day.

-May Jesus shower his heartfelt blessings on you. Many happy returns!

-I wish Jesus would always be on your side and show you the path of honesty. Happy Birthday. 

-Son, your achievements have constantly made us satisfied. I wish you the happiest birthday.

-Wish you more years with joy and success. I wish you a wonderful day, champ!

-I feel grateful for our bond as friends. I’ll always be on your side. Happy Birthday, son.

-You entered into my life, and brought happiness to us. Let’s celebrate your day with a grand blast!

-Craziest birthday to the extraordinary kid in the world. 

-Wish you more success, prosperity, and a path to achieve your dreams ahead. 

-God sent us a treasure packed with joy and happiness…And it’s YOU! Happy Birthday, dear.

-Cheers to my son, who has always been my friend and backs me up. Congratulations. 

-Thank you, son, for making me a proud father & bringing love and light to my life. HBD.

-Each year, you’re becoming old for others, but you’ll always be that cute little fella to me. HBD.

-It’s my fortune that we are growing together, getting older together, son. Enjoy your day!

-May this birthday bring thrill, adventure, and inspiration into your life. Wish you all the best!

Happy Birthday My Son Status

-My dear son, I pray your hard work brings a chill to your life. Loads of love from papa. 

-You have made everything easier for us in the future. Have a fabulous birthday!

-It’s joyous to see you grow. May your birthday be stuffed with laughter!

-I wish you experience a phenomenal day and an extraordinary time to come.

-You may become old, but I hope your spark will remain the same. HBD, Fella!

-I wish the mighty to fulfill all your dreams and shower you with happiness for life. 

-We are blessed to have a fabulous son like you. Happy birthday, Honey!

-I hope you endure to illuminate our days, and existence with your presence. HBD, sweetie. 

-I wish you live thousands of years and spread kindness all around. Warm Wishes. 

-I will always hold your fingers tenderly, no matter how aged you become. HBD, Son.

-I just wanna let you know how much I love you! You mean the world to me. HBD.

-Son, we aren’t KING or QUEEN, but you are our PRINCE. Have a good birthday!

-Being your parents is God’s blessing to us. Many happy returns of the day!

Happy Birthday My Son Status

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Your Son

-In the entire world, we have got you as our son. We feel LUCKY! Happy Birthday, Darling. 

-My boy, our whole world summed up when you came into our life. Best Wishes.

-“SON” is the most precious three letters. We love you! Many happy returns!

-We are blessed to have a smart, handsome guy as our son. Happy Birthday!

-Happiest Birthday, Kiddo! We hope you surge ahead towards the road to success. 

-My child, one day, you’ll a father too & that day, you’ll realize my love for you. HBD!

-Baby, have a magical birthday today! We are blessed to celebrate your day together. 

-You love in our heart is the spark on the candle that will glow forever. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. 

-Let’s blow the candle on your cake with utmost joy and happiness. 

-You will still be our baby boy even if you grow older with wrinkles on your hands. Warm Wishes. 

-There are no enough words that can describe my love for you, chap! Enjoy the day fullest. 

-I cannot thank my lucky stars enough for sending you into our world. Happy birthday, son!

-You are the sweetest boy in our family who makes us proud. Happy birthday, boy!

-Son, do you know that a piece of our hearts belongs to you? Because it’s YOU!

-You are like the Sun who gives the brightest day in our lives. Happy birthday.

-Blow the candles, make a wish. Your dreams be a reality at their best. 

-Today, you have stepped to another level to become a gentleman. Heartiest congratulations, dear!

-I’m a proud mom who loves her son unconditionally. Happy Birthday!

-You have completed my life the day you got to this earth. Happy Birthday, Champ.

– I more I see you, the more I love you! Happy Birthday!

-Wishing the best birthday to the present that we have ever got! 

-You are my soul, my heart, my life, my son. Happy B’day!

-I wanna celebrate your existence today, every day for thousands of years. 

-Because of you, I can cherish my motherhood. Happy birthday, sweetie pie. 

-You made me feel every day like Mother’s Day. I wish you an amazing birthday!

-Dear son, you are my hero. I have waited an entire time to celebrate & feast on your birthday. 

-Baby, today, tomorrow, and always smile like this. Happiest Birthday!

-May your birthday be saturated with tons of love and compassion. 

-Thank you, honey, for always understanding us and making us the best parents. Have a blast!

-Whether you’re a teenager or gentleman, you’ll always be my bundle of joy. HBD, son.

-Son, remember, the whole world of your mother revolves around you. HBD.

Happy Birthday My Son Status

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