A Welcome Speech for Annual Function

An annual function is one of the most important occasions in a school or college to celebrate the achievements of the students and the happiness of their teachers. Therefore I want to thank all of you to present here today.

The students of our institution have worked really hard on their individual and group performances and I really pray that their hard work today show us some great results. These students are the personifications of talent and creativity – whether in the field of sports, dance forms, singing, painting etc. our school doesn’t lag behind and the students every year are making everyone, i.e. our principal, vice principal and teachers very proud.

The talented students of our school have represented our institution on various levels, inter-school, zonal as well as national levels. So today they are going to show all of us the same talent in order to make this year’s annual function even more memorable than the previous ones. They have been working really hard from past few weeks along with their mentors and teachers.

Along with some mind blowing performances by our students, we have also organized the award giving ceremony towards the end in order to acknowledge and reward the efforts of those who have contributed in many ways towards the betterment of the school. We truly believe that their efforts of these people inspire others to do well in life and set good examples for our students. It is therefore, the happy time to celebrate their achievements and our school’s never ending glory. I hope our school and the people associated with it continue to do good work and set an ideal road to achieve great things in all the fields of life.

Their tiring efforts of the teachers have borne fruit for our teachers too. And I can proudly say that we have the best teachers in our school. It goes without saying that such acknowledgment and rewards provide fuel and inspiration for the future years to come. This helps us in preparing even harder for the future and does far better.

I also want to add that, I feel extremely proud to be a part of this institution where we not only teach our students and help them to do better in their areas of studies, but also work on their personalities for their overall development for the future advancement of our society.

Last, but not the least I also would like to give a warm and heartfelt welcome to the parents of all the students of our institution. We can’t thank all the parents enough for nurturing us and giving us the courage to do various things in our lives as per our wishes. So my special thanks to all the parents present here!

Now on this note, I would like to conclude my speech and call upon stage our Hon’ble principal to felicitate our guest tonight with a bouquet, and say a few words in this regard.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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