A Speech on Health

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here. I welcome you all to this annual national conference and today, I take it upon myself to share and voice out my thoughts regarding the current scenario of health and the importance of proper health care. In this current scenario, when a virus has the whole world in its clutches and the pandemic has put the people from all across the globe on a spot, it is important, more than ever, to take a look at our health.

While talking about health it is essential to look at our food, hygiene and lifestyle as health is an inclusive term that is affected by the changes that we do in any of the three above mentioned aspects. Health is a condition that is determined by the entire well being of a person and includes the mental well being of the person as well.

The condition of global health is not upto the mark as most of the countries fail to provide proper hygiene and sanitation facilities to its people. Living in unhygienic and being exposed to unsanitary conditions on a daily basis increases the risk of having low health conditions. Countries like Haiti fail to provide its people with basic living standards and for them the need for having a proper healthcare system is so far off that they give least consideration to it.

Another main factor influencing health is having a healthy diet; in a world where hunger is still prevalent the importance of having a healthy diet cannot be emphasized enough. Malnutrition among children is one of the main cause of death of children in many poor countries; pregnant mothers are not able to provide the children with enough nutrition in the womb and then after the birth of the child, the mother is not able to give the child enough nutrition through breastfeeding and all of this is because the mother is not having access to enough nutrition.

When hunger prevails in the world it is close to impossible to hope for a world where everyone meets the basic criterion of health. But when the discussion of proper health care comes into light most of us fail to look at the side of mental health and the influence it has on one’s overall health and development. Mental health is one of the most important and yet the most overlooked factor during determination of one’s health.

The main problem of mental health is that it seldom shows signs of distress that are visible to other people, unlike a physical discomfort. It takes a lot of introspection and close inspection to understand the mental distresses that one experiences. In the current scenario, it is not only important to have a discussion about where we are going wrong with the current healthcare system, it is equally important to have a conversation regarding removing the taboo around mental health and to give equal importance 

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