A Speech on “You Should Spend Time with Your Grandparents.”

Grandparents share a very special and loving bond with their beloved grandchildren. As time goes much, that special bond becomes unique and more precious. Grandparents are the very base of a strong and peaceful family. 

Grandparents always know how to heal in the gaps for the working or single parents of a family. In a study, some researchers have found that the children who have the opportunity to spend some time with their grandparents were in a very nominal risk standard for having the mental, emotional and also behavioral issues or problems, and were far better in terms of using their emotional intelligence, compared to those children who did not have the opportunity to involving their grandparents in their lives..

Grandparents have a special power to make their grandchildren smile in any situation. In some situations where the grandparents are not living with their grandchildren in the same home, spending more time with them may feel some extra special happiness which is applicable for both the parties.

 Grandparents various supports like the financial and emotional support was helpful in inducing and increasing the, good habit and behavior as well as in their school engagement. This study is focused on the children of 10 to 14 year olds, in both single parent and the nuclear families. Regardless of the type and condition of a family, the involvement of the grandparents has led to an increase in kind, benevolent and empathetic behavior. 

The power of the selfless love of the mighty grandparent even impacts and helps in reducing the depressive symptoms of mind. A close and friendly relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren has been proved to be very beneficial in reducing the symptoms of depression of all parties.

Grandparents have various fun memories regarding the family and their history that the parents may be unaware of. Teaching grandchildren about their base, ancient history, as well as the struggles, problems and various successes of the family background helps grandchildren to understand better about their family’s special and interesting history. Grandparents may have some old family heirlooms or memorable things, like some photos, secret recipes and many more other interesting assets that grandchildren would definitely enjoy. 

Grandparents open a window of the lives of their grandchildren’s parents. For many grandchildren, there is an inborn curiosity about their parents childhood age. Grandparents can offer many memorable and funny stories and events that parents ca not recall about their past.  These memories can help a child understand their parents in a far better way, while connecting with each other and also with their grandparents.

Therefore when we become a mature person, we should accept this chance to take care of these most beautiful people of our lives who give their time and pure love to be a sweet memory of our childhood days by keeping us always safe and secure. We always need to be present for them at the time of their need. 

We have to always try to remember that they were always very patient to all our mischief, and they taught us the most important and helpful lessons of our life.   We have to remember that all they need is a little love and affection from us.

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