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STEM/STEAM Day is celebrated annually on November 8th all over the world. STEM/STEAM Day is a chance to focus on children in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This day encourages understudies and instructors to know about STEM/STEAM surrounding them and how it can affect their lives and the country’s economy!

STEM/STEAM Day Greetings

-Once in a while, You win, and sometimes you learn. Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-There is a distinction between not knowing and not knowing yet. I wish you a very Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Make The Things You Wished Existed. I wish you a very Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-I have no extraordinary ability; I am just energetically inquisitive. Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Happy STEM/STEAM Day. Never trust an atom sinch they make up everything 

-Today Is a Great Day to Learn Something New. Happy STEM/STEAM Day. 

-The significant thing is always to question. I wish you a very Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Someplace, something mind-boggling is holding back to be known. Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Have a similar outlook as a proton. Always positive! Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Be the energy you want to attract. I wish you a very Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Try not to give me the answer, let me solve the problem. I wish you a very Happy STEM/STEAM Day. 

-Millions saw the apple fall. However, Newton asked ‘why.’ Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Without Engineers, Science Is Just Philosophy. I wish you a very Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

-Happy STEM/STEAM Day. I haven’t fizzled; I’ve recently discovered 10,000 different ways that won’t work 

-Let me know, and it slips my mind. Encourage me, and I recall. Include me, and I learn. Happy STEM/STEAM Day.

STEM/STEAM Day Messages

-As specialists, we would have been in a situation to change the world – not merely study it. 

-Science can interest and entrance us all, yet it is designing that changes the world. 

-The researcher finds another sort of material or energy, and the designer finds another utilization for it. 

-Science is an excellent thing if one doesn’t need to gain one’s inhabiting it.

-Without arithmetic, there’s no other viable option for you. Everything around you is science. Everything around you is numbers 

-Life is a mathematical problem. To pick up the most, you need to realize how to change over negatives into positives 

-Science and innovation can tackle all the world’s issues, and verifiably it has been appeared to improve the world and better. 

-Engineering is the expert specialty of applying science to the ideal change of characteristic assets to man’s advantage. 

-Science is something that holds the future of the world. 

-On this day, let us encourage our kids to learn more, in any field.

-Innovations and inventions can take our planet to the new generation of technologies.

-Science and innovation can take care of the apparent multitude of world’s issues, and generally, it has been appeared to improve the world and better. 

-We live in a general public dazzlingly subject to science and innovation, in which barely anybody knows the slightest bit about science and innovation. 

-Science and innovation alter our lives, yet memory, custom, and legend outline our reaction.

STEM/STEAM Day quotes

“Some fish love to swim upstream. Some people love to overcome challenges.”
― Amit Ray

“The art of lateral thinking in a team is key, in order to gain a competitive advantage.”
― Wayne Chirisa

“You cannot stop the Fourth Industrial Revolution but you can influence its direction and impact in your life.”
― Nicky Verd

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