A Speech on Commercial Testing of Products on Animals Should No Longer Be Allowed

The practice of animal testing is not only very cruel but also an expensive and dangerous practice of the humans.  In my opinion there are many reasons as why testing of commercial products on the animals should no longer be allowed,

 Many of us will definitely agree to this fact that there is a very close bond that always exists between a human and their pet.

People who are able to spend some time with animals know that they experience the same types of emotions as people do. 

They are also very capable of  giving and receiving the feelings of love, joy, sadness and grief and also with that, they are capable to  feel suffering as well.  Most mammals will need some sort of contact ad love, either from a human or from the other animals, in order to live their life to the fullest.  Like humans, they also  need  fresh air,  proper exercise and obviously comfort.

But the animals used in testing have to undergo some procedures that result in intense pain and also mental trauma – examples can be, being forced to stay underwater for long periods of time or being infected with various painful experimental illnesses for their lifetime.

Many people who support  animal testing claim that those tells of cruelty are lame and out of date and that there is the animal welfare act that are to ensure that the animals used in the labs for testing are well treated and properly looked after.  At first the Animal Welfare Act looks as though it can provide a proper protection in that it sets out standards of living places and access to water as well as access to the processes of pain relief.

But unfortunately the Animal Welfare Act is not of so much comfort; as among the 26 million animals used in the labs for testing in the US per year only 5% are protected by the rules of the Animal Welfare Act.  Many animals are not covered by this act like, birds, fishes and rodents.

  It is very easy to put ourselves in the dark and believe that our sophisticated cosmetics and various pills were tested ethically but we all have to be aware of the fact that what was happening to those wordless animals during those painful and frightening procedure of commercial testing.

The animals are not people, it is an eternal truth that we are very different and in our bodies and minds from the animals as our body and mind work in a different way to those animals.  It is also an important point to note that many of the substances, which can appear harmless at first, are being tested in the animals but fail many clinical trials.  Sadly not all of those animal trials are as rigorous as the human trials.  This is a big concern because if the research is full of any flaw then the results will also become flawed which can lead to them being problematic and invalid.   The results of the animal testing process simply do not shift from the animals to human very well.  

Scientists have used many animals to study various types of experiments of many products causing pain and distress wherever they appear.   Animal tests are also very expensive to continue.  Animals have to be take care of, fed and cared for, therefore it will definitely increase the experiments very much.

We have already seen that the process of animal testing is hugely expensive and the many  outcomes of trials are not a helpful one for how a special substance will act in a human test subject.

Therefore we have to try our very best to stop this hateful practice and give the animals the same opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.

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