25+ Best Thank You Messages For Godson

When a person embarks on the journey of being a god parent you realize that it is not all yours , it is the child to whom you will be a godparent.

A godson is a blessing for any god parent and as the godparent promises to protect and love the godson, equally a godson is bound to love the godparent and find an idol in them. Here are a few thank you messages that every godparent would like to say to his godson.

Thank you messages for Godson

  • I don’t know what would have been this journey of mine , without being a parent and yet having a child and the honor to be a part of one’s growth . Thank you my godson for being my companion in this journey 
  • You are my godson is the best thing that has happened to me , my adulthood would have been a boring one without you , thank you my love for being the excitement in this simple life of mine 
Thank You Messages For Godson
  • With you having as a god son in my life, I have learned a lot and I have seen a lot of beautiful things in my life, thank you god son 
  • My god son is my biggest well-wisher and I thank him for the love and affection I received from him 

My companion surprisingly is you my god son and I cannot express in words how thankful I am for that l will always cherish the day I was introduced to you 

My world turned upside down when I first saw you and with each passing year, I have seen you grow, but more than that I have seen you myself grow from being this normal person to a caring god parent. Thank you for helping me in this journey and changing me for better 

Thank You Messages For Godson

A good god son is more than a blessing for any god parent, thank you for being what ever most people cannot be, a good god son 

Little did we realize that a journey of a god parent and a god son is as equally important as any real parent and son relationship, thank you for making it that important for both of us 

When you will grow old you will realize that being a god parent is important and a beautiful responsibility but not without an amazing god son, so I thank you for that role 

Thank You Messages For Godson

A god son is an equivalent to a thousand good deeds and I love that the fact that I have you as my thousand good deeds, thank you for this opportunity 

We have seen a lot of things together as you grew up and with you I saw a world so innocent and beautiful, thank you god son for showing me this beauty and love 

If ever god asks me to live again and cherish again that would be our days and journey of love and companionship , in you my god son I have learned to love unconditionally , thank you for existing 

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