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That sucks day is celebrated on 15th April if every year. The origin of this day is still unknown. This day aims to celebrate those things or moments that suck at, and we can do nothing but deal with it. So when you face something that sucks, remember you are not alone we all are in this together. 

That Sucks! Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

That Sucks Day! Greetings:

– If you feel everything around you sucks, then welcome to adulthood. The first step if being an adult is everything sucks. 

– The best way to tackle those things that suck is to accept them and ignore them: happy national that sucks! day. 

– If you feel everything sucks, then just remember that’s what life is all about tackling those things and people which you know sucks. 

– When life sucks, it hands you lemons. Now it’s up to you to make lemonade out of it or keep complaining about it: happy national that sucks! day. 

– In straw when you suck, the liquid goes up in the same way when life sucks you up. It means you are going to be at the top. 

– Your goal and plan may be suck, but when there is no alternative, then only you will reach your success: happy national that sucks! day. 

– Nothing is more balancing in my life than the sucking part; it sucks from all sides equally. And all I can do is watch it silently because no one really understands what’s going on.

– Never complain about how much how your life sucks; no one can do anything about it, so it’s better to sit back and enjoy what you have. 

– All the people in this world share a mutual bond on how much their life sucks. Happy national that suck! Day.

National that suck! Day messages:

– You will never find a single person in life whose life doesn’t suck, and if you find one, run away from them, they are not real humans. 

– Find yourself friend who laughs with you about the sucking situation in life not who laughs at you. 

– Everyone’s life sucks now. It’s up to you whether you use it to reach the top or keep lying at the bottom and keep complaining. 

– Happiness knows your friend’s life suck as much as yours. 

– When you feel your life sucks, go home have a glass of wine listening to your favorite track, it won’t help, but it will calm you down. 

– There are days in life when you feel your life sucks the most, and those are the days that decide the kind of future you will have depending upon how you react. 

– Everyone’s life everywhere sucks. Don’t make it hard by throwing wars upon the countries. 

– The sucking truth is always better than the glittering and comforting lies; it will never ditch you. 

– When you have close friends, even the most sucking part of life becomes a stand-up comedy.

National that suck! Day quotes

“One way or another life sucks with all its beauty, and that is the time we give up on our dreams.”
― M.F. Moonzajer

“Chess Tactics are important in the study…. I don’t know about that but I know that this son of biatch beats me on chess games and on chess tactics puzzles he sucks!”
― Deyth Banger

“I never watch comedies they suck if something sucks it sucks there isn’t doubt about it.”
― Deyth Banger

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