Speech on Three Things I Like Most About My Best Friends

True and real friendship plays a major role in all our lives; it is hard to find. For some it’s easy to make friends, as for the others it’s not. At least for me, I made a lot of friends; but very few have always been there through my thick and thin. It is always common among friends that all like to enjoy a good time and also like to share stories.

Apart from these very few real ones bare the wrath we shower upon them, adore the love we share for each and boost our self confidence when it shattered quite a few times. Here are the top three things that I love the most in my two best friends;

Always ready for an Adventure. Don’t even bother to name it, we are all packed up ready to go. All we want is our own personal time, away from the family, work and stress for a few days. We are eager for thrilling experiences everytime something new is tried. If either one of us hesitates, then we are pushed from behind unexpectedly into trying and scream out loud “ WE DID IT”. Chasing our dreams, eliminating our fears, fighting our inner demons are also few crops we did reap together.

Being positive and tremendously thoughtful. Being sad and less motivated was always part of our circle. We had each other to pass through these miserable days. Any such days are always dealt well, without even asking what the cause is and being treated with a lot of time together by talking it out or music, tasty food and dance. We say, “Our body is a temple, we should always treat it with good yummy food”. We were always thankful to God, for all that’s in our life; less or more was never a matter. In spite of various dramatical turns in each of our lives, we always had a hand to hold us, words that inspire us and each other to hug. 

Being creative and a similar career line. Talented in Drawing, Painting and Craft; both practically and digitally was inevitably a colourful experience. Sharing common ideas, debating on general topics and expressing similar choices of styles were frequent between us. Being able to come from an alike educational field, we expanded our knowledge towards various specific subjects that came under the same huge field. We shared experiences in Photography, Graphic designing and Public Relations; but when our ideas and knowledge were put together it has worked out wonders. Helping each other with our combined ideology was the best.

Friendship is a beautiful bond shared with those whom we care the most. Huge bundle of moments are shared together like laughs, tears, food and a whole lot of priceless memories; thus making them an important part of our life. Respecting our own personal space, being different also makes us special to bond more. The Interesting chemistry of love and hate for each other keeps the balance life long.

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