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Observed by the Jews in Israel and the Jewish diaspora, Tu B’Shevat Day (also known as Jews Arbor Day) is a Jewish festival holiday occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat. It is a holiday to remind the Jews of their connection to nature and to their function as the caretakers of Mother Earth.

Some common practices include donating money for planting trees in Israel or planting trees locally. People remember their bond with the environment and do their bits to serve it on this day.Below Is A List Of Quotes And Wishes For All The Tu B’Shevat Day Members To Celebrate.

Tu B’Shevat Day Messages, Wishes, and Greetings

-This Tu B’Shevat Day, let us pray for a better and greener planet.

-Mother Earth is our home and we must make an effort to make it worth living in. Wish you a very Happy Arbor Day!  

-On this auspicious holiday, it is a chance for humans to do something for the ever caring Mother Nature. Happy Tu B’Shevat Day! 

-Feel the green and smile from the heart. Have a happy Arbor Day!

-Let us feel Nature today and serve it fully.

-May the earth remain green and happy. May we keep her green and happy. Let’s take an oath this Arbor Day!

-Plant a tree! Let’s celebrate Jews Arbor Day by bringing back some greenery.

-My heartiest best wishes to all my Jewish friends on this auspicious Tu B’Shevat Day! May you have a happy one!

-On this auspicious day, let us feel connected to Mother Earth and value its beauties. 

-On this Tu B’Shevat Day, let us promise to help Mother Earth breathe better and help us breathe better. 

-On this Tu B’Shevat Day, let us plant more saplings for a greener tomorrow.

-It’s our duty to help the next generations see more greenery around. So, let us plant some trees! 

-May this Tu B’Shevat Day bring you and your family tons of happiness! Have a peaceful one!

-Let us bring the greenery back! 

Protect and care for Mother Earth, like she does for us. 

-Wishing my Jewish friends and their family a happy Arbor Day! Let us come together and take care of the Mother!

-A green Earth is our dream Earth and only we can fulfill this dream. Let us celebrate this Tu B’Shevat Day by taking care of the greens around us.

-Let the peace of nature flow in our lives. 

-This Tu B’Shevat Day, no more exploiting the Mother Earth’s creations. Have a peaceful one!

-I pray that this Tu B’Shevat Day gives birth to many good thoughts and a will to serve the environment in us! 

-Let us give all the love and nurture back to the environment this Tu B’Shevat Day! Wish you have a peaceful one!

-We only have one home and that this Mother Earth. Let us take better care of her.

-Let us aim for a greener planet and work on it. 

-A tree is a hope. This Tu B’Shevat Day, all we can do is plant a tree. Have a very ‘green’ one!

-May we be kind and loving as Nature.

-Plantation helps in reducing pollution. Plant a tree on this day!

-The Nature has given us so much and in return just need some care. We can do it. 

-Let us serve the Nature as unconditionally as it has served us. On this Tu B’Shevat Day, let us promise to Mother Earth to make her greener.

-Let us not make Mother Nature shed anymore tears.

-Tu B’Shevat Day reminds us of our bond with the Earth. Let us cherish it. Have a positive one!

-Every year, on Tu B’Shevat Day, we get a chance to cherish our beautiful relationship with the Planet. This year let us do our bit to keep her green and smiling.

-Embrace the greenery! Happy Tu B’Shevat Day!

-It is time we pay back to the Nature. Let us make this Tu B’Shevat Day worth remembering. 

-Save the trees, save the environment and most importantly save yourself. 

-Think of the future and plant more greens. 

-Let us promise to our younger generations of gifting them a greener World.

-The best way to thank Mother Nature is by planting more trees. 

-Work for greener Planet. Happy Jews Arbor Day!

-We take so much from Nature but forget to give it back. All it needs is our care. Let us make this Tu B’Shevat day worth cherishing.

-Let us come together and strive for a greener tomorrow.

-Nature is our constant home. Make a promise to serve it better. Have a happy Jews Arbor Day!

-This Tu B’Shevat Day, no more ignorance towards Nature. Have a beautiful one!

-Let us be as much productive a possible this Tu B’Shevat Day by planting more trees.

-If you love your children, you should plant trees for their sake today.

-Tu B’Shevat Day asks for us to think of the Mother Nature. One Day can make a huge difference if we use it productively.

-Let us start the auspicious Tu B’Shevat Day by planting a tree and thanking Mother Nature.

-Think later and plant a tree now. 

-Our future depends on Nature. Let us not spoil it.

-The day should come more than once a year. Happy and green Tu B’Shevat to you!

-This auspicious day is a great chance for us to repay our Mother Nature. Let us not waste it.

-The more the greens, the more we breathe. Celebrate nature today!

-Tu B’Shevat brings us closer to Nature, and its elements we overlook daily.  Be it for only a day, but let us not waste it.

-Our souls love greenery. Let us work towards making the Plant greener.

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