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The turkey vulture day is celebrated on the first Saturday of September every year. The prey program of the endangered wildlife trust in South Africa and hawk conservancy faith in England worked together to save turkey vultures’ lives. The large population of vultures is on the verge of extinction.

Turkey Vultures Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Turkey vultures day greetings:

– The turkey vultures may look shabby, but they are the most important protector of our environment, and that proves that our looks don’t define us—happy international turkey vultures day.

– The turkey vultures day is here, and the best way to celebrate it, by making people around you aware of the habitats the vultures live. The more people are aware, the easier it is to save them.

– Turkey vultures are far better at keeping the environment clean than humans; they don’t harm the environment. Happy international turkey vultures day.

– The world needs more days like turkey vultures, where we talk about more conserving the environment and making it a better place for all species.

– The turkey vultures, despite being a bird, can keep the environment clean then. Why can’t we humans do that? And that’s the question we all should ask ourselves.

– This turkey vultures day, aware the people about the turkey vultures with social media help, arrange quizzes and make them aware of the turkey vultures.

– The turkey vultures day tells us that we humans need more days to save the earth; if we don’t wake up now, it will be too late to do anything—happy international turkey vultures day.

– The vultures fly high in the sky, and that’s what makes them different from others—happy international turkey vultures day.

Turkey vultures day messages:

– We live in a society where we need more days to tell people why it is essential to save the earth.

– We don’t need to save earth from outer enemies. The world’s biggest enemy is humans itself; no one has destroyed the planet more than humans.

– The vultures keep the environment clean the work that humans should have done is being done by the birds, and we are destroying them.

– Be a vulture for success, no matter how small the victory, takes that success with pride.

– The world needs to learn how important it is to keep your surrounding clean and safe.

– We all should thanks vultures because they have swept out many bacteria and viruses because they decided to do their job.

– Imagine the humans taking care of the earth along with the vultures; the world would have been a more beautiful place to live.

– Human is the leading cause of damaging the environment, and the vultures are saving it, so be a vulture be a savior of earth.

– The vultures take care of the earth, and it’s our job to bring their and their habitat’s care, and they have earned it.

Turkey Vultures Day quotes

“Change is constant, but no amount of change will turn the attitude of vulture to that of eagle.”
― Bamigboye Olurotimi

“It is a departure from nature for a vulture to venture into haircut adventure.”
― Vincent Okay Nwachukwu

“The name Prometheus has always caused me particular annoyance, for my breast still aches from the everlasting beak of the vulture from which Alcides set me free.”
― Gérard de Nerval

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