Should Children of Undocumented Immigrants Be Allowed to Attend Public Schools?

Education is an important aspect that has a huge role in a nation’s growth. In the U.S it is believed that everyone should gain the benefits of education, very few think it otherwise. Today, we face a large number of illegal immigrants in the U.S, and whether the children of these immigrants should receive proper education is always a question.

Apart from the higher expense of education for these children, it might be more negatively affecting the nation if they are not provided with education in the future. A proper educational facility arranged for these kids could only be healthier for them and the country. 

Most of the immigrants come to our country hoping for a better opportunity to earn money and live a better life with his family. And illegal immigrants always find it difficult to even find a job, stay in fear of getting caught, sent to jail, or even get deported.

So, they always stay out of sight and live their miserable lives. To get them to have a good life as they wished for, then at least the children should be provided with a better education. Through them, this family might be able to succeed or live a normal good life also making it beneficial for the growth of the country.

Today some rules allow such children to receive public educational facilities. Most of the children find it hard to survive through the schooling days. They might even struggle with the language as it is not prominently spoken at their home. So giving them the basic education to communicate could help them live in this new place and eventually make their way into building their future. 

The U.S has been facing less number of skilled workers in various fields, so giving these illegal kids proper education could increase the number of skilled and educated employees who together are working for the betterment of this nation’s economy. If they are not allowed to get an education it might lead to severe issues like chances of stepping into bad gangs, doing more crimes, or slipping into drugs and violence due to lack of a proper foundation.

Many people are not happy with allowing immigrants to come into their country. They think it reduces the chances for their children to have a proper job and education. The government has come up with a few schools that are specially made to occupy such illegal immigrant children, where the staff and faculty are also the best and are never discriminated against based on color or community.

This also allows children to spend time with various cultures and learn to respect them from a young age. None of the children should be punished for having their illegal status, they should be enrolled with no delays that many schools tend to do, no matter what or how good or bad they score, who knows by educating them they could bring the next best inventions out to the world.

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