A Speech on Usefulness of Yoga

Many of us love to perform the health supplement called the Yoga on a daily basis, it is one of the perfect arts to make our bodily and mental health and also maintaining our good lifestyle as time passes. So it’s basically an important method to achieve the required balance in our bodies, i.e. gaining and retaining the strength, increasing our muscle flexibility and attaining mental pleasure by attaining the spirituality.

Yoga also gives the good vibe of a non-materialistic way of living our lives. Yoga is more clearly and easily can be described by the use of the word “asana” which means the art and procedure of practicing of different types of physical postures that helps to gain the required strength both in body and mind. The yoga postures or figures are an integral and unavoidable part of the special cure called yoga.

Usually, the procedure or the entire episode begins with some normal but very important breathing exercises and then shifts to the long term practice of some easy or gentle figures and later followed by some more tough ones. The yoga figures are performed by keeping in mind about the details of each and everybody parts as well as combining some breathing practices, with including some guided mediation to make us refreshed.

There are various different types of poses for which the instructor  try to guide you throughout the entire class; these includes some figures like standing, sitting, back bend, forward bends, upside-down figures and also some twisting and difficult postures. Besides these, there are some other different types of yoga postures which are specially created to suit the different needs of different people.

For instance, the Hatha Yoga, it is the most practiced form and mainly deals with the breathing exercises and some specific bodily postures. Then there are some other types of yoga, like. Karma and Bhakti Yoga, which are advised to do by the people who are searching for the path to gain spiritual experience in life.

The Hatha form is mainly related with the basic yoga and has a series of some basic movements, including breathing. The Vinyasais a sequence of postures which can very smoothly flow from the one to the other. The Iyengaryoga is a type of special yoga which makes to use various things like the straps, blocks and chairs etc. in order to move our body according to a specific rule.

The Bikramyoga is called as “hot yoga”; this form includes a sequence various poses performed in a room with a high temperature.

The Power yoga is a more rapid, with a great and intense practice that can immensely help in shaping the muscles.

The Ashtangayoga is a series of some different poses that combines and also requires a special breathing process.

The yoga is a special art form known to the all human beings from many decades whose history can only be traced back to the approximate time of 3,000 BC. Since that time, yoga is being practiced by many spiritual teachers or trainers and in the modern times, yoga is being treated by many people as a disciplinary form, which is being taught in various types of schools and colleges.

The definite aim of yoga is to inspire and help a person to rise above the personal self and achieve a sublime and great experience. A person is said to have achieved the power of yoga, which can be a form of the union with the Self, when the perfectly controlled and disciplined mind gets freedom from all desires, and attain the feeling of intense happiness after becoming absorbed in the Self alone. It is not a specific religion, but it is certainly a good mode of living our life that works and helps us in attaining a sound and stress-free mind as well as a healthy and flexible body.

So reveal the unbelievable power of yoga, feel energized and at the same time develop an enthusiasm for living a stress free life.

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