Should Vaccines Be Required for Students to Attend Public Schools?

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—), and I am here today to address whether or not vaccines should be required for students to attend public schools.

Children should be vaccinated at the appropriate ages to keep them and the people around them from diseases, not only those attending public schools.

Parents should see that their children are given every vaccine at the appropriate age for diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, etc.

It should be made compulsory that students will only be allowed to admit schools if they have taken all the appropriate vaccines, or else they may be a potential risk to others.

Vaccines and immunizations like these have saved millions of lives from diseases and deaths. Parents must have the awareness and knowledge to understand the importance of these vaccines in their children’s lives. 

It shouldn’t be chosen to get vaccines or not. It should be a part of life where when the children are born, their parents take them to the medical authorities to get them vaccinated on time.

It is a mandatory criterion that students need to get vaccinated before attending school in many countries. Every country must follow this and make vaccination a prerequisite for admission into public schools.

It fascinates me that some people in this century think vaccinations are against their religions because vaccines stand in the way of “nature’s genetic blueprint,” which is a sin in their religious teachings and beliefs.

Many schools have also taken the initiative to get their students vaccinated in the school itself, at their expense.

Such vaccines help to maintain and bring about herd immunity. Herd immunity is achieved by keeping people away from viral diseases and infections by not exposing them to the virus.

Through vaccinations, this can be achieved. Achieving herd immunity will not only not protect those who have been vaccinated but also those who have weak or compromised immune systems, such as old people or babies. Schools should raise awareness about vaccines among both students and parents.

Vaccines are produced due to an outbreak of diseases, and these are brought to the public to keep them safe.

We should not neglect them as the disease has already been proven to have affected millions of people worldwide and caused their deaths.

For example, the measle breakout in the United States in 1989-1991 and the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic have wiped away millions from the face of the earth and have put many people in distress and mental illnesses.

The covid vaccine is on its way, and we hope it will be available to the public as soon as possible. When this vaccine comes, it should also be made mandatory that each person gets it, even newborn babies.

It is high time we realize the importance of vaccines and help our future generation be safe from such preventable health hazards. Thank you and have a good day.

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