Welcome Speech in Farewell: 4 Templates

Let’s consider the situation in that you have been invited to a farewell party to deliver a welcome speech to the audience. Now you must have to prepare yourself after going to this party. So here we provide some sample speeches for this topic; I think by using these, you can easily prepare yourself nicely for the final day.

Here through this speech, you must have expressed a warm welcome to all of the audience and then the other topics also.

Speech Template: 1

First of all, I want to offer my heartfelt thank you to all of you presented at this farewell party. I would like to welcome all of you to this farewell party planned by us for our seniors. Today I am very happy to be able to convey my feelings through this speech.

 A farewell event is one of those unforgettable and very special days in a person’s life where he/ she will feel happy about those beautiful memories and also sad as this is your last day in this institution when you will say goodbye to your friends. Therefore we all want to make this day a memorable day for you.

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to know all of you. I know that in this institution, you have learned various things along with your studies. Today at this farewell party, we have planned some surprising games to make you all happy, so please enjoy this day fully with your friends and teachers because farewell comes only once in your life.

You all have made our journey in this institution far more beautiful and special than what we all cannot dream about by making all of your teachers very proud. You guys are one of the biggest examples of how a senior on the study campus should treat their teachers and as well as their juniors.

You guys were full of support and full of fun at the same time. Your performances in academics, sports, and other activities have made all of your teachers very proud of you.

This event is the farewell of your student life, but we know we will never be able to forget you. We have planned this lovely day to give you joy and happiness so that you will not be able to forget us as well.

We want to relive those beautiful memories about how all of you have spent your lives on the campus and all the sweet things that you have experienced here. I am sure that we will be able to see some great personalities amongst you in the coming years and will feel proud to be your mentor.

I want to thank all of you for the love and respect you have given us. May everyone have a bright, memorable, and colorful future. I hope that we will be able to continue our good relationship in the future as well.

Therefore I request all of you to enjoy this day with lots of happiness because we, all teachers, have organized some beautiful events that will take you on the rollercoaster of various emotions.

Always remember that you all were a reflection of the love and inspiration that all your teachers had given you. Today we all are very proud that we have succeeded in creating bright and responsible citizens.

I really thank all of you for all the respect and hard work you have shown us throughout your life here. May God always help you. Thank you very much.

Speech Template: 2

My dear friends,

I am writing this letter to thank each one of you who is planning to participate in the farewell as this is a really special day for all of us. Here the party is being organized by us only where you all are invited.

All the seniors will be invited as well because without them we are nothing. They are the ones who guided us all these three years in our college. I am happy that all are equally excited about this day (mention the date).

As we have already finished our exams and the report day will be the last day, before that, we are trying to make as many memories as possible. Here the place which is being booked is (mention the place).

So we hope all will be prepared with their welcome speech as it has to be special and we all be keeping it as memories with us. Also, we suggest bringing all your old tops or shirt where we can write a few lines. The dress code will be western, and the timing will be (mention the time).  

 As it is those days which are very special in each student’s life as it will be our last day in the college. But to capture all those memories together is want we are planning for. We hope all will cooperate and participate with full happiness.

As we all know the teachers here work hard to teach us and so we have invited all the teachers of our department, and they will also be present there. 

Here at this party, we will also have DJ, games, food, and snacks with that a surprise game where a surprise gift will be given to the 1st winner. So we request you all to enjoy as much as you can so that we can click some amazing pictures, which will be distributed to each one who will be present here. 

Without all your support, this party cannot be successful. So we are looking forward to meeting you all on the date mentioned above. Please be on time and in your best outfits as we want this day to be very amazing and memorable.

Also, the teachers have planned to give the surprise to the ones who will have the best farewell, which means each department has a separate party so they will choose the ones who have the best free will and the price will be given to them. 

We are happy to have you all and also happy to be a part of this amazing institution. 

Thank you very much,

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender) 

Speech Template: 3

Hello, my dear friends

I am writing this letter to thank each one in advance for planning the farewell for our tuition teacher who guided us and gave tuition to us from our childhood (mention the name of the teacher).

As he is very special and helped us get a good rank on our boards and also in our college, but as he is now retiring and have health issues, so we want him to feel how special he is to us.

For this, we have planned a farewell for him at (mention the date) at the place (mention the place), so all the students who are in my batch will be joining here to surprise him and say a farewell speech for him. I really thank you all who have already agreed to join the party.  

As this party will be for a few hours only, we have organized it in such a way that it will be memorable for all of us within that few hours.

Here we have all the food arranging that has been done and also amazing games, his few old songs, cake cutting, and our speech. With that, we have arranged a photographer who will give us some pictures of him which we will make a collage and gift him.

As we are all big enough to through a part for him as he has guided and available for us when we needed. Now it is our turn to thank him, so we will meet on that day at the time (mention the time). Hope you all will also enjoy it a lot, with that do put on your best dresses as all the individual photos will be given to us as well.   

All of your support will be required so that it will be a hit. With that, our batch was very special as we all have been there with him since childhood which makes it more special for us as well. So will see you all soon at the party as I will be waiting for all of you.

Thank you so much,

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender) 

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