251+ Brilliant Wives Status for WhatsApp That You Love

The day of marriage is a milestone for every woman’s life because she becomes a wife and then aspires to be an abode of love for her husband. Her little efforts and sweet nothings are her ways of showing how much she cares for him. 

So, here are 100+ WhatsApp statuses for wives seeking expressions for their thoughts.

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Whatsapp Status for Wives

We wives don’t need the world to love us, just that one person.

A wife commits to be there for our partners from day one of marriage.

The rings in our hands as wives are the reminder of the day I got our love and soulmate.

A wife’s life ends and begins with their partner’s breath.

You will look at your husband and find you smiling for no reason at all.

Our lives as wives are incomplete without the love of our husbands.

Being a wife motivates me to go to every distance I can to see us smile together every day.

Our husbands became our homes, the day we got married.

With my partner is the best way to be.

The perks that come with being a wife are worth all the hurdles to go through.

My husband treats me like a queen.

I find the warmth of my dad in my husband and that’s a lot to say as a wife.

My husband’s smile melts my heart.

I’m a wife and I always paint the happiest picture of life when I’m with my husband.

No one else understands a man like his wife does.

Being the best wife means to love your partner with all the love you have to give to the world.

My life gratitude is to have you in my life as a husband.

The best day for a girl is when she says vows to her husband.

The moment I walked down the aisle I knew it was my privilege to be your wife.

It is a blessing to be the wife of the kind of man you are.

All a wife need is his man’s love and honesty.

Being a wife, I can tell you that we don’t need an occasion to be loved.

A wife is the person who fills the emptiness in your heart.

The person who turns your imperfections into perfection is no one other than your wife.

Getting a good morning hug from your husband is the best way to start a day,

The most caring hands are the hands of a wife and mother.

Being a great wife comes in a package with being a great mom.

I am thrilled that I’m loved by the kind of man I am married to.

The fact that you treat your wife like a queen every day is what motivates us to be the best version of ourselves.

The light at the end of the tunnel is none other than my relationship with my husband.

There is nothing that illuminates my life other than being your wife every day.

I would prefer to spend my entire life with my husband.

God must have seen something good in me to give a husband like you.

My husband is the fanciest partner on earth.

Most marvelous gift to a wife is helping her out in everyday chores.

A wife never judges you.

I am the most sensible and silliest when I’m with my husband.

My partner is the better half I desired.

There is nothing precious to me as a wife other than to hold my husband’s hand.

No matter how many years pass in marriage, my love will always stay the same.

Even being silent with my partner drowns the chaos in my life.

The best team is a husband-wife team.

God couldn’t come to me himself so he gave me you as my husband.

Heaven have conspired to let me be your wife for all eternity.

The most permanent relationship I have is one with my husband,\.

Gaze of my husband makes me feel like the prettiest wife in the world.

It is an answer to all my prayers, all the good deeds I did and my dream come true when I’m loved by you.

I’m most understanding, thoughtful, and the happiest as a wife than in all the relationships of my life.

All my days with my husband as his wife are the days worth living.

Being his wife is the most righteous thing that has ever happened to me.

All I ever want to do as a wife is to fill my husband’s life with happiness and love.

Every passing day is the day I love my husband more than I did before.

Even after fights and arguments, love wins and nothing would change the fact that I’m the wife to the best husband.

Me and my husband will sail through everything till eternity.

Romantic Whatsapp Status for Wives

Looking at a romantic gesture by my husband on occasion is what makes the happiest wife on this planet.

Just seeing the face of my husband brightens my days full of agony.

Our love as husband and wife is the reason for all the happy colors.

My husband radiates my life like no other person on this earth.

I will love my husband and he will love me until the end of our lives.

To be his wife now is all I ever want to be.

Being a wife taught me to have hope even in times of trial.

A blessing in disguise in these trying times is to be loved by my husband.

My partner’s love is the epitome of romance and the essence of marital bliss.

I will fall short of a word to tell my husband how grateful I am to be his wife.

Our life as a married couple revolves around nothing but each other.

I’m not just the mother of his children but the beating of his heart, not just the head of the family but the woman of his dreams.

Every time my husband smiles I’m knocked out of my senses.

Being your wife has made me the most loving and eternally fun-loving.

My entire life is not enough to tell my husband what it means to be his wife.

The most tiring day ends well in the arms of the man I love.

Falling in love with my husband is my reason when I got to fight for someone and also love them.

Every day is a better day than before with you being a husband.

From dating this guy to getting married and having kids. My life is complete with my husband on my side.

I give my heart to my partner knowing I will not be the same but always better.

Through thick and thin and everything: a note as a wife.

The kindness with which my husband loves me is the kindness I treat the world with.

No matter how my husband and I get, the romance between us will never die.

This wedding has changed our lives drastically and for good.

The most precious moments I’ve spent are my moments as a wife.

My future is happier with my partner in it.

The most wonderful gift in the world is my husband.

Without my husband I’m nothing but just a breathing machine.

It is overwhelming as a wife to love the end of the world and cosmos.

My role as a wife has added colors and meaning in life with your love to hold me together.

Everything minor I do for my husband is appreciated by him like it means the world to him.

My husband is the only person on my mind and side always.

If I can tag the greatest thing heaven ever sent on earth it would always be you.

He is the person who came out of nowhere but made me the happiest.

The force behind my smile and success is no one but my husband.

The monotony of every day will never make us lose the magic my husband has.

Three words that sum up my feelings for my husband are: I Love You.

Even though I’m not perfect I still love my husband with all my heart.

Even if my days on earth are numbered I will love my husband with a minute of those.

My partner is my little infinity.

The rainbow at the end of a cloudy day is my husband’s hug.

Every day in my partner’s arm is a day I am eternally grateful.

I will never be able to express how therapeutic is my husband’s voice and hug for me.

At the end of the day it is no one but him and me as his wife against the world.

It is a privilege to call myself your wife since the day we got married.

Funny Whatsapp Status for Wives

My husband asked me to embrace my mistake so I hugged him.

I didn’t make dinner today because my man said you are cute when mute.

My husband can’t talk back so he snores.

I call my partner honey mostly when I need the money!

If you get married on 29th your husband will be saved from three years of anniversary expenses.

Me calling my husband is more like Biggboss calling the people in the house.

I told my husband I burnt the bread because the flour he got was bad.

If you want to know how my husband makes me do things, don’t come because he can’t.

Yesterday my husband cleaned and sprayed the entire kitchen because I said I saw the cockroach, now I’m putting the cockroach in the bathroom.

My husband calls me a love bird when I’m happy and an angry bird when I’m mad.

My husband used to go to the temple before he got married now he worships me.

Infidelity is not the reason a wife gets mad sometimes it’s Candy Crush.

The relation with my husband is very psychological, he’s psycho, and I’m logical.

I and my husband met happily for years then we met.

Now I pronounce you husband and wife, now you can change your Facebook status.

My man doesn’t have a future unless I decide it for him.

It is my wife and helper.

Man is the boss who is decided by his wife.

My partner tights all the jars whenever I’m mad.

If you fight with your wife, you become a philosopher.

My husband thinks I’m crazy but I’m not the one who married me.

Being married is having a person annoy you forever.

I told my husband to take me to an expensive place so he took me to the gas station.

Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.

A man never worries about his future until he gets married.

The wet floor is the dead zone for my husband.

My partner’s biggest achievement is to get to marry me.

I got my credit card stolen and the thief spends less than me is what my husband has to say about it.

My man has an awesome wife.

My husband suffers from a lack of Vitamin ME.

Chess is the only game where my husband can reflect his status.

My kid is turning out like my husband. Well done Karma.

Loving your husband while arguing is like a toothache. It doesn’t show on X-ray but it’s there.

My husband makes me smile so much that it makes my face cramp up.

Me and my husband both fight and fart.

A husband-wife is like two sides of the coin, they always stay together.

My husband changed his relationship status to “irritated”.

My marriage is like an endless sleepover with my favorite weirdo.

When my husband argues who loves who more, he gives up and I think that makes him the winner.

A man is incomplete before marriage after that he is finished.

My husband says my superiority is like a monster.

My relationship with my husband is like a war zone in the house.

Few things my man loves are beer, football, and me.

I still haven’t told my husband what his new year’s resolutions are.

Brains are awesome and only allowed for me to use in this husband-wife relationship.

Marriages have no guarantee if you want one then go buy a car battery.

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.

I’ve shared a secret to keeping my husband happy: it’s sorry, thank you and I love you three times a day.

I know how to push all the buttons of my partner except mute.

Sometimes I look at my husband and think, Damn he is a lucky man.

WhatsApp status for working wives

Women who build a successful foundation with the bricks that people throw at her are strong and successful.

A woman who is determined to rise has a force which is very powerful.

A woman acts like a lady, thinks like a man, looks like a girl and works like a horse.

Strong women do not waste their time by getting insecure.

Women never dream of success, they work for it.

A strong woman is not afraid to make mistakes because they are not afraid to make decisions.

A strong woman fantasies accomplishes and then rules.

A strong woman not only stands up for herself but for everybody else.

Hard work is not an option but a necessity when you have a strong purpose.

There is no tomorrow or no yesterday for a strong woman, it is just today.

For a strong and independent woman, a man with money is just a bonus.

An independent woman never waits for a man to validate her existence, as she is much more vibrant, busy and goal-oriented.

A perfect woman is not only a fine lady, but one who uses her hands, head and heart for other’s good.

A strong independent woman builds her own world.

A woman who runs her home can run her country.

A strong woman always has a voice of her own and speaks up instead of saying sorry.

Growth and comfort never goes hand in hand.

A woman is not afraid to make wrong choices and fail, as failure is a part of success and not its opposite.

If they do not have a seat for you, carry a folding table.

Do not sit down and wait for opportunities to come. Create one for yourself and make a living. This is what a successful woman does.

Do not give up, because in giving up you will give up hope. Do not let fear stop you and insecurities paralyze you.

Be a woman that everyone dreams of becoming.

You are indebted to life for all that you are now, until you help a less fortunate person just as someone helped you when you were directionless.

Perseverance and confidence makes life easier.

Look ten years ahead and work for all that you will need then instead of looking at your past.

Being a woman is no less than being a superhuman.

Spread your wings and do not be afraid to fly.

A strong woman is not lost in fire but is built from it.

A strong independent woman does not need a man to protect or embrace her, she can do it for herself.

Excuses are useless but the results are priceless. Work hard and taste the fruits of success.

A working woman not only excels in her work but also takes care of the piled laundry and undone dishes at home.

Motivational WhatsApp status for wives

You are classy as well as fabulous.

Keep your standard and head as high as your heels.

You are like a teabag, your strength is known only when you are in hot water.

I can hear your roar even when you are silent.

Be the hero of your life and not the victim.

Be tough and ambitious and know what you want to do.

Believe in yourself and you will do it.

Wear your passion more often than makeup. It will make you look beautiful.

Create a life you are proud to live by defining success on your own terms. 

Don’t make oppression a tradition. 

Love yourself selflessly. Look in the mirror and say I love you.

You have more imagination and you are capable of doing more than what you think you can.

Be your own boss.

Think like a queen and you will be one.

Keep smiling no matter how hard it gets. 

Own your unique story and use your authentic voice, you will be heard.

Do not feel inferior; you are as good as others if not better.

Try to be yourself because you are amazing.

Do what you feel is right in your heart, do not let criticism affect you.

Speak up if you do not like something.

Do not waste your time by looking back and keep moving forward.

Do not be someone, be you.

Dream and Achieve.

You are prettier than you think you are.

Do not let any human pull you back.

Do not wish or hope, just work.

Do not be afraid to be lonely.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

To be irreplaceable, be strong and difficult.

Spread love wherever you go.

Do not take criticism personally but seriously.

The best thing to hold onto life is you.

Be out of your comfort zone.

Instead of being perfect, be whole.

Live full and stop thinking about what is going to come.

Listen to all but follow only a few.

Do not follow the crowd or you will be no farther than the crowd.

Walk in the storm with your head up.

Don’t stress, just break up.

Keep smiling and make them wonder how.

Love and be loved. This will give you courage as well as happiness.

Scream, cry, or shout but do not give up.

Be stronger, kinder, unstoppable, and fierce.

Be sassy and wear a crown.

Be a girl with a dream and a woman with a vision.

Focus on the good and be you.

Be optimistic and see an opportunity in every difficulty.

Be crazy enough to think that you can change the world and you will.

Have confidence in yourself to gain the confidence of others.

Develop an attitude of gratitude.

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