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World’s Lewis Day is an annual day dedicated to bringing issues to light about thousands of koalas who have lost their lives or been displaced due to the recent Australian forest fire. Its sole purpose is to benefit the koala’s in need by either awareness or raising helping limbs to victims.


− Make a commitment to yourself and society by accessing the reason for your survival. #DONATE&CREATE AWARENESS on this World’s Lewis Day.

− You can’t alone change the world’s, but you can change your universe individually.

− Originate charity that doesn’t comprise by its aggregate but by its heart of presentation #DONATE FOR KOALAS

− Verify the benefit of other’s little animals by open-heart and a not empty head. # Make it a happy Lewis Day for these kiddos.

− The reason for your survival isn’t by its span. It’s to make it worthy, valuable, unique by giving donations and creating millions of smiles

− Your presence is vain if your past doesn’t comprise something and somebody to be grateful to you. # Make it worthy. Help koalas

− Fill the koalas with blossoms of joy and euphoria.

− Add and create great pieces of the soul to your dictionary by creating awareness.

− Add a minimal parameter to the gift of koalas. Let’s make this Lewis Day special for this koala

− A coin of your bifold can save a life! Please don’t waste it, donate it. Happy Lewis Day.

− This 3rd of November, let us all put our bowl of coins for these koalas so that they take more glimpse of our beautiful nature.

− Spare a thought for these purest four-legged victims.


− May you light more aroma sticks and retire night form the span of these little cuties

− May we create and unshackle more hearts and limbs these Lewis Day. Wishing you a great day ahead.

− May we can put an end to the sad and remorse lives of koalas who deserve to live a loving and joyous life.

−  May we wipe off tears from every koala other and safeguard more and more. We shall all pledge to this Lewis Day for the wellbeing of little koalas.

-To all those who lost their lives in the fire, may your soul rest in peace. 

− May you pave the path of your stipend from being precious to divine this Nov. Transform it by using it for a noble cause. #Donate!

− May you bring a change in society and stand out from the crowd by donating for these poor koalas.

− Shower your blessings to many rescue centers and needly by your love and concern for these cuties.

− Let us all pray that the Govt and forest Ministry will take more actions for these bipedal victims.

− Hope to get delighted by being united this Nov 3rd. Raise arms for these forest lifelines.

− May you promote and elevate the start to different people worldwide to grace the joy and much-required exclamation these marsupials.


-I’d love to hold a koala. They sleep 22 hours a day, eat eucalyptus leaves and just hang out. I want to spend some time with that guy 


-I have no fear of losing my life – if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it. 

-Steve Irwin 

-I did find out about the koalas and how eucalyptus makes them high and why they sleep all day. They’re little druggies. 

-Kristen Bell 

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