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Yalda is a very famous and celebrated traditional event in Iran. It celebrates the longest night of the year, which is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Yalda means birth, in the Syriac language and it has been included in the Persian language.

In the old times, the Christians linked this ancient Persian celebration to the goddess of light, and some Christians linked it to the anniversary of the birthday of Prophet Jesus (PBUH). In certain ancient cultures, which includes Persia, the beginning of the solar year is marked with celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. Yalda is celebrated on the 22nd of December.

Here are Yalda Event Messages, Quotes & Greetings.

_Zayeshmehr is also another name for Yalda and it is actually the celebration of the longest night of the entire year.

_Yalda marks the beginning of the year and so here’s to hoping that all of you a very happy year ahead.

_A new year that starts with a smile will also end with a smile so remember to stay happy and have a very happy new year.

_Yalda celebrates the good winning over the bad and that is the best story to start a new year with.

_May you all have all the happiness in the upcoming days and have a very happy Yalda.

_Yalda is one of the most joyous occasions in the Persian calendar.

_We hope that you get all the love you need and all the happiness in this upcoming new year.

_Happiness and sorrow go hand in hand and so forget the sorrows and let’s hope for a very happy Yalda and a happy new year ahead.

_Yalda is the triumph of light over darkness and I hope in your life, you get all the joys and happiness.

_There are many reasons to lose faith in life but there are many more reasons to love life and look forward to living it.

_Yalda tells us that good always wins and evil will lose at the end no matter what.

_Hope this new year brings you all the happiness and fortune.

_May you have a very successful life ahead and a very happy Yalda.

_I hope Yalda wipes out all the sorrows from your life and brings you all the joys.

_Let us all make plans with our friends and family because Yalda is just around the corner. 

_May your Yalda night be as bright as the stars shining in the sky.

_Let us forget our sorrows, keep our differences aside and join in the celebrations for Yalda.

_Join in for the celebrations of Yalda and wish everyone a very happy upcoming new year.

_Let us forget our past grudges and let us celebrate this beautiful Yalda night with everyone.

_May the positivity in you triumph over the negativity in you just like the light wins over the darkness in Yalda.

_All my best wishes to you on Yalda and for the upcoming new year.

_Nobody should be sad about Yalda as it is the beginning of a new year and it is not nice to begin a new year with sadness.

_Yalda is such a magical night for the Iranians that it fills everybody’s hearts with joy and hope.

_The Iranians celebrate the longest night of the winter which is called Yalda by reciting poetry and wishing the best for everyone.

_Let us come together and celebrate Yalda with goodness, poetry, and light.

_Let us celebrate Yalda by reading its history and educating ourselves about its origin.

_Yalda is a term in the Syriac which means birth, a new beginning. 

_Yalda as its name suggests marks the birth of something new.

_We will be able to appreciate the beauty of Yalda even more once we come to know of its history and origin.

_We celebrate Yalda with light, music, poetry, and fun but all these will not be meaningful if we do not understand what Yalda actually signifies.

_Every culture has its own history and learning the history about Yalda will make its celebration even more meaningful

_The Iranians celebrate Yalda because of the victory of good over evil once the nights get shorter after 22nd December as they associate the night with evil.

_Light plays a very important role in the celebration of Yalda.

_This Yalda, let us keep the fire burning all night and scare away the evil.

_The fire in Yalda signifies the fact that light will always be able to cut through the darkness.

_This Yalda, we hope everyone will keep the fire burning throughout the night to keep the darkness away.

_May all your lives be as bright as the fire of the Yalda night. 

_I wish everyone a very happy Yalda night and may your lives be full of wonderful experiences.

_Let us all spread positivity and wish everyone a happy Yalda night.

_Let us all keep the fire burning to bring warmth into the houses and hearts of our beloved friends and family.

_Forget the differences and join in for the celebration of Yalda on the night of the twenty-first of December.

_If you are wondering what the watermelon stands for in Yalda, you should know that the Iranians eat summer fruits during Yalda to fight away the winter diseases.

_Yalda is that time of the year when the families get together and eat well sitting around a bonfire that will burn all night.

_Yalda is the best time of the year for me because I get to meet my family and spend time with them.

_Hoping that all the families are reunited on this night or celebration and that everyone gets to have a very happy Yalda.

_May all the members of your family come together and may all of you get to spend your Yalda with laughter, joy, and good food.

_I am wishing all Iranians and also other people who are aware of this celebration a very happy Yalda.

_May the new year keep you in good spirits and health and may you have a very happy Yalda night.

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