A Speech on “Should Affirmative Action Be Allowed?”

Affirmative action is a form of action implied generally where an individual is not discriminated on the basis of color, race, sex, religion, community or national origin, but they are give more opportunities especially in underrepresented societies. This action ensures pure diversity among people in schools, colleges, and workplaces.

This creates a balance in the society, exposing every single individual to know and mingle with new cultures and ideas which are different from their own. Maintaining affirmative action among people widely opens up opportunities for even those people who never get such equal and respectful opportunities to work, excel in educational fields or even attain health benefits. In other words it creates an equal playing field for all categories of people.

Due to the early wide history of discrimination and oppression, affirmative actions provide chances for people to blend in and maintain a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle, helping and supporting everyone.

Most of the organizations, company firms and educational centers these days have diversity officers or affirmative action. Their primary duty is to ensure the hiring and promotional activities with less discriminative attitudes like color or race differences and build a good faith attitude to include more racial minorities (excluding certain categories like women and disables in some cases).

An individual is selected on the basis of their talent, qualification and the attempt they gave over the work they did. Nowadays students from all sorts of backgrounds are provided with more opportunities to showcase their talents, many schools and colleges offer scholarships facilities for the ones indeed and also those who deserve without any sorts of discrimination, but pure affirmative actions. Best way to teach younger generations the importance of diversities is through our actions and the ones taught right from their early ages.

Apart from the typical racist individuals, every seems to be happy with affirmative actions; at least they believe to be happy. Generally, we all want a legal system that has a color-blind version, where everyone could be treated equally and with the same rights; but socially all of them claim to be identified with the differences on the basis of gender and race. They want everyone to be recognized with these differences and treat them with respect. 

Racial and color discrimination has been a part of the U.S history for a very long time amny decades ago. It’s hard to prove that fact that the white people have never faced such discrimination ever. For example: we never come across any individuals who are white men, find it difficult to be hired into a firm or anyone reject them saying ” Sorry, you are a white man”. In my opinion, we all should fight against the old stereotype in terms of race, color and other differences and make wise and reasonable decisions in all kinds of fields, raising a more friendly atmosphere.

Attaining opportunities to learn and share various ideas and cultures are always a wonderful experience. Let’s all continue to have an affirmative behaviour and response generally in our daily lives. 

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