71+ Best Happy April Wishes And Messages

April is a month full of events and joy. Just as the month steps in we have April fool’s day. After this, another event that awaits us is our favorite, Easter. However, the sunshine after the harsh cold winter is worth celebrating. Here are a few messages which you can share with your near and dear ones to celebrate April, its various events and the onset of spring.

Happy April Wishes and Messages

-May your April be full of rainbows and butterflies. 

-A very happy and warm April to all my friends- and yes, I am not fooling. 

-Just wanted to wish you a very joyful and pleasant April. 

-Hope this April is full of sunshine, rainbows and beautiful sunny days. 

-Oh! nature looks so beautiful. Its indeed April.

-Spring has sprung, April has arrived. May this season be full of abundance for you. 

-May your life be full of warm hugs and sweetness. Just like a day in April. 

-The long, cold days of snow are over. Its April, rejoice!

– The beauty of nature is at its epitome. April makes Earth look so beautiful. 

-Life seemed like January a few months back, harsh and cold. Look things have started to make sense. April is here.

-You must shiver in the winter to enjoy the spring rainfall.

-May you enjoy all the May flowers and stay away from the April showers.

-Your touch is as soft as the April shower. 

-Don’t forget to enjoy all the bright and sunny days of April believing that there are many such days to come. 

-Make the most out of your life this spring. May your April be full of opportunities.

-I can’t imagine the summer if April is this beautiful.

-Hey buddy! May all your days be like the April shower, unpredictable and pleasant.  

-It’s a shame on me if you fool me once, however, if I am fooled twice then it must be an April Fool’s day. 

-A very Happy April Fools’ Day from a fool to all the other fools.

-Oh! April, how much I longed for this sweet warmth of yours? 

-How can I ever repay the debt of nature for this beautiful month of April. 

-The April showers are the most mystical showers you can ever see. 

Happy April Wishes Messages

-Animals are coming out of their hibernation, April is already here. 

-I can’t wait for the buds to bloom. Oh! April, I can’t wait for the summer to arrive. 

-Spring will be here soon, don’t worry April will last just another noon. 

-Nature knew you could not enjoy spring right after the harsh winter, that’s why April was created. 

-May flowers are brought by the April showers. 

-You know that it’s an April day when the winds are chill and the Sun is shining bright. 

-Oh! April is here again. As far as I can see, the world has more fools than ever. 

-Why is April considered the kindest month? Because it takes you out of your bed and takes you to your garden. 

-April has the capability to put the spirit of youth in everything. 

-April, I can never be more grateful to you. You brought warmth and love to my heart. 

-The clocks were striking thirteen, it was another bright yet cold day in April. 

-April seems to be the cruelest month. It breeds lilacs out of the dead barren land, stirs the dull roots with spring rain and mixes the memories of desire. 

-Snow in April is as abominable as a slap on the face when you expect a kiss. 

-The unfulfilled promise of spring is the Summer. It’s like the charlatan in place of the warm balmy nights which I dream of in April. It has no day; it is such a sad season of life. 

-In April, the world has its own magic. 

-Your kindness feel like the showers of rain on an April morning. 

Happy April Wishes Messages

-The dew seemed pearl like in those pleasant days of April.  

-This day seems like a day dropped out of June into April. 

-April is but the month of lies and dust. 

-Weep thy girlish tears, April, once thou have laughed thy girlish laughter. 

-The birds might stop chirping; the sun might stop shining. However, your brain, it will never start functioning. A very Happy April Fool’s Day to the biggest fool on the planet.

-You are so beautiful like an early April shower.

-The birds can’t stop celebrating the April, after all the nature is about to achieve its epitome of beauty. 

-Say goodbye to all your miseries as the winter departs. Make hay and welcome April with open hearts. 

-Every month comes with new hopes and wisdom. May you make the most out of your opportunities this April.

-Everyone on this planet has a day. Every pet has a day and similarly, every fool too has a day. A very Happy April Fool’s Day. Enjoy your day to the fullest. 

-You are such a beautiful, admirable, outstanding, intelligent and talented person. I wish you all the love and happiness in this brand-new month of April. 

-I saw the kids playing again in the sun.  April brought back the fun. 

-You are very precious to me just like the evenings in April. 

-Oh! I wish I could gift you a brain. You are the biggest and most cheerful fool I have ever met in Life. 

-Don’t be sad because you are a fool. Celebrate your folly and make people laugh. 

-I am so proud to have a friend like you. Who makes fool of himself so that others can enjoy? You are indeed very special. 

-Everyone make hay, April is here with our beloved spring. 

-I wish I could live in a place where all the days seem like the mornings in April. 

-Sun was gleaming with joy, the squirrels were running around in the meadow. It was indeed spring. 

-The pleasant April breeze took all my miseries away. 

-Remove the coat of despair and put on the hat of happiness. It’s April, already. 

Happy April Wishes Messages

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