74+ Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman is basically an English actor as well as Director.

He was born in London, United Kingdom, and was also trained in the famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which is located in London.

Mentioned below are some popular quotes as well as sayings of Alan Rickman. 

Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes

  • I would like to tell you all that each and every character that I play is always different and also has different dimensions and so I am not at all interested in those words which tend to even pull them together. 
  • For your knowledge I would like to tell you that I am the character that you would not like it. 
  • I am a kind of person who has a different kind of love as well as hate relationship with the white silk always. 
Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes
  • Always keep in your minds that all I actually see or look for in an actor is always it’s actual intensity as well as the accuracy of their listening. 
  • To be very honest with you all I would like to tell you people that I originally do not like that or rather it is also not right that every one should come to know about every thing happening in my life. 
  • You should always know that the acting is some thing that actually touches those nerves over which you have no control at all. 

  • I really feel that the worrisome things are now going on in the England- A true and real apathy. 

  • I am a kind of person who always wants to swim in both the very directions and that to simultaneously. One is the desired success and the other one is the court failure. 

  • I would like to tell you all that I personally feel that there is definitely some connection which you can see between the absolute freedom and the absolute discipline. 

  • It is not always easy to know and to understand me because I am a very serious actor who actually doesn’t mind in being actually ridiculously comic. 

  • I am a person who is always very much aware of the camera and always feels as it there is an audience every time. 

  • I would like to share with you people that I have just been lurching and lurching from one indecision to another indecision so this due to this reason I was never able to plan my life. 

  • It is that it is only which can always be a little more tender and it is only the art that can only be a little more robust every time. 

  • To be honest, if people really want to know that who I am then they can very well see it in my work. 

  • I feel myself to be very different from others like I would rather prefer a house which would actually be built on a trampoline. Which others would never prefer. 

  • Always keep in your mind that if you are actually spending any of your time in Los Angeles, then there you always find only one single topic for your conversation. 

Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes
  • It has been really long that I have been observing that the market forces always impose the number of rules just before the film could actually be made or done. 

  • I always feel that how wonderful it is actually to just think of our future that what’s going to happen next because it is always just like a surprise. 

  • I would like to share my very idea of the real treat which is actually the magic and that the mountains standing without being the lines. 

  • To be very honest the word maverick is actually which appeals much more than just misfit. 

  • Always know that the maverick is the active one and the misfit is always the passive one. 

  • I would like to tell every one that my parents had never ever had any thing to do with the theatre things. I feel myself certainly to be just an accident. 

  • To be very honest with you people I would like to tell you all that there is nothing else in this world that actually gives me pleasure more than that travelling actually gives me. 

  • I would love to tell you all that I always love to get in to trains and also boats as well as planes. This is my love for travelling. 

  • Always keep in your minds that you should always put all your energies in to your film that to in to a very single glance. 

  • One should always remember that the talent is just an accident of the genes and also a responsibility. 

  • While acting the actor must always be careful and must also ensure that its audience should always feel like voyeurs. And also know that there response is always the most crucial one. 

  • Always keep in your minds that one always longs for the direction with that very sense of imagination. 

  • I always feel that there is always a voice inside every person that tells it what should be actually done and what should not be done. 

  • When you ask me that what is actually interesting about acting that I feel then it is that how often you actually do not know what you are originally doing. 

  • To be very honest I would like to tell you people that when ever I just get down from my plane in England I start feel myself to be around two inches shorter every time. 

  • Always keep this in your minds that you can only lull the customers who are actually paying only till they originally get slapped. 

  • To be very honest to you people I would like to tell you all that I usually get bored whenever I talk to actors about them itself. 

  • You believe it or not but I am the one who is still living that life where I still open my fridge and still I always find there my bowl of yoghurt along with my flat coca cola lying inside it. 

Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes
  • Being an actor, I always take each and every work seriously, but at the same time, I very well know how not to take myself seriously in this matter. 

  • To be very much honest, I would like to admit that to me watching the film I acted in is just no more than a nightmare to me as I feel there is nothing that can ever and actually can be more horrible than this inescapability to it in reality. 

  • I don’t know how come, but it is actually true that I get stage fear as well as those gremlins in my very head which just keep telling me that I would definitely forget my lines. 

  • I usually resist myself to speak anything about Harry Potter as I feel that Harry Potter is something actually private to children, and I am no one to poke into it. 

  • Always know that it is actually the ancient need that the stories should be told, but for this purpose, we do need a great storyteller, and in this case, I would like to thank Jo. 
  • To be very honest, I just feel myself more in America. 

  • I would like to tell you that on screen that day, I saw some flashbacks in the form of little shots of Daniel, Emma as well as of Rupert from last ten years ago. 

  • I would love to share with you all that I just love working in that very theatre of  New York. 

  • Always keep in your mind that you can actually never judge the character that you were actually playing it yourself. 

  • One must always remember that the actual point of the great story is always that it has a beautiful beginning, a middle, and that very end. 
Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes
  • What I feel is that every particular actor is always the one who must always take the very charge of their own career every time. And this I can all say from my own personal experience. 

  • To be very clear, I find the different languages always very fascinating because I feel there is always you can see that different words have different energies and you can even change the entire drive of the very sentence. 

  • Keep in your mind always it is only the parts that actually wind prizes and certainly to the actors. 

  • I always believe that it is the very human need that they should always be told the stories. In order to make them aware of what we actually are, where we actually come and also what might be actually possible in the future. 

  • Always keep in your mind that the actors are very agents of change. 

  • One should always remember that even a book, even a particular piece of theatre, or even just a piece of music, or also just a book has the potential to make a big difference also it can even change the world. 

  • I would like to make this very clear to all that I am actually less serious than what people just keep thinking of me. 

  • I am the one who just sees his very limitations. That’s just who I am in reality.
Alan Rickman Harry Potter Quotes

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